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The Internet is an indispensable condition for comfortable existence of each and every modern person. Today online you can work, shop, communicate with friends and watch TV. To find a person who would not need the Internet, almost impossible. Moreover, more and more people refuse to watch fixed TV sets in favor of network broadcasts.

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To connect to the Internet most often used routers or network routers that allow you to enjoy all the benefits of Wi-Fi. However, in this regard, users quite often the questions arise: "WAN – what is it? How to configure it? What is it for?". Consider these items in detail.

WAN: what is it?

That decision, which is widely used for connecting routers, or routers to the Internet. When properly configured equipment connection will be high-quality and reliable.

The abbreviation for Wide Area Network, which translates as "global network". The WAN connector is also commonly called an Ethernet port. He is responsible for connection with an external computer network.

If you look at the back side of the router, it will be from 3 to 10 connectors. Several of them bears the inscription LAN, and only one signed the Internet or WAN. Experienced computer scientists still refer to this UpLink port.

However, should deal not only with the question “WAN – what is it?”, and also with the fact, how it differs from other connectors. Because externally they all look absolutely identical.

What is a WAN differs from a LAN

As mentioned above, the ports look very similar, so they are easy to confuse. However, if you plug the Internet cable to the LAN connector, then absolutely nothing will happen. The fact that this port is intended to create a local network. That is, if in one apartment and a few computers and you want to merge, then use it LAN. It allows you to access public folders and to quickly transfer information from one device to another.


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global networkTo access directly to the Internet, you need to connect to a wide area network that is WAN. The only way to enjoy all the benefits of online shopping and chatting with friends from any corner of the planet.

Thus, it becomes evident that these two ports are not interconnected. The Internet is often called the largest WAN network. That is why very often on routers is the abbreviation of Internet. It helps users not to miss with a connector and start using the Internet without any problems.

So, with the question “WAN – what is it?” understood, now it is time to consider the connection setup. If you understand all of the intricacies of the interface of the router do not want to call the ISP and ask the consultant to explain the sequence of actions. But actually not so difficult as it might seem at first glance.



Consider configuring WAN read more. You first need to connect the router to the network. To do this, use a normal network cable that comes with the router. After this you need to:

  • Connect one end of the cable (usually blue) to the router (LAN connector) and the other – to a laptop or network card of a PC.
  • Turn on the device and wait for the full download computer.
  • Open a window of any Internet browser and enter in the address bar the IP address of the router. To find it, it is enough to specify the model of your router. Also, the right address is very often indicated on the packaging with the router. If no data, then you need to look in the manual to the router.
  • Press “Enter”.
  • Wait for page load.

After that you need to perform a few manipulations to the WAN connection.

Settings in the browser

In order to begin using your wireless network, you must perform the following steps:

  • Enter the username and password from the router (often "admin" and "1234").
  • Go to settings of device parameters.
  • Open the WAN menu. If you don't see, then you need to find a Setup.
  • Fill in all the fields. All necessary data are specified by the provider, sometimes you can find them in the agreement.
  • Specify data transfer type L2TP or PPTP.
  • Come up with a name and password for the router.
  • Choose the type of encryption (optional).
  • Enter the address of the access point.
  • Select "Automatically obtain the DNS address".

wan miniport

After this you need to save all the changes.

Update settings

If necessary, in the same menu you can enable “firewall”. It's enough to put a tick in the appropriate paragraph. Next, click “Save” and wait until updates are downloaded.

You can then pull out the LAN cable. It is better to restart the computer. You can now plug the Internet cable into the WAN port on the router and find the wireless network on the computer. In the next step, simply enter the password from the router and begin to use the Internet.

On some routers the ports meet WAN miniport. They are designed for high-speed Internet. Today this service provides only some providers (for example, "Rostelecom").


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