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Zemnuhov Ivan was one of the leaders of “Young guard" - the underground organization in the Ukrainian town of Krasnodon, who defended the Motherland during the years of Nazi occupation. Underground, there were over 70 people: 24 girls and 47 boys. Considered Zemnuhov was chief of staff of the organization. After the failure has been captured by the Nazis and executed along with other underground workers: thrown into the pit of mine No. 5.

hero of the Soviet Union Zemnuhov Ivan

Awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union (posthumously).

Biography zemnukhova

Zemnuhov Ivan biography which includes only less than twenty years, was born on 8 September 1923 in the village of Ryazan Illarionovna in a poor peasant family. I had to study in the neighboring village of Alder.

In 1932, Zemnukhova moved to the Donbass in the village of Sorokino. In 1938, the settlement was renamed in Krasnodon. Here Ivan continued his studies at the school No. 1, which bore the name of Gorky.

The school Zemnuhov was the leader among the scouts, he was elected Secretary of the school organization of young Communists. Ruled over by the pioneers of the school was a pioneer. Participated in the literary circle that was his head. For his erudition, maturity of judgment comrades called zemnukhova Professor. According to teachers Daniel A. Sablina, the young man admired, of course, wrote poetry.

In 1941, Ivan graduated from the 10th class. And then there was a war.

Donbass occupation

Because the war has crossed out all plans zemnukhova: a young man wanted to be a lawyer and even enrolled in courses in the direction of the district Committee of the Komsomol, but to graduate they had not. Ending his peaceful biography: Ivan Zemnuhov came to the defense of the Fatherland. However, the front did not take it for health reasons (poor eyesight). In the direction of the district Committee of the Komsomol, the young man participates in the activities of the Commission on school work in the Komsomol Committee.


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In Ukraine fascists came on July 20, 1942. Since the occupation Zemnuhov Ivan comes in "Young guard" - Komsomol underground organization whose goal was the struggle against the invaders.

Young guard

In the first days of the arrival of the Germans in Krasnodon on the walls and billboards of the town there were leaflets fired bath, which was planned as barracks for soldiers of the Wehrmacht. It was the work of Sergei tyulenin, who single-handedly started fighting with the invaders. Then it was joined by another 8 people. But after two weeks of the Krasnodon underground consisted of 25 people. But these were not associated with each other group. And only on 30 September members of the Komsomol, it was decided to create a team and his staff.

Ivan Zemnuhov, Levashov, Vasily, George Arutyuniantz and Sergey Tulenin became part of the headquarters, the chief was elected Zemnuhov. Later members of the staff began Koshevoy Oleg, Ulyana Gromova, Ivan Turkenich and Shevtsova Love.

The Beginning of October 1942 was a time of the formation of a single organization, bringing together disparate groups of young anti-fascists.

“Young guard" began to be organized and focused.

Chief of staff

In Addition to the leadership of the headquarters, Zemnuhov Ivan was responsible for the conspiracy and design of ciphers. About the level of his work can be judged from the fact that for several months the Germans could not find a trace of the young, though the underground is operated, that is, under the noses of the Nazis.

Together with Turanicum Ivan and Oleg Kosh Zemnuhov develops the operation, often involved in them. Without his participation not been: the burning of the labour exchange, hanging red flags on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the October revolution, the liberation of Soviet citizens.

Also under his leadership was organized an underground printing press, in which he took part, accounting for the texts of the leaflets. They had made the oath of the young guard.

Zemnuhov Ivan

At the end of 1942 Zemnuhova possible to obtain from the Germans the permission to open the club to them. A. M. Gorky, in which he begins to work as the administrator. The new position allows him as chief of staff to collect underground group to discuss plans and operations. All this was done under the guise of working with participants of Amateur art activities, in clubs which were many underground.

At its core, the club was headquarters for the young underground.

