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Many users are aware that in recent years has seriously changed the position of budget video cards on the market. Increasingly, chip manufacturers began to provide their products which are GPU integrated. The most undemanding users, such a system seems more attractive because it is cheaper. Besides built-in chip is preferable in terms of compactness in the system unit leaving more space for other components. In the overwhelming majority of cases such a system is enough to run modern software and some games. However, not all processors can boast the graphics core, so the problem of budget graphics cards. Bright representative of this segment is Nvidia Geforce GT 610.

geforce gt 610

Packaging and contents

In the sale of the card appeared in 2012. Comes in original box from ASUS. Designed in a modern style of sturdy cardboard. There are colorful drawings that set the model apart from the crowd. On the front side, in addition to logos, there is a description of the main features of the Geforce GT 610 and its advantages over the competition.

The back side has all the necessary information about the accelerator. The characteristics presented in 12 languages, including and Russian. Here you can see a wiring diagram to monitors and some other features.

geforce gt 610

Left empty and the sides of the box. One of them, you can discover what you want from the computer for stable operation Geforce GT 610. Overall, the box leaves a good impression, moreover, gives full information about the product.


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So, which package have a Geforce GT 610? The graphics driver provided on the CD-ROM, which is not surprising. The player also receives a set of instructions and two plugs that will be useful to owners of compact cases. The set is quite typical for models up to $ 50. A nice bonus is that you can call stubs, which will have to be purchased separately.


The First thing you should pay attention to the number of interfaces Geforce GT 610, which are presented on one of the faces of the graphics card. Them here 3: DVI-I, D-Sub and HDMI. Interfaces allow you to connect the plasma monitor or projector, not purchasing additional adapters.

geforce gt 610 driver

Accelerator Components soldered on the signature blue PCB. All performed in the best traditions of the company "NVIDIA". Used high quality parts for Assembly, ensuring long life and low heat. Food is divided into two subsystems - the graphics processor and memory modules. The developer did not provide additional ports for power and bridge to connect with another accelerator, which is quite logical. The Geforce GT 610 is positioned as solutions for the home personal computer and not much fits the definition of game accelerator.


In the majority of cases the core GF 119, which is executed on the Fermi architecture. Used in the manufacture of a 40 nm manufacturing process. The model operates at a clock frequency of 810 MHz. For the exchange of data meets the 64-bit memory bus, which has a capacity of over 9 GB per second.

The Accelerator has 1 GB of graphics memory, which is divided into 8 memory modules. Company Elpida has produced modules for the Geforce GT 610. The user reviews given to understand that the memory is running pretty fast. This is evidenced by the manufacturer, which says about a clock frequency of 1333 MHz.

geforce gt 610 reviews

It is Worth saying that the graphics card can be "overclocked", given that the core is clocked at 1200 MHz.

Cooling System

The Manufacturer has on the box painted that the accelerator uses a passive cooling system. The developers decided not to complicate the design, which still does not require a strong wind. The card works at low frequencies and emit a little heat, so a simple radiator. Undoubtedly, the cooling system was the "highlight" of this model. It works silently, which is a very important feature for many users.

Mount the radiator to the chamber 4 by bolts. It fits snugly to the graphics core, but the rest of the PCB is not in contact. In the tests managed to "warm up" the video card to 72 degrees. Above this level the temperature does not rise, which speaks to the quality work of the radiator. At medium loads, this figure will be much lower.

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