Notes on desktop Windows 10: the best real or virtual?


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The Monitor filled with post - it's a common thing for many users. If a person spends the lion's share of time in front of a computer, it is only natural that reminder he places on the job. However, starting with Windows 10, these notes can be done directly in the PC using the standard built-in service. The program “Notes” on the desktop, Windows 10 allows you to create unlimited number of notes, edit them, format text, create lists, or Express recording. This service is convenient and easy to use but very popular due to the fact that is virtually unknown.

How to find a service “Notes”?

notes on windows desktop 10To Create a note on the desktop Windows 10 is possible through the service by running it through the button “start”, which is the 10th version of the OS took on the form of company logo. In the start menu, you need to find the category “Standard” in the subdirectory ‘Program”, and the “Note”. In later versions of Windows 10, the program changed its name to Sticky Notes and now is in the root directory of the start menu “start”. In any case, clicking on the program icon on the desktop appear yellow sticker, after the completion, the number of marks can be multiplied, and the information format.


The User can change the size and color of sticker, you just need to drag the corner of the note, or select the corresponding item in the menu on the right-hand button of the mouse. In later versions of “Notes” to the Windows desktop 10 got a toolbar which has all features. But some users continue to use “shortcuts”, because it's faster and easier. Some hotkeys “Notes” took over from Microsoft Office. So, for example, bold can be done by pressing Ctrl + B italics-Ctrl + I. to create a bulleted list, you press Ctrl + Shift + L.


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create a new note on the desktop of windows 10The Sticker can be removed if it has lost its relevance. After the stickers are removed, the app needs to be restarted, otherwise the service will simply be closed. To close the service by pressing Ctrl + D. Notes on desktop Windows 10 has a few OS versions ago, but has proven to be a popular service, so their update does not stop. Conventionally, simple and affordable program proved to be very handy, so it expands functionality.


the program notes on desktop windows 10In the network there are many variations of the program “Notes”. They often differ from the original more extensive customization and copyright functions, such as grouping the same stickers in a separate subcategory. These new third-party services and limited, what to change is simple and straightforward licensed copy of something new - unproductive. The majority of its peers in one way or another are using the original version of Windows as the basis. The names of the programs also did not differ in variability, most of them revolve around the “stickers”, so finding them is not difficult.

Can I use stickers as an alternative to conventional notes? Yes indeed, the service allows you to create reminders where the person works, that is directly in the computer. The user is sorting, ranking, and customization that are difficult to do in normal notes, plus the notes on the computer do not create chaos and havoc on the real desktop.

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