The historical significance of the battle of Kursk: the causes, course and consequences


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History is always written by the winners, exaggerating their own importance and at times belittling the dignity of the enemy. On the significance of the Kursk battle for mankind, much has been written and said. It's a great epic battle was another bitter lesson, which claimed the lives of many people. And will be a great blasphemy for future generations not to make the right conclusions from those past events.

General situation on the eve of the decisive battle

By the spring of 1943, formed the Kursk salient not just to interfere with normal train connections between German army groups a “Center” and “South”. With it was associated an ambitious plan to encircle the Soviet armies 8. Nothing like the Nazis are still not implemented even in a more favourable period for them. According to some historians, obviously unrealistic the plan was more an act of desperation. Allegedly, Hitler feared allied landing in Italy, so such measures his army tried to protect themselves in the East, the split with the Soviets.

This view does not hold water. The value of the Stalingrad and Kursk battles is that it is in these military theaters were dealt devastating blows to the coordinated military machine of the Wehrmacht. The long-awaited initiative was in the hands of Soviet troops. After these great historical events of wounded fascist beast was dangerous and snarled, but even to him it was clear he was dying.

the importance of the battle of Kursk

Preparing for the decisive moment

One of the key aspects in the significance of the battle of Kursk is the determination with which Soviet soldiers were ready to demonstrate to the enemy what two terrible years has not passed for them for nothing. This does not mean that the Red Army at one point degenerated, having solved all his old problems. They are still missing. This was due primarily to the low qualification of military personnel. Staff shortages were irreplaceable. In order to survive, had to come up with new approaches to solving problems.


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One such example can be considered the organization of anti-tank strong points (TVET). Early anti-tank guns lined up in one line, but experience has shown that it is more efficient to concentrate them in a kind of well-fortified Islands. Each gun of the MAP had a few positions for firing in all directions. Each of these strong points were located from each other in the removal of 600-800 meters. If the enemy tanks were trying to penetrate and pass between such “Islands”, it inevitably would fall under cross artillery fire. But the side tank armor is weaker.

It is this stratagem in a real combat situation, had to find out during the battle of Kursk. The value of artillery, aircraft, which the Soviet command paid very close attention, it is difficult to overestimate because of the emergence of a new factor, which Hitler had placed great hopes. We are talking about new tanks.

the importance of the battle of Kursk

Lack of firing Soviet weapons

In the Spring of 1943, Marshal of artillery Voronov, reporting to Stalin on the situation, noticed that the Soviet troops have no guns able to effectively combat the new enemy tanks. There was an urgent need to take measures to eliminate the backlog in this area, and in the shortest possible time. By order of the State Committee of Defense has resumed the production of 57-mm anti-tank guns. Also conducted feverish modernization of already existing armor-piercing shells.

However, all these measures were ineffective due to lack of time and necessary materials. The aircraft came into service of the new bomb PTAB. Weighing only 1.5 kg, it was capable of hitting 100-mm of top armor. Such "gifts for Fritz" was loaded into the container 48 pieces. The Il-2 could take on Board your 4 container.

Finally, on the most important directions established 85-mm anti-aircraft guns. They were carefully camouflaged with the order in any case not to fire on enemy aircraft.

From the measures described, it is evident the importance that the battle of Kursk gave the Soviet soldiers. At the most critical moment to the rescue came the determination to win and natural wit. But that wasn't enough, and price, as always, was a huge casualties.

value of the Stalingrad and Kursk battles

The battle

A Lot of conflicting information and various myths that have been created for propaganda purposes, do not allow this issue to put an end to. History has long made to the court of the descendants of the results and significance of the battle of Kursk. But all the new opening details forced once again to marvel at the courage of the soldiers, victorious in this hell.

The Group “genius of defense” the Model began an offensive in the North of the Kursk salient. Natural conditions have limited the room for maneuver. The only possible place of emergence of the Germans was part of the front width is 90 km away. This advantage wisely ordered the red army under the command of Konev. Railway station «ponyri” was “fire bag”, which was the advanced part of the Nazitroops.

The Soviet gunners used the tactic “flirting guns”. The appearance of enemy tanks they started to beat direct fire, thus drawing fire on himself. The Germans at full speed and raced towards them to destroy and fell under the fire of other camouflaged Soviet anti-tank guns. Side armor of the tanks are not so massive as the windshield. At a distance of 200-300 meters of the Soviet guns could destroy armored vehicles. At the end of the 5 day attack Model in the North of the ledge petered out.

The South direction under the command of one of the best commanders of the twentieth century Heinrich von Manstein had more chances of success. Here space nothing limited. To this we must add the high skills and professionalism. 2 of the 3 lines of the Soviet forces was broken. From the operational reports for 10 July 1943 indicated that the retreating Soviet units, German forces pursued closely. For this reason, there was no way to block anti-tank mines road, coming from the Grouse on the Ivanovo settlement.

the battle of Kursk, the value briefly

Battle of Prokhorovka

To cool the ardor of presumptuous Manstein, urgently involved was the Steppe front reserves. But at this point only a miracle did not allow the Germans to break through the 3 line of defense of Prokhorovka. They prevented the threat from the flank. Cautiously they expected, when the soldiers of SS "Dead head” will cross to the other side of the river Psyol and destroy the artillery.

This time the tanks Rotmistrov, which promptly alerted the German air force, approaching Prokhorovka, estimated future battlefield. They had to attack in a narrow corridor between the Psel river and the railway tracks. The task was complicated by an impassable ravine, and to go around, you had to line up in the back of each other. Thus they became an easy target.

Going to certain death, they are the cost of enormous effort and enormous sacrifices stopped the German breakthrough. Prokhorovka and its importance in the battle of Kursk is estimated as the culmination in the course of this decisive battle, after which a large-scale attack of this magnitude was not undertaken by the Germans.

results and values of the battle of Kursk

The Ghost of Stalingrad

The mission “bat”, which began with the offensive in the rear group to Meet was the liberation of Belgorod and Orel. This joyful news was heralded by the roar of guns in Moscow and fireworks in honor of the winners. And already on 22 August 1943, Manstein, breaking the hysterical Hitler's order to hold Kharkov left the city. Thus, he completed the series of battles for the Kursk salient rebellious.

Speaking briefly about the significance of the battle of Kursk, then it is possible to recall the words of German General Guderian. In his memoirs, he talked about the fact that with the failure of the operation “Citadel” on the Eastern front quiet days was gone. And this it is impossible not to agree.

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