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Chile – a country that has become unique thanks to its borders. Externally, it resembles an elongated strip, which is incredibly narrow and very long. For this reason, the climate of Chile is so diverse because the territory of the state covers desert areas, tropical continental areas and tundra. Let's go on a journey through this country and learn more about it.

Looking for on the world map of Chile

The Geography of any country begins with its location on the map. Chile is a country which is located in the South-West of South America, capturing in their possession such as extensive mountain range of the Andes as she is. West coast States border the Pacific ocean, on the East the country borders with Argentina and Bolivia, and in the North – Peru. The southern part of Chile is part of the natural complex called Patagonia and is washed by the cold current of the Pacific ocean.climate of Chile

In Addition to the mining complex in the country has a huge Atacama desert. It is considered the most arid in the world, its relief is not of sand and soil and rocks, but even despite such harsh conditions, there are plants. It is worth saying that in many respects the climate of Chile was established as a direct result of topography.


Chile is a country located in South America. If we look at the map, you will see the following climatic zones, which have sharp differences:

  • Desert. The territory of the Region covers the entire North of the state. Precipitation is once in four years, and for the rest of the time blowing a strong wind, and the maximum diurnal temperature changes on the planet. Climatic seasons do not exist.
  • Chilean Andes-mountains with a pronounced altitudinal zoning. Seasonal variations in temperature are slight, but daily felt. In the North ridge crosses the tropical zone but it shares borders with the desert. Due to this, the Western part of the mountains, suffers from drought, and in the East precipitation is very abundant. In the Southern Andes of Chile the climate becomes more moderate, increases and becomes uniform amounts of rainfall. Pronounced seasonal variation in temperature.
  • Central part of the state – subtropical zone. From plants, there are shrubs and grass, a rare grouping of small trees.
  • Small area of the country from the centre to the South are covered with evergreen forests.
  • Patagonia or the far South, - the place of refuge of the Antarctic glaciers. It is always cold, summer comes the polar night and winter-the polar day.

What are the forecasts in Chile?

Weather in this country, as we have seen, more than a variety. On the territory of the Atacama in the afternoon the air warms up to 18-20 degrees, and at night the column falls to 3-0. The Central subtropical regions – the most favorable place in Chile. The weather from December to February is very hot – to +32, and from June to August, rarely cooler than +15. To the South the climate changes to continental. Winter warm but not hot – not more than +20 and the summer is cool and wet – within 7 degrees, falls to 5600 mm of rainfall.chili weather


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Time zone Chile

This amazing state has a greater length from North to South, crossed by numerous climatic zones. But the slight width gives the chance to all inhabitants of Chile to live on a single time. So, officially, the time zone of the country is considered CLST, or GMT-04 (03 in the summer). If you compare the Chile time to Moscow, you can see the difference in 6 hours. When in Moscow at 12: 00, in Santiago and other cities of this country 6.00 am.Chile geography

As noted above, in Chile the transition from winter to summer. An hour forward the alarms are transferred on the third Saturday of October and back one hour – on the third Saturday of March. Do not forget that the country is located in the southern hemisphere, so the calendar summer is here – it is a geographical winter.


Summing up, we can say that Chile – one of the most interesting countries in the world. In addition to the traditions of the Indians, who have been preserved here better than anywhere else in South America, indulge in its variety and nature. The Andes mountains provide an opportunity to access the ski resorts.

time zone ChileMild subtropical climate and the Pacific ocean together create a real summer Paradise for beach lovers. There is something interesting for those who is in search of new and unknown. That only is the Atacama, with its Martian landscapes and Patagonia purple sunsets and melting glaciers!

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