The mouse runs around the screen: what to do?


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The Computer and its components - tech is unpredictable. Various failures and malfunctions in its work are quite common. What if the mouse runs over the screen? What needs to be done to remedy the situation? As far as the threat issue? To understand all this is not as difficult as it seems. The main thing is not to panic. So why the mouse cursor around on the screen? How to fix this situation?

mouse runs around the screen


So, the first scenario is the availability of remote connection to the computer. So someone can remotely control a particular machine. In this situation, the question of why the cursor runs across the screen does not occur.

After you disable TeamViewer or equivalent mouse will no longer spontaneously move and make actions. As a rule, such a situation is created deliberately by the user and not cause problems.


The mouse runs over the screen? It is likely that the blame for the viruses infiltrated into the PC. Often they not only destroy the integrity of the OS, but also incapacitate the connected equipment.

If you suspect the presence of viruses on the computer, we recommend you immediately conduct the appropriate scan. It is also advisable to check your computer for "spyware".

After clearing the situation in which the mouse runs over the screen, will disappear. In any case, if the cause lay in the presence of a virus in the operating system. However, the problem often lies elsewhere.

 the mouse runs around the screen


Why run the mouse across the screen? The following scenario is common, but little known. The thing is that a variety of third-party objects caught in the mouse leads to movement of the cursor. More precisely, he starts to twitch.


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The Most common cause is clogging the device. From time to time the mouse needed to be cleaned. It is advisable to work on the computer using a special Mat for mice. It serves as additional protection.

As soon As foreign objects (this can be dust, dirt or pieces of food) will be removed, it is possible to observe the behavior of the cursor. He still twitching? Then you need to look for the source of the problem elsewhere!

The working surface

Why the mouse runs around the screen? It is likely that this phenomenon occurs because of an incorrect working of the surface on which the mouse is located. It may be uneven or shake by itself.

By the way, is a very common cause of where the mouse runs around the screen. Corrected easily or the user selects new work surface, or buy a less sensitive mouse. Most of the problem solved by working with the mouse pad. It helps to avoid the mobility of the device and also protects from unnecessary damages and blockages.

why run the mouse across the screen


The mouse runs around the screen? The last common scenario is nothing like downed sensitivity settings of the device. Every mouse has a similar option. It allows you to adjust the sensitivity. At higher indices, the cursor will start to twitch at the slightest touch. Accordingly, surprising that the mouse runs over the screen, not worth it.

How to resolve this issue? You can:

  1. To Purchase a less sensitive mouse. Relevant only for cases when the device was planned to be replaced. Not the fact that the replacement will help.
  2. To adjust mouse sensitivity. The most common scenario. There are many applications that allow you to resolve the situation.

After the settings are set for normal performance, there will be no problems when the mouse runs around the screen. But what if even after all these solutions the problem persists?

why the mouse runs around the screen

Operating system

It is recommended to follow a few tips. The mouse runs around the screen, but the settings of the equipment in order, all programs of remote control PC is not connected, and viruses are excluded?

In this case, it is recommended that:

  1. Implement a rollback system on the date when the mouse isn't twitching. It is likely, all because of a system failure.
  2. To Clean the registry of your PC. Failures may not only be associated with system faults but can also be caused by "cluttering" of the register.
  3. To Carry out the reinstallation of the OS. Especially if the user installed a pirated copy.
  4. To Install/update the mouse drivers. Some computer mice require installed drivers. To install the appropriate software device may not work or be faulty.

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