Noobs in Minecraft: how to determine the Nuba


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Minecraft-a sandbox game for children from 5 years. However, it does not stop millions of adults despite the simple and infinitely generated game world. Because here you can realize the architectural imagination and open multiplayer mode. Noobs in Minecraft – a common occurrence. These people captivated all of the game server. They have a strong destructive effect on the game play and hinder adequate gamers.

minecraft noobs

Who is the noob

Noob-is a player who knows absolutely nothing about any in-game lore nor game mechanics. This is the man who does not play by the rules and behaves the most stupid. Its purpose – bring normal players to their level. Forcing others to move to obscene language, NDS creates the necessary conditions for the ban honest players. After the ban, he takes all the property of the honest player.

Nuba in Minecraft – this is a special caste newbies. Don't need much time to understand it. Enough to include voice chat in Minecraft. Noobs everywhere - to get rid of them. It's not just useless players who are aggressive and rude gamers. Not only do they not know how to play, but hinder others. They consciously and deliberately spoil the game and enjoy it.

skin update for minecraft

Not to say that noobs in Minecraft – abled people. This would be an erroneous conclusion. Most often it is children and Teens who are not taught proper manners. You can't expect these players something good or asking them to be more polite. They not only listen, but will triple the effort in the intentional irritation adequate players.


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Nick as a sign of the Nuba

In order to guarantee to identify the Nuba in Minecraft, it is not necessary to include General voice or text chats. You can just look at the nicknames of the players. Nuba has never been mind or imagination. They are the most primitive of all. They create characters in such a way as to cause a high degree of irritation from others. Nicky noobs in Minecraft often contain the name and year of birth of the Nuba mountains.

A Vivid example of this Nika – Alex2010. Other nobska Nicky contain obscene language or intentionally distorted words. More adults should try to use Unicode characters in their nicknames.

There are adequate players to wear such image. As a rule, their nick is a noob. This so-called hunters newbies are adults, having their own channels on YouTube and discovering the newbies and their punishment. Sometimes it comes down to the fact that the Nuba are forced to leave the game server.


All newbies have a common style. It has two directions - pretentious and stupid. Creating exclusive looks for the character, they are either noobs use skins for "Minecraft" the most awful, or most pathetic character skins from other games.

minecraft newbies Nicki

However, not all Nuba prefer such skins. Some choose acid-bright character appearance, obscene skins appearance with the colors of the flag of the LGBT movement. The most inappropriate use of Nuba political or religious skins. And those being the most insulting of other players. The clearest example of this is the appearance of Adolf Hitler on May 9.

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