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The Sale of Alaska by the Russian government became the most controversial deal of the XIX century. Still some debate about its legality, necessity, there are various rumors about the possibility of return to the land of the so-called Russian America. But those who condemn the actions of Alexander II, do not take into account the state of the Russian economy at the time, the position of the Empire on the world stage.

selling AlaskaNo sooner had the country to recover after world war II as entered into a new campaign – the Crimean, the economic damage was later estimated at 800 million rubles in gold. Against this background, the distant and unprofitable Northern colony could not obtain additional funds for development. And attachments she demanded more. And Alaska was required not only money but people. 70,000 indigenous population there were only 2,500 Russians who were just lost among the locals. What colony was located very far from the Central authority, led to the fact that on its territory were under the control of the Russian-American company, began to reign anarchy. Local residents were subject to a heavy tax, which was carried out by the representatives of the company. The predatory actions of the Russian colonists led to the beginning of a series of native uprisings. It was difficult to resist, as it had neither human nor financial resources. In the end, the sale of Alaska was the only right decision.

A Young country America from the early nineteenth century led an active foreign policy. Her first achievement was the purchase from France of Louisiana, resulting in a US territory almost doubled. Not all States in America have accepted and appreciated this purchase, but time has shown the value of such solutions. In 1847 appeared the proposed sale of the North American colonies, however, the buyer at that time was never found. The U.S. Congress was not ready to buy “ice and rocks”, with Britain Russia relations were, to put it mildly, strained.Alaska sale


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However, the agreement with America still managed to achieve. A considerable role was played by the assistance provided by the USA the Russian fleet in the resolution of their conflict with England. The first meeting was held in December 1866, the meeting was attended by Alexander II. In the end, the transaction was approved and on March 30 of the following year the Treaty was signed. According to the agreement all the Russian possessions on the North American continent was transferred to the United States over 11 million.American States

All the talk about the fact that the sale of Alaska – the fiction that it was leased for 99 years, are the usual fiction. The contract is stored in American archives and in the text on the lease does not say a word. The money was transferred to the London branch of the Bank Baringo, and then to Russia. In recent frequent conversations about what the Americans failed to comply with the terms of the transaction and now it can be challenged. However, according to the laws, both Russian and American, for this has expired all statutes of limitations.

The Sale of Alaska was beneficial to all parties involved. Russia got rid of an unprofitable colony, which brought more problems than good. The Empire desperately needed money that could bring Alaska. Selling made it possible to establish good diplomatic relations with the United States and helped to replenish the shortage ravaged the Crimean campaign budget.

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