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When told about funny or not funny incidents that have happened to drunk people, listeners usually say, “Oh, okay, drunk the sea knee-length”. The meaning of the idiom will be carefully considered and explicitly interpreted.


the sea knee-deep meaning of the idiom

We All know how dangerous the ocean, so it is unpredictable. The sea is not only very beautiful, but in some cases fatal. Of course, depending on the nature of expression, it is possible to establish that this will not be a positive phenomenon. Anyone who thinks that the sea is not only near the shore on the knee, but then, firstly, not too smart, and second, not aware of the very real danger that can represent the sea. Accordingly, we understand that it is derogatory and contemptuous characterization of human behavior. Now we know emotionally colored speech of turnover of “reckless”. The meaning of the idiom have yet to discover all the details.


We now come to the definition of the expression, revealing his meaning. So, who “reckless”? The meaning of the idiom is: people for some reason is not the gravity of the situation, and therefore it is not afraid of its consequences. But in the meantime they can be very unpleasant.

the sea knee-deep value

For Example, a person who never engaged in physical exercise, can say that he will catch 10 times on the bar, will press from the floor 20 times and sit down 50 times. If hotshot still dare to make this complex, he feels aches throughout the body, legs and arms he will be sick for three or four days. When he spoke, he was reckless (interpretation will not keep you waiting too long).


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Why do drunk people reckless?

reckless interpretation

There is a famous dialogue from a joke, it ends like this:
- So how do you relax?
- but I'm not bothered.

Starting from this sentence, we can conclude that most people, at least in our country, can't relax and let loose without alcohol. When they take courage, many complexes recede, and people become almost literally unstoppable. This is to ensure that a party on the banks of a river or lake end tragically.

Of Course, someone may ask, what does the interpretation of the idiom “reckless”? Answer: this is despite the fact that every word and expression is a definite reality, that is what we are trying to reveal to the reader.

Literary illustration of the idiom

A Remarkable illustration to the expression is a fable by Sergei Mikhalkov «Hare at hops”.

The Hedgehog invited guests to your birthday party, among other was the hare. Out of nowhere, but the Hedgehog had plenty of wine, honey Bunny of so much lost his head and got drunk almost to insensibility. Despite her skeptical, frankly, as he decided to go home. The hedgehog tried to persuade him to stay and sleep it off, but the hare said that's not afraid of anyone and he doesn't care. Hedgehog tactfully reminded about the squint of a lion, but he said that Leo could not restrain him. After not very long wrangling the hare went. Dear he shouted that the lion he is not afraid.

Meeting “daredevil” and the Lion

interpretation of the idiom reckless

Unfortunately For the hare, the lion, at first, did not like drunks, and the second, woke up from shouting intemperate lover of wine and of course picked him up. It is here that the hare and sobered up in an instant. Scythe realized that he is the lion not the opponent, and feed him now is the king of beasts to their cubs and even a single tear will drop.

Hare sobers

After the hare realized this sad fact, he immediately changed the strategy. Started talking to the lion that drank too much, and that blind of the habit, but drinking it exclusively for the health of the lion and his family.

The Reader, don't worry for the fate of the hare, the lion would spare him, he had one weakness – compliments. As they say, a fairy tale lie, Yes in it a hint: those who are reckless (meaning of the idiom is perfectly illustrated by the fable of S. Mikhalkov), – lesson.

Teens: they are usually “reckless”

Aside from alcoholic subjects, so fertile in this respect come to mind just teenagers. They brag about not malice, not even of stupidity. They boast of their exploits (which is not) because of overestimation of abilities is one of the characteristics of this age period.

For Example, someone in the company of the guys says he can smoke one cigarette and never cough, other (he's just reckless) said that he would smoke 10 and not blink an eye. Imagine that for his trouble someone will be a pack of cigarettes? It is here that he will understand that the sea is scary deep.

what does reckless

In this case, it can be two reactions: either the boy agrees to Smoking 10 cigarettes testing fate and your own body, or under different pretexts refuse such a risky enterprise. However, if we project an imaginary situation of real teenagers, they are likely to go through. Teenage surprise the company tried almost everything.

How to avoid complacency?

In Other words, how not to drown in the sea, which seems to be a puddle with a lack of common sense for some reason. The recipe is simple: you need to keep quiet and speak only when it has sufficient reason. Using this simple way, the person will kill two birds with one stone: first, it is not glorified windbag verbiage, and secondly, you will not get in very unpleasant circumstances, perhaps, tempting him its danger.

We have now discussed all the details and paints the question of what it means "reckless". I hope the reader is not disappointed with our efforts.


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