Windows 10. The "update center": where is the service?


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The Tenth version of Windows, according to the statements of its creators, in all respects is revolutionary. Maybe it is, but changes to the interface and the location of some components is certainly very noticeable. So many users are in a familiar location can not find in Windows 10 called "update Center". Where is this service, how to operate it and troubleshoot problems arising, briefly consider. All mistakes and ways to correct them naturally to describe will not work, but the most basic will be affected.

Windows 10: "update Center" where?

Many users are accustomed to the interface of the old system, innovations in the location of certain control elements of the system appreciated not appreciated. Indeed, now, because there was not one “control Panel”, but two. As the main option selected the settings, which is invoked through the main menu “start”. And to the standard ‘control Panel" (it is also there in its classical form), no special knowledge to get impossible. But there before, and located the service update.

But invoking the standard panel is the control command in the menu “Run”, as used in all earlier versions of the system, and in Windows 10. "update Center" (where is this component that will be discussed later) among the partitions is missing and it's many users baffled.

windows 10 update center where is located

In fact, this service was transferred to the new panel. To reach it, you need to call section «Settings», and then to find menu updates, and security. The first section (top left row) is the desired “update”. Settings here quite a lot. For example, you can change how often you receive updates, set update methods to change the privacy settings, etc.


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Not updated to Windows 10 using “update”. What to do?

But, as in other systems, this service is not insured against errors and failures. If not updated to Windows 10 using “update”, is connected it may be with the communication settings or incorrect operation of the service. But, and this is the saddest thing, to can cause and some important updates that are installed automatically (when auto update without notifying the user). They then have to be removed.

windows 10 is not updated through the update center

For starters, you can try to ask a manual search for updates. If the components of the service in the manner the packages are found, then they only need to install. But this is the simplest case.

Main directions in the Troubleshooting

Worse is the situation when the damaged components are responsible for searching and installing updates. And incorrect installation of some important packages leads to failures.

not running windows update 10

If not “update” Windows 10, in such a situation it was wise to go to view recently installed packages for updates, sort them by date and alternately remove and check the performance of the service. Once the failing package is found, you should do a manual search, and then install all packages, excluding from the list the one that is problematic.

If failures happen because of incorrect operation of the components of the “update”, the reasons here can be quite a lot of (incorrect proxy settings, no required for work files, the impact on the process of updating third-party services and programs, not counting viruses, and much more).

In a simple case, Troubleshooting “update” Windows 10 is to restart the service and renaming the SoftwareDistribution directory located in the root directory of the system. This is done through the command prompt (cmd in the console “Run” or the corresponding row in the right-click menu on the start button), but only with administrator rights. For this purpose two commands: net stop WuAuServ and net start WuAuServ renaming specified folders in SoftwareDistribution.old. After restart, the system will create a new directory.

Troubleshooting windows update 10

In other cases you need to look for a solution based on the situation (description of the failure can be recognized by the error code). But for the lazy, Microsoft offers its own automated tool Microsoft Fix It! and Microsoft Easy Fix. In some cases, will be useful for the program DLL Suite, which allows you to set the system missing or corrupted libraries. In General, you first need to assess the nature of the failure, and only then, decide on the most effective to resolve the issue.

Instead of result

Here is the brief description that presents itself to Windows 10 called "update Center". Where is this component that is already clear. As for the possible errors or malfunctions, it is difficult to describe all the situations and events, because it is not provided, and the description of each particular problem and methods of its elimination will take a long time. We consider only the most frequent crashes. If something does not work, use the automatic utility. At least one, but will give some tangible results.

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