Love and war

The young written quite a lot: well and accurately, with a certain bias (good and not so good). For Soviet youth, the young guard was an example of patriotism, a sort of ideological pillar. But for some reason they are not like ordinary people, to whom nothing was alien, including love.

The Darling Vani zemnukhova was Claudia Kovalev. She was also well-read girl with a strong will. In the summer of 1941, the Keyboard is arranged in the fire Department # 1 in Krasnodon a telephone operator. Zemnuhov always accompanied Kovalev on duty and met after the change.

With the advent of Krasnodon occupiers and the emergence of the underground organization young man recommends your girl in the "Young guard". Claudia helps Ivan Zemnuhova to write and distribute leaflets, organize a battle group in one of the nearby villages.

After his arrest, Tretyakevich Moshkova and the Nazis came to Claudius Kovalev. In the Nazi torture chambers was andIvan Zemnuhov.

Bullying sadists no bounds: the girl's burned feet, cut the Breasts in the beaten body of Claudia was swollen beyond recognition. But the girl never admitted that familiar with Ivan.

In the mine pits number 5 and they stepped together, supporting each other in this last minute.

Taking a leap into immortality

The First day of 1943 was the underground organization the day of the failure: was arrested, Tretyakevich Victor and Moshkov Eugene.

Zemnuhov Ivan, upon learning of the arrest of the comrades tried to rescue them but was caught by the police. Without knowing it, the Germans were right in the heart of the "Young guard".

The Remaining members of staff ordered all underground fighters to withdraw immediately from Krasnodon, but many have not complied with this order (only ten members of the underground managed to escape). Gennady Pocheptsov from the group pervomaika, learning about the failure, turned himself in and told the Nazis about the existence of "Young guard". Swept mass arrests.

From memories of his mother Valerie wrestler known that the Nazis paid special attention to Zemnukhov Ivan and Tretiakevich Victor: were beaten every day with whips, hung on its hind legs, led out into the cold, where the beatings continued. During one of the interrogations, the brutal Nazi henchman Sulikowski broke glasses men, the shards stuck in his eye.

In the night from 15 to 16 January 1943 took place the execution of the first group of young. Among them was blind Ivan Zemnuhov. The whole group was relieved by the executioners in abandoned mine pits No. 5.

Eternal glory

Ivan Zemnuhov buried in the center of Krasnodon in a mass grave. It buried comrades-the young.

The title of hero of the Soviet Union Zemnuhov Ivan awarded posthumously. In memory of the heroism of the Komsomol and that terrible day erect a memorial "Unconquered".

Ivan Zemnuhov

In the courtyard of MKOU “Serramonacesca SOSH” the obelisk Zemnukhov Ivan.

Zemnuhov Ivan biography

There is a Museum of the hero-Molodogvardeytsev, which presents his stuff, awards, biography. Ivan Zemnuhov immortalized in the memory of people, his short but brilliant life became an example for young patriots of our country, despite the attempts of the individual “explorers” to belittle the efforts of him and his comrades.

In conclusion “curve mirrors”

As time has shown, the executioners of the young was not only the Nazis, they were some of our contemporaries who continue dirty work, now mocking the memory of the heroes of the Komsomol. "Researchers" have questioned even the existence of "Young guard", although this show documented evidence of the Nazis themselves.

An Example of such “research” can be the article "Young guard: the True story or a Criminal case No. 20056” Eric Shura. “Research” Shura are filled with inaccuracies that contradict his own statements. The purpose of this article is clearly visible: to tarnish the glory of the Krasnodon underground, to debunk the novel by Fadeyev "Young guard", created on authentic materials.

All these insinuations with indignation says brother Ivan zemnukhova – Alexander.

Biography of Ivan Zemnuhov

“Attention” the case of the young guard gave the Russian edition of “news”, “Light”, “Chimes”, “New world" and, of course, “top secret”. Each of them said “maznut" mud on the glory of the Komsomol of Krasnodon.

Awards biography Ivan Zemnuhov

But the memory of the people on the underground will still be eternal.

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