The latest version of Mac OS X - Snow Leopard (snow leopard) 2009: installation, configuration, comparison


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The Latest version of Mac OS is the most advanced operating system in the world. It company Apple has finally completed its move to 64-bit technology. The main differences between this OS – high speed of installation and operation. For a given version require less free space on the hard disk. And, surprisingly, the cost of Snow Leopard is much lower than the previous counterparts.

the latest version of mac os

Mutually beneficial cooperation

At some point, opponents had to stop competing. And it happened with the release of Snow Leopard. Apple and Microsoft realized that could complement each other, and began to cooperate. Recently this situation has become a trend, and in the future will not seem out of the ordinary. The company, which activity is connected with information technology, began to unite and to produce joint products, getting a good profit, expanding the range of products and conquering new markets.

A Release package, which combines MS Office and Mac OS, no surprise. The latest version of Apple's operating system supports Microsoft Exchange. And the developers maximize their interaction, so now you do not need to install any additional applications.

Release History

The First operating system in this series from Apple came out in 2001 and was named Cheetah. Over the next eight years the world has seen five versions. They all are very symbolic and are called the rocks of wild cats - Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, leopard and snow leopard.


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apple macintosh

The First five years from the date of issue of the first version of Apple introduced every year Mac OS. Version years gave way to a new "wild cat". Was a race functionality. Every product from Apple has become more advanced. The company is focused on the image, loudly declaring their releases.

The First delay came with Mac OS X Tiger. The developers have launched version and a half years after the previous one. Version Mac OS X 4 Tiger 10.5 was replaced by the fourth only two and a half years.

The Last “Snow leopard” replaced “Leopard" in 2009. But the main difference is that if before presentation of the operating system was the explosion of capabilities and technologies, this time it was pretty calm. In the previous packages, the developers have focused on the modernization of the interface and extension of functionality. This product shows that Apple has worked more mistakes, improved what existed. But despite the lack of hype, Snow Leopard is quite justified as most advanced OS.

mac os versions for years

Consumer Opinion

Not all users Apple Macintosh praised the new operating system. Many wonder what has changed. To say that the company made a leap forward, of course, impossible. However, the developers have made some changes that at first glance is not available for a full evaluation of ordinary users, but in the process, the latter should feel some improvement. Apple has optimized the following:

  1. Decrease the speed of installation. One can argue that it is vital for the user, because the operating system reinstall not so often.
  2. Reducing the weight of seven gigabytes. The latest version of Mac OS leaves more free space on your hard disk.
  3. Speed boost on and off.
  4. Fast loading, instant search for the nearest Wi-Fi.
  5. Automatic software update for printers.
  6. Increasing the resolution of video in iChat.
  7. Introduction of technology Expose. She improved navigation between open Windows.
  8. Update QuickTime X.
  9. Technology Application Finder, file Manager Mac OS X. It affect threading support.

snow leopard

Not all the happy owners Makbook waiting for the release of a new product. So, not in the best position are the owners of vehicles running on PowerPC processors, because now the operating systems from Apple do not support this generation. Just over one year, in 2005-2006, the company switched to Intel CPU. And now a new operating system cannot be installed on the old Mac. Therefore, the company decided to encourage its customers to buy new laptops from Apple.

Addition from Microsoft has been the integration of Exchange Server. This means that now various apps (mail, calendar, Notepad, and so on) are part of a complex structure of many companies, which post activities associated with Microsoft products. Previously such enterprises had to buy the Microsoft Office for Mac. The composition of this product was the analogue of Outlook is Entourage. From now on, a supplements can work together with Exchange Server (version 2007).


The Latest version of Mac OS is different just your modifications of the filling. The main technical achievements made by the developers in the ‘Snow leopard" include:

  • Full support for 64-bit computing;
  • Grand Central Dispatch-a system that provides multi-threading;
  • OpenCL – a function where the GPU can transform intensive computing;
  • QuickTime X – fully integratedunder Macintosh Operating System X multimedia system.

64-bit computing

According to the developers themselves, that this achievement is the most significant in this version. The first hint of such a category appeared in version 10.4. At the moment, not all extensions are rewritten and give the opportunity to load the kernel in 64-bit mode. This, for example, software which implements the driver for some devices.

macintosh operating system

Apple is left 32-bit, but made it more flexible and compatible. Users can work with both 32-bit programs and 64-bit. And all thanks to the operating system Snow Leopard. Most of the applications on the Macbook it works on 64-bits and can access the sixteen billion gigabytes of memory.

Allows to provide a high level of performance. But the latter is available only in the case when the laptop has a good memory and a 64-bit mode.

Grand Central Dispatch

As mentioned above, the latest version of Mac OS is characterized by its relative simplicity and modesty of innovation. The developers of Apple have come to the conclusion that the main work should be focused on performance, power consumption and heat. Applications must be versatile – can run on different cores and in unusual conditions. But for this you need to implement the function of multi-threading. This is what was done in the latest version of the operating system. Eased the life of application developers, because now the distribution of flow assumes the system is Grand Central Dispatch. Thanks to her applications become more productive.

mac os 4


To the Apple Macintosh had the opportunity to perform serious computing was conceived a function of Open Computing Language. The additional load received power of the computer that had previously gone to waste. This specialized graphics coprocessors. To do this, (using the language of OpenCL) modified some pieces of their applications. This technology has been recognized both NVIDIA and ATI, and Intel.

QuickTime X

The Technology was introduced in the nineties. The main purpose – it support and processing multimedia files. In the latest version of the operating system, QuickTime has been improved – there was an updated interface and support for modern codes.

Enhanced features provide the user with new possibilities. All Apple technology aimed at improving comfort while working with the equipment brand.

Installing the new OS

To update version of Mac OS is necessary when installing the system from the boot disk hold down the Alt key. Then select the option boot from disc and the installation language. In Launchpad "Installer" to choose HDD and press the "Continue" button. The program prompts you to mark objects for installation, including:

  • In fact the operating system itself;
  • Printer support (if you select, the system after installation to download a necessary driver when you connect the printer in the future);
  • Additional fonts;
  • Language packs (deselecting this option, you can save a minimum of 1.62 GB of disk space);
  • X11 (the object it is better to leave selected);
  • Rosetta (allows you to run applications designed for PowerPC on Intel);
  • Quick Time 7.

mac os x tiger

After installation, the computer prompts you to restart. After reboot have to choose country, keyboard layout, set the network connection, enter your registration details and so on. The installation of Snow Leopard is successfully completed.

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