The best alternative to iTunes: a review of programs


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With the development of the tech guys from Silicon valley are trying to create more useful software for the user. Some programs cease to be relevant for many reasons. Someone buys a new device that does not support more need software. Someone unhappy with the updates that have had a detrimental effect on the interface. And someone, on the contrary, is angry with developers who dropped by the program and no longer provide support for clients.

So the users are trying to find an alternative. iTunes is a program that is known throughout the world, but also seriously flawed. So some so dislike her trying to find her replacement.


ITunes is a media player, which not only helps to lose files, but also organize your files music and movies. Developed service by Apple. But in spite of this, not only works with macOS, and Windows.

Using this tool is very easy to move in the same name brand store, to buy there new albums by popular artists, movies, apps and books.


To deal with the iTunes alternatives, it is important to understand the functions of this program. So, the media player allows you to navigate through the library using alphabetical search. You can also configure sorting tracks alphabetically, albums, covers, etc.

itunes UI

In iTunes you can think about organizing your music library. In this case, you can create playlists, smart playlists or folders. In addition, it is possible to reproduce not only music, but also movies, podcasts, Visualizers, Internet radio and more.


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It is Convenient that there is a special service for Genius, which can create a playlist yourself or to recommend to the user music based on his preferences.

Alternative to iTunes

It So happened that the owners of Apple devices are facing with this program immediately after purchase of the device. Some are beginning to deal with the utility and who does not want to hammer head with unnecessary information and looking for a more convenient option.

As the practice and user feedback, over time, get used to the convoluted design, and some functions. But here's the thing - the last few years no major changes have been made to the program. Many decide to find a better alternative to iTunes.

What other reason users want to find another software with similar functions? They are as follows:

  • Very important is convenient access options.
  • Requires the use of program “alien” device.
  • Needs to access other files that are not in iTunes.

Unfortunately, some alternatives have shortcomings, which need to be prepared. It is no secret that Apple continues to work on a program, they have their own support and they quickly respond to user problems.

But most of the alternatives created by developers who are not always ready for a long period of time to ensure that the administration utility. Therefore, some failures remain so for a long time, if ever.

ITools: "mass" program

This is not a good alternative to iTunes, but it is worth to talk about, as this program is also supported by Apple. Previously, the program was so good that was the best helper and effectively coped with the tasks. It was translated into Russian language, so everyone is able to cope with it.

the Program iTools

Now she stopped receiving the updates, the developers pay attention only to the obvious bugs. The rest of the software is the Pro version and normal. But this does not mean that one of them will be free. Both were shareware utilities.

The good news is that the majority of functions still require additional financial investments. Users say that you can install iTools absolutely free with all the open options, but usually in these files is hidden Trojan that is still to extort money.

Mac FoneTrans: a convenient alternative to

This is a good alternative to iTunes for Windows. This program called better file Manager than a media player. The utility is simple and convenient, especially if you compare it with iTunes.

The Software helps to backup the entire device, and in addition, save the contacts, messages and other important information.

Mac FoneTrans

The Most convenient is that to upload files to “Apple” the machine will now not need to deal with iTunes. It is enough to use this program. By the way, if you want to load a file that has a format incompatible with Mac FoneTrans will convert it automatically in the right.

The Program works with Windows and OS X. There is a free trial version. Full utility is available for $ 30.

IMazing: simple management

Despite its name, this is another alternative to iTunes for Windows 7 and other versions of the system. The program also works with OS X.

This utility has a similar design taken from original software. It provides full access to all files, including iCloud. The program also has a very simple and clear design, and most importantly - simplified file management.

Program iMazing

It is also a paid program ($30), which has a trial version. To install it from the official website.

Wondershare TunesGo universal software

This is a good alternative to iTunes for Windows 10. Visually, the program is very similar to the original. Nevertheless, perfectly works on Windows operating system of any version.

The Software is resource-intensive and, therefore, performs all the necessary functions. It can easily replace iTunes. To cope with copying music from “Apple” devices. Can simultaneously work with an Android smartphone.

This is a paid program that has several tariffs. For example, if you need to install the utility on the PC, year subscription will cost $ 50. If you want to download to your iOS device the program, you will have to pay $ 40. To confirm as a utility, you can install the trial version.

Wondershare TunesGo

CopyTrans: experienced utility

Many consider this the best alternative to iTunes. It is on the market for a long time. You can install it from the official website for $ 30.

This is a cool replacement for iTunes that has all the necessary options, but a more simple interface. Utility provided by modules, which are combined under the General heading of utilities.

Interestingly, at the time the program was analog xPort, which was designed to work with OS X. Now the developers have abandoned this version and do only CopyTrans that works with Windows.

IExplorer: quick access

This program is only for owners of Apple devices. Utility copes with the management of files helps to export emails and contacts.

The Main advantage - simple folder that resembles a “Conductor” for Android devices. iPhone becomes a removable storage medium that allows access to all sections of the system.

the Program iExplorer

Utility costs $ 35. You can download it from the official website. She has a light version which is designed for iPod owners. SharePod works only with music files.

MediaMonkey: multi-tasking

A Good alternative to iTunes. Program on the market for a very long time. She is not only a media player, but also a kind of organizer of the library. Designed a utility to organize and play music files on the Windows operating system. If you install an additional plugin, you can get a good video editor.

In MediaMonkey there are two versions: free and paid. You can also buy extra skins, scripts and plugins.

The Program is easy to cope with scrollinga conveniently searchable through your library and playlist separately. You can even go from this program in a Google search. It is possible to edit the tags, use the rating system to synchronize with the player and activate the proxy for the Internet.


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