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Today there is Hardly a gamer who has never heard about the series “just couse”. It is incredibly popular. And the second part of the project gathered at the screens of millions of users. What's her secret? The fact that lately have become very popular so-called sandbox, that is, games in which you have no specific task. Or she has, but does not bear any serious meaning. The beauty of these games is the interactivity of the world – at your disposal is a huge area, in which you can move freely and do whatever you want.

Of Course, each “sandbox” has its own bias. In this case, the developers have provided an impressive number of unique features. You can shoot, blow up, ride various vehicles, swim, fly, jump with a parachute, and much more. Of course, it would be naive to expect that developers with such stunning success, provided largely by the presence in the second part of the multiplayer mode, will stop working and miss the chance to earn even more. It was clear – sometime in the foreseeable future will the game Just Cause 3 (which review you read). Well, at the end of 2015, this is it. Moore saw the sequel. How good the project turned out a Just Cause 3? The review will cover all the details of the new part of the legendary game.

just cause 3 review

An Unforgettable experience

It is difficult to talk about a game like Just Cause 3. An overview of the average project may have some kind of structure, actually, as the game itself. Here you get a huge island. It can move freely. And it gives you a memorable experience. You can do whatever you want to get on a plane, fly over the island, and then jump out and land on the village field. In fact, even at the height of bird flight, you are unlikely to see all the gaming space-it's so huge. So if you want in the game you can spend hundreds of hours trying to visit every corner of the territory, which was named the Medici.


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And, of course, even more impressive is what you will do during the game – explosions. Very few games offer destructible environments. That is the world – the scene you can shoot, blow up, beat feet and make it the most incredible thing – it will be what it was created by the developers. Here everything is different. You can blow up almost everything and enjoy it as much as you want. This is the beauty of the project is Just Cause 3. The review, however, will affect other themes: positive and negative. And then you will make the decision whether you want to play a new part so loved by all of the series or not.

just couse 3 review

Be Realistic

Many developers of computer games strive to make the gameplay as realistic as possible. They make the character's movement as if they were in real life, trying to keep the laws of physics and so on. This does not apply to the project “just couse 3” – overview you will demonstrate this in detail. The fact that even in the second part you could jump from the wing of one aircraft to the wing of the other, to pull the pilot out of the cockpit, send it into free fall, to send his ship to the side of the refinery, jump at the last moment with a parachute and watch how this all goes away.

What happened in the third episode? Everything became even more impressive and less realistic. And that is what pleases the eye, and also allows you to enjoy what is happening on the screen, not caring about the fact that some things are happening does not correspond to the laws of physics. There is almost nothing they are not subject to. It attracts new gamers to the project “just couse 3”. The review, of course, does not end – you have to learn still a lot about this game.

Plot component

As with any other game, in the case of Just Cause 3 review can not do without a description of the plot. However, it will be brief and succinct. Will try as soon as possible to deal with this issue and forget about it. Why? The fact that the plot here doesn't matter and is, rather, a kind of background for what is happening. Of course, you can complete quests, advance the storyline, but this is not required.

So, the bottom line is that the main character, whose name is Rico Rodriguez is the protagonist, as in the previous episodes. He arrives at another island, captured by a tyrant and a despot. This time the earth is called the Medici. But the dictator's name is Sebastiano di Ravello. It is worth noting that, apparently, the main character grew up on this island, as from time to time you meet acquaintances, friends from his childhood. But still it does not play any role. You overthrow the dictator. Yet he killed innocent people, the new term of the Board is also not hurt the iris. In General, all of the standard drawing. It doesn't really matter. It's time to forget about the plot and move on to much more important and interesting elements of the game Just Cause 3. The review will describe them in minute detail.

review of the game just cause 3


A review of the game Just Cause 3 would be incomplete without a paragraph about explosions. Because they play here a major role. It is visible to all. And the developers don't even try to deny it. Moreover – all the trailers that were released before the official release of the game, focused on how to blow, blow and blow again. When the game was showcased at computer shows, whole gameplay is focused entirely on how bigger and prettier to put on the air a particular object. In fact, you had to capture the essence of what is happening – around can flow life, bloodthirsty leader can terrorize the local population, but all you will care about in the game – explosions.

You will raise into the air, cars, entire buildings. Especially wonderful look those facilities in which there are flammable and explosive substances, that is, factories, gas stations, gasoline tank and so on. And, of course, extremely interesting to destroy various landmarks. It looks more impressive than the explosions of ordinary buildings. Especially if it is a monument to the dictator. However, it is not worth dwelling on this – a review of the game Just Cause 3 can tell much more.

just cause 3 review in Russian

Updated movement

No matter, you read in the case of Just Cause 3 review in Russian or in English, you will always find the odd word – wingsuit. This device, which appeared in the third part of the game. And it radically changed the gameplay. The fact that in the first two episodes you occasionally had to travel long distances on foot, so as to rise into the air was not so easy. Yes and hold out there for a long time is not possible. To steal a transport – this is not always available task, well, a half-hour Hiking March no one will make more fun.

In the third part, everything has changed, so how did the wingsuit – it's a suit which has a kind of wings, allowing you to float in the air. And quite purposefully. So now, when you jump out of an airplane, you don't have to use the parachute and wait for landing on the ground – you can combine all of your existing fixtures, adding to the legendary parachute hook-cat and a wingsuit. Gamers have reported that by using this combination, you can cross the entire island without touching the ground. Simply put, the gameplay has become much more diverse and interesting. It is not necessary to think that on some platform changes. Review of Just Cause 3 on PS4 will be no different from the review for the Xbox or PC. In any case, it's a great game, which should be paid due attention.

What to do on the island?

Of Course, all has understood perfectly that this game is to fly and blow up, blow up and fly, to combine, repeat and start again. However, you should pay attention to more meaningful activities, which offer gamers the developers. In Just Cause 3 overview of Rico Rodriguez can be quite large. But this makes no sense-why tell about all the secret places and what you'll be able to find, because they are in this case no longer be a secret. It is better to say a few words about the most basic lessons that you can draw. First, it tests. Second – capture bases. Tests are specific tasks that you need to perform within the allotted time or respect of the specific conditions. What this gives you? Tests are not too much fun and not Shine diversity. But they give you the opportunity to discover new functions and features all of your devices, such as hook, wingsuit, and so on.

Much more interesting to look at the second paragraph & ndash; capture the enemy bases. More precisely, the destruction of these objects, because it is a game about explosions. And grab you nothing will. This feature was present in previous games, but it was a performance...

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