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The decision Processor E5 - 2660 from the company “Intel” great for creating server entry-level and middle class. This chip was released in 2012, and to this day, the decisions continue to be relevant. This model CPU will be devoted to this material.

e5 2660

Niche processor solutions

Servers based on arm processors “Intel” divided as follows:

  • Budget entry-level solutions are based only on a single chip. Typically, such a semiconductor chip includes 8, 10, or even 12 cores. Support of proprietary technology NT allows you to increase 2 times the logical flows.
  • Middle-tier Servers are already based on a 2-CPU devices with the same number of cores from 8 to 12 cores.
  • Premium servers, in turn, can include 4 or more chips.

On the technical specs of the Intel E5 - 2660 can operate in the market or a dual-processor configuration. As a result, on its basis it is possible to collect only a servers primary or secondary level.

The package

The Next delivery option is typical for Xeon E5 - 2660

  • Processor device in a transparent shipping container.
  • Logo Sticker of the model of the CPU.
  • Cooler.
  • Compliance Certificate.
  • Warranty card.
  • Thermal grease.
  • Cardboard box.
  • User Manual.

The earlier list is enough to after the purchase of this silicon solution begin to use it for its intended purpose. The other components of the server system are included with either the motherboard or computer case. You can also find rarely be the chip in the embodiment of the supply TRAIL. In this case, from the above list excludes thermal paste and cooler.


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The First shipments were of most interest to small and medium-sized builders of server systems and one for large. Due to the large volume of equipment purchased in the latter case, the cooling system had been purchased at wholesale prices. In the end, the delivery BOX was more expensive than the TRAIL and cooling system purchased separately.

xeon e5 2660

The CPU socket, the architecture of the chip frequency

CPU E5-2660 is designed for installation in socket LGA2011. The code name for the architecture that underlies this product is silicon - SandyBridge-EP. Part of the processor contains 8 real 64-bit kernel, which with the help of technology HyperTrading on the level turn into 16 streams. This chip technology TurboBust can change its clock speed depending on the complexity of the software being processed and the temperature of the semiconductor base. The minimum nominal value of frequency in this case is equal to 2.2 GHz. The maximum default frequency is 3.0 GHz.

Technology, thermal package and temperature

CPU model E5-2660 is produced according to technology with tolerances 32 nm. The size of semiconductor basics are 52.5 mm X 45,0 mm. Thermal package of the chip is equal to 95Вт. The highest value of temperature set by the manufacturer at around 73 0C. the Real in the nominal mode, this parameter does not exceed the 55 0C. Supplied to the CPU voltage can be in the range from 0.6 V to 1.35 V.

intel e5 2660

Cache memory

Intel Xeon Processor E5-2660 has significantly increased the size of the cache memory on each of the 3 levels. Due to this, it increases productivity and performance and this factor allows the CPU device perfectly to deal with server tasks. The most complicated structure of the cache in the first level. In this case it consists of 8 segments for 64 KB and is in the amount equal to 512 KB. Each unit is physically assigned to a particular computing resource and can only directly interact with it. Additionally it should be noted that each segment is divided into 2 parts of 32 KB. One of them can store only data, and the second instruction.

The Second level cache is made up from 8 pieces of 256 KB. Its total size is 2 MB. As in the case of the first level, each cluster is tied to a specific kernel, and may store only a, only its data and instructions. The third level of fast memory is common to all compute components of the processor and its total size is 20 MB. This chip can interact with RAM DDR3. Allowable clock frequency of chips - 800, 1066, 1333 and 1600MHz even. The developers made the controller part of the CPU and it can function 4-channel mode. The maximum amount of addressable RAM is 384 GB. The bandwidth of your system memory declared by the manufacturer at the level of 51.2 GB/sec. For the successful operation of the server system this value is more than enough.

intel xeon e5 2660

Price and view users

Initially, the price for the E5-2660 has been set by the manufacturer at around $ 1329 to option supplies TRAIL and 1333 dollar for VOX. Since the start of sales of this chip in 2012, it took quite a long time by the standards of computer technology and has generations of processor devices and computing platforms.As a result, this chip at the moment is no longer relevant and when you build the new server is better to use socket LGA2011 - v3 and appropriate models of CPU. This processor can only be used in cases when it is necessary to repair the server based on the computing platform LGA2011. Today you can buy it online and the price dropped to 50-70 dollars. Only one drawback inherent in this modification, the CPU is the high price. But pluses much more:

  • High performance.
  • Excellent energy efficiency.
  • The Ability to scale servers to a 2-chip configuration.

processor e5 2660


Adequate levels of performance and performance has E5-2660. But now it was replaced by more fresh chips new generation. It buy only for repair of old servers. In other cases, the purchase of such a chip is not justified.

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