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There are many examples of how women became prominent criminals. Using the data the nature of the spell, showing remarkable resourcefulness and composure, women often cheat men who consider themselves experienced and “broken life".

Sonka Zolotaya Ruchka biography

One such avanturistic was sheindl sur Leibovna Solomoniak, and she is Sofya blyuvstein, aka Sonka the Golden hand. Biography of this “thief on trust” became a legend in spite of their low reliability and weak documentary exposure.

Year of birth-1846, place – the town of Povonzki, located on the territory of the Polish Republic. The family is poor, but with a long-standing criminal traditions. In other words, her father, who was called Stendal, was a Barber, while he was actively working as a sale of stolen goods.

Sonka Zolotaya Ruchka biography kids

When it became a criminal Sonka the Golden hand? Biography began ordinary: early marriage, whose main objective was to leave the drudgery and poor parental home. Pan Rosenband, merchant grocer, who had the dubious fortune to become the father of your first daughter Sura, too, was a victim of this charming adventuress. She stole 500 rubles, and then ran off with my child. By the time thieves experience of a young con was already about four years.

Many men fascinated over the ensuing six years Sonka the Golden hand. Her biography is rich in romantic history.

Last Name Blyuvshteyn Sophia went from train tricksters, who became her husband, history is silent, how the account. It is known only, what not the second.

I Wonder what Sophia Blyuvshteyn was not considered a standard of female beauty. Growth – 153 cm, face freckled, hair (according to others, black or red, but it doesn't matter, because they were able to paint and then). A person does not have pronounced Semitic shit, the too wide nose, thin lips, brown eyes. According to the police protocols, such was the Sonka the Golden hand.


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Sonka Zolotaya Ruchka biography photo

Biography, photos and reports of interrogations are partially preserved in the archives of the Royal gendarmerie. It is obvious that the secret of its success was not bright appearance and extraordinary way of thinking and the ability to win future victim. Begs the image of a heartless and shameless seductress, but in this was manifested the originality of nature, a talented thief. It without regret gave abducted, if they learned that the victim – man in need.

It is not known what education he received Sonka the Golden hand. Her biography doesn't contain data about the end is not something that the universities, but also ordinary primary schools. But the fact remains – fluency in at least five foreign languages and General level of intelligence and knowledge of manners allowed her easy to impersonate an aristocrat in any of the countries in which it reposed visits.

How the thief no stealing, the prison will not pass. This truth confirms the outstanding criminals (such was the Sonka the Golden hand) biography. Her children, and they were, as far as we know, two (both daughters), is not followed in mother's footsteps. They are honest and quietly lived in Moscow, and the swindler, after three escape attempts with links to Sakhalin, died in a prison infirmary. She was 45. 1891 was the year.

Chekhov visited Sakhalin, expressed a desire to meet with Sophia. He did, and he was disappointed. The writer saw an elderly woman with a mouse prowling eyes…

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