Codes for Gta San Andreas or cheat codes in GTA "COP lawlessness"


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"COP Chaos" – build quality, which includes HD textures, disassembly of the local Gopnik, a new radio station and absolutely another vehicle - they won't let you sleep during the game. In the computer game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas there are cheats, which are created and built by developers. The introduction of such codes happens when the user presses a letter and number sequence on the controller. Surprisingly, the developers prepared some surprises. Some cheat codes for GTA "COP lawlessness" may interfere in the further course of the game, be careful and save before use. This is due to the desire of programmers to spoil the quiet and peaceful passing game, for example, cheat chaos. Also if codes are possible lags. cheats for GTA COP lawlessnessBut, on the other hand, their use may diversify the boring everyday life of your character. Remember, all codes for GTA "COP lawlessness" are introduced when you are directly in the game. Not before and certainly not after, and it is in!

Cheat codes for ammo, health, money

These codes in GTA "COP lawlessness" will give you packs weapons or infinite ammo. At the right time will restore health and will help immediately to get rich and buy the game all that we want, to forget how to be hungry or not to sink in the water. Examples of cheating are:

  1. BAGUVIX (immortality);
  2. AEDUWNV (forget what hunger);
  3. HESOYAM ($250,000 and other joys of life);
  4. KJKSZPJ (one of three sets of weapons);
  5. AIYPWZQP (shoot, forgetting about the cooldown).

Cheat codes to decrease/gain wanted stars, attractiveness and chaos or order in the city


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These codes in GTA "COP lawlessness" will help you in a difficult situation with the police or when you are bored. You can also become attractive to girls on the street, or arrange for the streets of chaos, when the people begin to destroy the skulls to each other.all codes to GTA COP lawlessness

  1. AEZAKMI (become elusive!);
  2. EHIBXQS (now who's the sexiest?);
  3. OGXSDAG (now you will respect everything);
  4. MROEMZH (you would attack the bandits in the most unexpected places);
  5. LJSPQK (wanted level – six stars);
  6. IOJUFZN (urban chaos);
  7. BLUESUEDESHOES (Yes Hello Elvis!);
  8. SZCMAWO (you get tired of a game? To end suicide!);
  9. CIKGCGX (throw a beach party, put on shorts and call prohodivyshih by girls in swimsuits for a party).

Cheat codes for transportation (cars, tanks, helicopters, satchels)

These are the most popular codes for GTA "COP lawlessness". He wanted to destroy everything on the helicopter and using a parachute? Enter the code - and the sky will fall the desired transport. Furthermore, you can just increase the parameters and characteristics of already available cars, tanks. Here are some examples of these cheats:

  • AMOMHRER (tanker);
  • OHDUDE (helicopter);
  • KRIJEBR (limousine);
  • AQTBCODX (hearse);
  • BGKGTJH (all the cars on the streets will drive very slowly due to its cheapness);
  • ZEIIVG (all green light);
  • IOWDLAC (the color of all cars will be black);cheat codes for GTA COP lawlessness
  • XICWMD (stealth mode, the roads will be visible only from wheels motorcycles);
  • RIPAZHA (feel like a pilot!).

Cheat codes change the weather or time

These codes in GTA "COP lawlessness" will help you to get rid of rain or Sunny weather, change the time in the game to what you want, and even change the color of the sky in the game! Here are some of them:

  • OFVIAC (orange sky, orange sunflower…);
  • CWJXUOC (the weather will be wrong, put on a mask to protect from sandstorms);
  • SOHNUL (time will accelerate your progress).

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