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Innovative educational technologies are very popular clichés of modern Russian reality. In practice, the vast majority of today's schools appear Intrusive ideas that the school uses the best, most advanced training methods which will certainly help you to quickly achieve unprecedented results in the development of interesting skills and knowledge. Such statements and flashy phrase popular today as ever, becoming literally a quality criterion, along with the advertising signboard educational technologyFor their own creators.

The Essence of innovative learning

However, such modern educational technologies are often wrong when all their novelty confined to the involvement of technological devices. Of course, in our time, different testing programs, and computer presentations are extremely important. But it should be remembered that innovative educational technologies are simply complexes of original programs that contain specific pedagogical techniques that are aimed at maximizing the development of practical skills, knowledge and mental abilities of the students. As a simple example, you can allow the game elements common in the training and instruction of children of younger school and preschool age. Such educational technologies are based on modern educational technologiesThe opinion that the enthusiasm of children the process will instill in them the eagerness to learn and contribute to a better memorization of the material. In addition, in advertising brochures many modern language schools you can often ignore the statement that their training method is built on constant practice and modeling everyday situations.


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Schools and Pedagogical innovation learning

By the Way, these pedagogical ideas are not a novelty of the last two decades. They originated in the period of early educational schools when the latter systematized experience. Innovative educational technologies in the school of applied Makarenko, Sukhomlinsky and other famous teachers. For example, a number of Soviet teachers have expressed their own disagreement with the principle that history has no subjunctive mood, and it makes no sense to talk about the failed events. On the contrary, they suggested that teaching students is just useful, as it makes the student not just to think abstractly and to predict the situation, educational technology in schoolTo analyze events. And, most importantly, the teacher is in the same position as a child – he does not know the one correct answer that just yet.

An Important feature of innovative learning technologies

But we should not forget that innovative educational technologies, despite its significant success in individual groups of students or specific disciplines, yet not always necessary and can be moved to mass training. First of all, because they initially pinpointed to certain categories, also often require the direct involvement and guidance of its Creator. The key to a successful outcome as times are local innovation in range of traditional systems.

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