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We periodically use the word “antiquated”, sometimes even without thinking where it came from. Almost all know what it means and in what cases used. However, not everyone understands the history of its origin. “Antiquated” is a word that arose not just from a random set of letters. What it means and when there?

“Antiquated”. What does the word

Surely everyone is aware of the biblical story of the Deluge. This is the great flood that God sent upon the people in punishment for their lawlessness and moral decline. As a result, it killed all life on Earth, except for the pious Noah, his family and “pair of every creature”. They were saved from the flood in Noah built a huge ship - the ark.this is antediluvian

The Word “antiquated” in the Russian language appeared in the eighteenth century. It was formed from the noun “flood”, and the prefix to - has identified what events occurred before the great flood. The time at which the Flood occurred, was taken as a starting point. The Flood happened a long time ago, and that was it – and all very ancient.

What does the word “antiquated”? According to the explanatory dictionary, “antiquated” is an outdated, old fashioned, extinct, retarded. 30-40-ies of the nineteenth century, the word was used in a more literal sense, i.e. characterized by events that occurred before the Flood. Later it acquired ironic overtones and was used in a playful tone, indicating something very ancient and backward.antediluvian meaning of the word


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Examples of using the word “antiquated”

Here are usage examples in the literature of the term "antediluvian". What does the word in the works of writers? The Expression “antiquated” was used in the works of many writers and poets. For example, Lermontov in his “Valerie” uses the word, describing the forest, over which flashed beacons. Turgenev mentions it in “the Literary and life memories», describing the times in which occurred the conversation Pletnev and Koltsov. V. S. Kurochkin calls “antiquated” the pun in his poem called “friend”.

The sharp turn in the figurative use of the word “antiquated” in an expressive flow is associated with the name of the AP. Grigorieva. A. Galakhov, in 1877, noted the peculiar style of the author, who, along with other used new terms, uses the word “antiquated” Polezhaeva, lazhechnikova and Marly. Galakhov notes that to use concerning them the word “antiquated” is not quite correct, as it turns out, that they existed before the Flood. In his opinion, this pun could give rise to the coffee mockery of them.

Synonyms and antonyms

The word “antiquated” meaning of the word we already have. As virtually any word in the Russian language, this term also has synonyms and antonyms. What are synonyms of the word “antiquated”? This is the old Testament, obsolete, old-fashioned, backward, fossilized, archaic, and others. Often used as the word “pre-war». It has a similar principle of education, but as a point of reference not accepted the Flood, and the Great Patriotic war. antediluvian what does the wordIt is Understood that this term is more modern, as the Flood occurred much earlier than military action. However, the meaning of these two words are very similar.

The Antonym of the word “antiquated”, which means ancient, respectively, are the following words: modern, current.


Very interesting is the field of the use of the word “antiquated”. The meaning of the word, as has been seen above, in a witty expression used most often. It is quite common in the General vocabulary. It is not often mentioned in history, as well as the colloquial and figurative expressions.

This adjective is allowed to use so many words. They can be described old appliances, obsolete equipment, old-fashioned views on things, etc. This term can be called everything that was created a very long time or out of fashion. You only need to consider the fact that in the modern world this adjective has ironic overtones, and, calling someone or something “antiquated” you can insult someone's feelings. what antediluvian meansSo use it carefully, having dealt with the history of its origin and use, in order not to offend and not to cause negative emotions in your address.

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