How to include "Android" in the Internet? How to install Internet on Android?


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This article describes two basic ways of how to turn on “Android” the Internet. Both the first and the second are based on wireless data transmission technologies. As part of this material recommendations for their practical application.

how to enable on Android the Internet


Today the greatest distribution has received the following two methods to turn on “Android” the Internet and start the data transfer. The first of them is based on technology Wi-Fi. His Forte – high speed data transfer, which for some devices can reach 300 Mbit/sec. But the main disadvantage is the small range. Max is a circle with a diameter of 20-30 meters.

The Second option is connecting to Global web – use of networks of mobile operators. They may be 2G, 3G or LTE. In this case, the data transfer rate is much lower. For example, for 2G – a maximum of 200-300 kbps and for 3G the limit value is 10 Mbit/sec. But the plus of this method – is the ability to connect to the Global web in almost any point of the globe. Sometimes 2G, 3G or LTE is used for creating wireless routers based on smartphone. In this case, the Internet via “Android” is derived from the network of mobile operator, and distributed via Wi-Fi transmitter. This is useful in cases when you need a laptop on the road, for example, to connect to the Internet and a wireless router or 3G modem is not available. Regarding payment it can be noted that in the first case, it often is fixed, and the amount of data to be transferred is not limited. But mobile network is still tarifaire pay for megabytes, or gigabytes, which is also very uncomfortable.


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how to connect Internet on Android


The easiest way to connect to the Internet for “Android” is a wi-fi (Wi-Fi). The heart of a wireless network is the router to which is fed a wire from the provider. Also it needs to be pre-configured. To connect you need to fail to know the network name and password for the connection (needed in the case if installed). Next on the gadget running “Android” go to ‘Main menu" button on the sensor. Then, by switching between screens to find the label “Settings” and open it. It is necessary to locate the parameter “Network”. Among them should be that which is called “Wi-Fi”. Opposite this title includes the current state of the transmitter. Set it to "On.”. On some devices you can use English symbols. In this case, it needs to be installed “On”. Then return to the main menu and find the shortcut called "wifi". Open it with a simple tap of your finger on the screen. Then you have to launch a search operation. At the end you will see a list of available points Wi-Fi to connect. By name find the correct one. If installed, you will need to answer to enter a password to gain access. Then close all Windows and start the browser for the Internet.

The previously Described procedure of how to connect the Internet for “Android”, is done once during the initial registration. You can then use a shortcut method. At the top of the screen, each gadget running “Android” is a drop-down menu. On one of the upper tabs there is a button called "wifi". It performs Express enrollment for mobile devices in such wireless networks.

Internet via Android

Settings for mobile networks

If in the case of wi-fi setup is very simple and for its implementation need only know the network name and password to connect to it, but with 2G, 3G or LTE, things get much more complicated. Each mobile device for such connection is necessary to create a special profile, which in a certain way must be configured. In most cases this happens automatically, ie when you first turn on your smartphone or tablet on the network of the mobile operator starts the search for the necessary profiles for the organization data transfer. Once the desired information is found, it is immediately sent to the subscriber. In the future it needs to make these profiles, save and set them as default. But this procedure is not always performed. In some cases, for example when you have a new device or uncertified device, you have to act outside the box. You can call the operator and order the default settings or enter them manually.

Connecting to the Internet via your mobile operators

In the future, the Internet connection on “Android” is reduced to activation of the data transmission service. To do this, in the upper drop-down menu next to “Wi-Fi” find the other "data Transfer" and push it. This will start the activation of this service. At the end of it on the device screen a message appears. Next, close all previously open Windows and start the browser. If the settings in the previous step are set correctly, then the online resources will open without problems. Don't forget that in this case, sites will be slower to bootthe telephone (“Android”). The Internet of course, operates at a lower speed than wi-fi.

Android phone wifi

Which one is better?

Now let's deal with how to turn on “Android” the Internet is best for each specific case. If you are often on the move and need a high speed connection, in this case, it is wise to use Wi-Fi. Moreover, from a financial point of view, and you can save money because the price is usually fixed. But if you travel a lot, and the speed for you is not that important, it is better to choose the wireless networks of mobile operators. In this situation, they are still uncontested.

Internet connection for Android


In this article were described two main ways of how to turn on “Android” the Internet. Was points out their advantages and disadvantages, comparing which, we gave recommendations for their use. On the basis of each user can choose the option that best suited him.

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