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When the child becomes a first grader, he rises to a new stage of its development. First grade students are more independent, diligent, able to focus on the necessary things.

He Came to school, kid gets into unfamiliar conditions with strange people. And to make the learning process easy and interesting, the baby must adapt to new school environments and staff in which to learn.

adaptation of first graders in the GEF

Adaptation of the first grader in the GEF pays special attention to maintaining the health of the students. According to the standard, educational institutions are allocated a priority – the preservation and strengthening of health of schoolchildren.

The duration of the school adaptation period

The duration of the period of adaptation to school depends on the personal qualities of the individual child. On average, lasts from 8 weeks to 6 months. Throughout the period of adaptation important the support of loved ones to lose faith in their own strength.

The Concept of “adaptation” includes social, psychological and physiological aspects.

psychological adaptation

The Social aspect shows how comfortable the child feels in the team. Children attending kindergarten, it is easier to adapt to the team, because it was in pre-school first acquired communication skills.

Psychological readiness consists of intellectual and motivational maturity. Motivation games must give way to the motivation of study.

The physical aspect shows a readiness of the organism to loads.

Stages of physiological adaptation

Adaptation of the child to school affects his physical condition. In the adaptation period, the body responds to the new conditions different degree of tension of internal resources.


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All three stages of adaptation:

  1. The First 15-20 days of learning of all the body's resources are working to the maximum. This is due to the change of life mode and new responsibilities.
  2. After a heavy load there is a small voltage drop, the body begins to adapt to the new conditions, trying to spare their resources.
  3. At the final stage there will be a steady fixture. The body decided on the load and chose the least costly method of response. There is a stabilization of the nervous system.

The Whole physiological adaptation period of the first graders takes about 5-6 weeks. At this time teachers and parents should not load once again the baby and give the body the opportunity to undergo an adaptation period.

Psychological school readiness

When the child becomes a first grader, it increases the level of anxiety from the unusual and new responsibilities. Psychological adaptation Aimed at reducing anxiety and the ability of the baby to adequately assess their actions.

The GEF to improve the adaptation period, suggests that diagnostic and corrective steps.

parent meeting adaptation of first-graders

In the process of the diagnostic phase are different conditions of adaptation of first-graders, surveys were conducted with the use of special techniques that aims at identifying emotional States in school and psychological, in the family of the child. Important role in the process of adaptation of the play family relationships. If a family relaxed atmosphere, the child will be easier to adapt to the new environment.

If the student difficult given the passage of the adaptation period, then a corrective phase. Individually for each developed technique aimed at enhancing motivation, increasing interest in child study.

Period of 6-7 years is associated with emotional changes in your baby. If the child will receive a low rating, hear constantly criticism and discontent from parents, the level of his self-esteem will be considerably lowered that will reflect the presence of complexes and low degree of adaptation.

Self-Esteem – an important figure in the adaptation of the child

In order that the child quickly established contact with other children, his self esteem should be fine. Deflection it in a larger or smaller negative impact on the educational process and relations within the team.

Therefore, the task of the psychologist-to help children to form an adequate self-esteem. Adaptation of first graders in the GEF will be easier if in the Junior school age the child will form an objective self-assessment. To do this, students conduct various tasks which contribute to the formation of self-esteem.

For the selection of the job control self-help methods of adaptation of first-graders. It is developed on the basis of the methodology Dembo-Rubinstein. The result shows the development of the student self-assessment on areas such as mood, emotional stability and adequacy.

The Joint work of educators and parents

For the early adaptation of the child to the school and attract parents. The school held the first parent meeting.

conditions of adaptation of first-graders

The Adaptation of first-graders – the main issue that is considered. Focus parents on the need of assistance and support to first grade. Meetings are held not in the usual form and in the form of special psychological-pedagogical seminars, which tell

  • How to help your child “log” in the educational process.
  • How have to be properly organized.
  • Learn How to be focused and attentive.
  • How to motivate independence homework.

Psychological adaptation requires an integrated approach: collaboration of school staff and parents will help children to begin a new phase of his life.

Causes of maladjustment first graders

The Difficulties of adaptation of first-graders connected with discrepancy of psychophysiological and social functions to the requirements of the training system. The child does not want to attend school, he has no friends in the class, in this regard, reduced the protective functions, there are frequent disease.

There are three types of school disadaptation:

  1. Nevladina theme, fragmentary mastering of knowledge of the whole concept, resulting in chronic underperformance.
  2. Violation of emotional relationships to the teachers, the subjects, the prospects associated with the study.
  3. Behavioral disorders and lack of discipline.

 methods of adaptation of first-graders

The Reasons causing maladjustment of pupils can be:

  • Lack of motivation to the educational process.
  • Inability to behave independently, to make decisions.
  • Failure to take appropriate norms of behavior.
  • Communication with adults is difficult, which leads to misunderstanding of the information presented by the teacher.
  • Low self-esteem, lack of confidence in their abilities.
  • Unavailability of the physiological processes of the body.

Adaptation of the first grader in the GEF will be much easier if he would help parents.

Recommendations for adaptation of children in elementary school

Teachers and psychologists make a plan of study that will help children faster and easier to adapt to school. The program should be developed with consideration of diagnostic results in the learning process.

the period of adaptation of first-graders

In order For the adaptation was easy, you have:

  • As quickly as possible to introduce children to each other.
  • To Show the positive side of each student.
  • To Create a team atmosphere.
  • Teach children to help each other.
  • To Help students fulfill their potential.
  • In the first year not much to criticize students, to focus on the positive qualities.
  • Assessment in first grade is missing, however, for incentive exercises should be developed by the control system.

Adaptation of the first grader in the GEF occurs with institution class teacher individual portfolio, which reflects the main aspects of study of the child, as well as his spiritual and moral development and physical health.

Are extracurricular activities, which aim to develop personal qualities, for example, in the field of patriotism on the basis of family relations.

The Period of adaptation passed

Adaptation is successful if:

  • The Child attends school.
  • Takes active part in the life of the class.
  • No problems with the assimilation of the school program.
  • Independently performs assignments.
  • You receive a self-monitor their behavior.
  • A Calm, appropriate response to temporary setbacks.
  • Communication with teachers and peers causes only positive emotions.

the difficulties of adaptation of first-graders

Parents should not forget to monitor the health condition of the child is influenced by training load. Positive health stability means the process of adapting to the school completed.


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