The wastefulness is what kind of phenomenon? Value, synonyms and examples


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Extravagance – things which people are inclined to save, is not approved. In addition, the subject of ILO action – personality is quite disgusting. Without clear goals, morals, professing self-destruction. To penetrate into the depth of the concept, reveal the importance of “waste”, consider the synonyms and examples.


want it

Extravagance – it is a behavior that shows disrespect for money. The latter needs to be explained: do not respect the money to the one who throws them to the wind, spending fabulous sums on entertainment. One of the most recent examples of such humiliation money in the eyes of ordinary people – it's a party of our players (Kokorin and Mamaev) in Monaco after the debacle of the "Euro-2016".

In justification of our athletes have to say that after all these motes and revelers they don't make it, think of it, once lost. No, the extravagance-it's a lifestyle, even, if you will, a whole philosophy of life within which there may be certain attitudes. Don't believe?

Deliberate self-destruction and mindless

Imagine a person who plays a lot, but is ashamed of money. The reasons can be mass. But the fact is that the coins though gold, though silver, dollars and euros it unpleasant. So all the money mythical hero, have an aversion to money, tries to pull as fast as possible.

Yeah, right. He could give it to charity, build a shelter for the poor and feed them in many ways, but he does not want to. He only wants one – carouse, and forget. If the money goes to a noble cause, they, in his view, will remain in the world. But he can not allow. So the coins into the pockets of casino owners, restaurants and bars. Intricate philosophy, isn't it? Of course! Extravagance – this is not a pound of raisins.


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The Reader will object that, say, such people don't exist in the world. Have you seen this case – aversion to money? Reader, we agree with you. Believe in is difficult. Usually the question of who, the ILO suggests the following answer: “he Is a stupid person, not very attractive in the moral sense who spends, as a rule, other people's money”. Comes to mind the image of Erastus “Poor Liza’ H.M. Karamzin. A nobleman could only talk about love with an uneducated girl. But even this ability is relative, but if the heroine had been smarter, then the number is not passed. But the history of both real and literary, do not accept the subjunctive mood. Go to possible analogues of the notion.


The Extravagance is quite difficult to replace one word. Even motu to think of synonyms easier. With them and get started.

  • Sport.
  • Playboy.
  • Spendthrift.
  • Spender

It is Now possible and the notion of “waste” to replace with synonyms. Here one:

  • Rustichello;
  • Tranzhirstvu;
  • Debariloche;
  • Shedrost;
  • Throwing money to the wind.

Generosity, of course, is not always reckless. But without generosity there is no extravagance. And here it is playing the role of interpretation. One, looking at the behavior of a rich man, I would say that he is a spendthrift, and the other replied: “It is only the generous”. Everyone decides for himself.

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