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Travel has always lured people, but before they were not only interesting but also very challenging. The territory was not explored, and going to a way, everyone became a researcher. What travellers are the most famous and what exactly opened each of them?

James cook

The Famous Englishman was one of the best cartographers of the eighteenth century. He was born in the North of England and already at thirteen began to work with his father. But to trade the boy was unable to, so decided to take up sailing. In those days all the well-known travelers of the world went into a far country. James became interested in naval Affairs and so quickly move up the career ladder, he was offered to become a captain. He refused and went to the Royal Navy. Already in 1757-m talented cook has learned to control the ship. His first achievement was the development of the waterway of the St. Lawrence river. He discovered his talent as a Navigator and cartographer. In the 1760s he studied Newfoundland, what attracted the attention of the Royal society and the Admiralty. He was assigned a trip across the Pacific, where he reached the shores of New Zealand. In 1770 he made what had before been made known to other travelers – opened a new continent. In England in 1771-m cook returned to the famous pioneer of Australia. His last trip was the expedition in search of a passage connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Today, even schoolchildren know the sad fate of the cook, killed by natives-cannibals. Known travellers

Christopher Columbus

Famous travellers and their discoveries have always had a considerable influence on the course of history, but few were so famous as this man. Columbus became a national hero of Spain, decisively expanding the map of the country. Christopher was born in 1451. The boy quickly achieved success, because he was studious and a good student. Already at age 14 he went to sea. In 1479, he met his love, and began life in Portugal, but after the tragic death, the couple went with his son to Spain. Having received the support of the Spanish king, he went on an expedition, the purpose of which was to find a route to Asia. Three ships set sail from the shores of Spain to the West. In October 1492 the second they got to the Bahamas. So America was discovered. Local residents Christopher mistakenly named Indians, believing that he had reached India. His report changed the story: two new continent and many Islands, discovered by Columbus, became the main direction of travel of the colonizers over the next few centuries.Famous explorers and their discoveries


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Vasco da Gama

The Most famous Explorer of Portugal was born in the town of sines. The exact date of his birth is not known. From a young age he worked in the Navy and became famous as confident and fearless captain. In 1495 in Portugal came to power, the king Manuel, who wanted to develop trade with India. This should have been the sea route, in which the search and had to go to Vasco da Gama. The country was more famous explorers and travelers, but the king somehow chose him. In 1497 four ships headed South, rounded the Cape of Good Hope and sailed to Mozambique. There had for a month to stay – half the team had been sick with scurvy. After the break, Vasco da Gama reached Calcutta. In India he spent three months established trade relations, and a year later returned to Portugal, where he became a national hero. The discovery of the sea route that allowed to get to Calcutta by the East coast of Africa, was his crowning achievement.Famous travelers of the world

Nikolay Miklukho-Maklay

Famous Russian explorers also made many important discoveries. For example, the same Nicholas Miklouho-Maclay, who was born in 1864 in the province of Novgorod. He was unable to graduate from the University of St. Petersburg, as for participating in student demonstrations, he was expelled. For continuing education, Nicholas went to Germany, where he met Haeckel, the naturalist, who invited Maclay in his scientific expedition. So he opened up the world travels. His whole life was devoted to travel and research. Nicholas lived in Sicily, in Australia, studied New Guinea, embodying the project of the Russian Geographical Society, visited Indonesia, the Philippines, the Malay Peninsula and Oceania. In 1886 the scientist back in Russia and asked the Emperor to found a Russian colony in the ocean. But the project with New Guinea has not received the Royal support, and Maclay became seriously ill and died soon after, without completing his work on a book about journeys.Famous Russian travellers

Ferdinand Magellan

Many famous explorers and travellers have lived in the era of Great Geographical Discoveries. Magellan is no exception. In 1480 he was born in Portugal, in the town of Sabrosa. Going to serve at the court (at the time he was 12 years old), he learned of the confrontation between the home country and Spain, travelling in the East Indies trade routes. He first became interested in the sea. In 1505, the Ferdinand got on the ship. Seven years after that, he plied the sea, and participated in expeditions to India and Africa. In 1513, Magellan went to Morocco, where he was wounded in battle. But it is not tempered traveller – he planned the expedition of the spices. The king rejected his application, and Magellan went to Spain, where he received all necessary support. Thus began his journey around the world. Fernand thought from the West route to India may be shorter. He crossed the Atlantic, reached South America and discovered the Strait, which later called his name. Ferdinand Magellan became the first European to see the Pacific ocean. According to him, he reached the Philippines and almost reached the goal – of the Moluccas, but died in battle with local tribes, wounded by a poison arrow. However, his journey opened the new Europe of the ocean and the understanding that the planet is much more than scientists thought before.The famous Explorer

Roald Amundsen

The Norwegian was born in the end of the era that became famous for many famous travelers. Amundsen was the last of the explorers who tried to find undiscovered land. Since childhood differed from persistence and faith in your strength that allowed him to conquer the geographic South pole. The beginning of the path associated with 1893, when the boy went off to University and got a job as a sailor. In 1896 he became a Navigator, and the following year went to his first expedition to Antarctica. The ship was lost in the ice, the team suffered from scurvy, but Amundsen did not give up. He took the command on himself, cured people, remembering his medical education, and brought the ship back to Europe. Becoming captain in 1903, he went in search of the Northwest passage in Canada. Famous travellers before him had never done anything like that – for two years the team traveled from the East of the American continent to the West. Amundsen became famous all over the world. The next expedition was a two-month trip to the South plus and the latest venture - the search for Nobile, during which he was missing.Famous explorers and travellers

David Livingstone

Many famous travelers associated with seafaring. David Livingstone became an Explorer of the land, namely the African continent. The famous Scot was born in March 1813. At age 20 he decided to become a missionary, met with Robert Moffett, and wished to go to an African village. In 1841, he arrived at Kuruman, where he taught the locals farming, he served as a physician and taught to read and write. There he learned the language bechuanas that helped him travel to Africa. Livingston studied the life and customs of local residents, wrote about them a few books and went on an expedition in search of the headwaters of the Nile, which became ill and died from fever.

Amerigo Vespucci

The Most famous travelers of the world often came from Spain or Portugal. Amerigo Vespucci was born in Italy and became one of the famous Florentines. He received a good education and trained as a financier. From 1490 he was working in Seville in the trade mission of the Medici. His life has been connected with sea travel, for example, he sponsored a second expedition of Columbus. Christopher gave him the idea to try myself as a traveler, and in 1499-m Vespucci went to Suriname. The purpose of the voyage was to study the coastline. There he opened a settlement called Venezuela-little Venice. In 1500 he returned home, bringing 200 slaves. In 1501 and 1503. Amerigo repeated the journey, speaking not only Navigator, but also a cartographer. He discovered the Bay of Rio de Janeiro, whose name he gave himself. From 1505 served the king of Castile did not participate in the campaigns, only other people's outfitting of the expedition.Famous travelers of Russia

Francis Drake

Many famous travellers and their discoveries beneficial to mankind. But there are among them those who have left ...

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