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Operating systems Winows are the leaders in the computer market. But sometimes you need to use third-party and free software because of personal preference or inability to purchase a license for Windows. In this case, come to the aid of the Linux operating system. But not all of them have friendly interfaces, and broad documentation. And last if present, often only in the English language, knowledge of which can brag not all. But, unlike AT closed-source, Linux-system have opportunity a much wider settings for a specific user. The article tells about the features of installing ArchLinux and on the system as a whole.

installing archlinux

ArchLinux. Installation and setup

There is a very interesting operating system from the family of “Linux”. It's called ArchLinux. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that, unlike a batch “butobetonnyh” systems, ArchLinux can be configured to the latest “screw”. However, it requires remarkable knowledge in this area that often discourages beginners. And indeed, the whole system, unlike a batch of distros designed for a very experienced user "linuxtoday" systems, able to work with the command line and the terminal. Install and configure ArchLinux is very different from the process for installing other OS. And in this article we will examine all stages of distribution, ArchLinux.

General information about the ArchLinux

ArchLinux is an offshoot from a very minimalistic OS CRUX. This OS has been popular among fans to build a system from source and the most "to sharpen" it for themselves. In contrast to the “parent” OS, ArchLinux does not require the user the ability to compile the kernel and build dependencies. It can be installed using conventional graphical Manager. Although it starts the installation of ArchLinux from the command line. But more on that below.


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installing archlinux for newbies

At the moment there are two branches of the OS ArchLinux: stable and current. In stable using the stable version of the operating system with proven programs. However, the updates for it have to wait very long. For lovers of all the “fresh” there is a branch current. Here the updates are never late, however, the stability of the system is somewhat lame. Software installation ArchLinux it also leads to some difficulties and errors. Experienced “Archer" (that's slang users of ArchLinux) suggest to use the stable version of the OS. Let it be not quite relevant, but stability is paramount.

Trouble with ArchLinux is the lack of the installation documentation in the distribution. There are only General guidelines, designed for advanced users of Linux OS family. And they are all in English. True, some of them are translated by enthusiasts. So installing ArchLinux for beginners – a fairly difficult task, let us examine it a little more.

Preparation for the procedure

The First thing you need to create a bootable USB-stick with distro ArchLinux. For this we need to download the ISO image of the OS from the official site of the project. Image ArchLinux is of two types: full and basic. The difference is in image size and number of programs available «box». Full image "weighs” about 600 MB, and the base is only 200 MB. It is better to use the full version installation disk.

software installation archlinux

After downloading you need to select a program to record the distribution on the USB media. If you are using Windows, the best option for this purpose to take the program Rufus. It can be downloaded for free, installed it does not require. Run Rufus and select the downloaded disk image with the OS. Click “Start”. In the process of recording a USB device will be formatted and renamed in ArchLinux. Installation on a flash drive, in principle, finished. You can now reboot and try to install the OS on the computer.

Start the installer

After all the manipulations with the boot order in the BIOS we start booting ArchLinux from USB drive. As mentioned above, step-by-step installation of ArchLinux is very different from the same process batch OS. Therefore, it is important to consider all the details and features.

The First thing we see – command line. To start the graphical installer, you need to type the command $/arch/setup. Then you will see an installer window. Here there are menu entries, reflecting all stages of the installation process:

  • Preparing disk;
  • Selection of packages;
  • Installing packages;
  • Installation of the kernel;
  • The system configuration;
  • Boot loader installation;
  • Exit.

steam installation on archlinux

If most of the menu sections novice user, the item "installing the kernel” will have to sweat even advanced users. That's why installing ArchLinux for beginners is not easy.

Disk Preparation

The Process “breakdown” drive for ArchLinux is somewhat different from the requirements of sections other batch of Linux OS family. The easiest way to allow the program to allocate the disk partitions. In this case, the automatic knows best what exactly you need for the system. However, if the HDD has the files you need, you will have to do manual markup in order not to lose them forever. The installation of ArchLinux starts with this.

At the manual partitioning you need to create the following sections:

  • Root partition with the label /;
  • The /usr partition;
  • /opt;
  • The /var partition;
  • The /var/abs;
  • A /var/cache/pkg;
  • A /var/cache/src;
  • Section «/home".

Now consider for what they need.

The Root partition needs to be at least one Gigabyte. It and install ArchLinux. Partition /usr is a “swap” - the paging file to improve system performance. Therefore, it should be equal to the amount of RAM you have, multiplied by two.

/opt is to accommodate such large files as QT libraries, “x” and other working files OS shell. The size should be about 4 GB.

Sections marked /var, used for setting various system information to avoid cluttering up the root.

Well, the /home partition is used to store user data. The preferred file system for all partitions-ext3.

Add system

Installing ArchLinux is divided into several stages. First – select and configure packages. If you have no idea which of them should be noted to your computer, just leave all the default values. After analyzing the “iron”, the program will decide what is necessary and what is not. In the process of installation packages will also install a boot loader. So in ArchLinux the default is GRUB.

The Next step is to install the kernel. Here too it is better to rely on automatic selection and configuration. The only thing you need to note yourself, this is the type of nucleus under your “iron”. If you have a PC with SCSI, then you need to choose this type.

After successful installation kernel you need to configure the operating system. Here you will configure the system using the edit text configuration files. It is better not to do it because you can easily “hang up" of the system during installation. Setup ArchLinux after installation is the most acceptable option, as it is much easier to do everything using a GUI environment.

installing and configuring archlinux

Setup ArchLinux

After a system reboot is required to determine its basic parameters. Preferred work environment is KDE for ArchLinux. Is exactly what we will deliver. To do this, at the command prompt need to type pacman-S kde. After download the GUI system setup go faster. Now we need to install at least Mozilla Firefox to gain knowledge about the fine sharpening ArchLinux after install. To do this, run the following command: pacman-S firefox. Now you can easily learn the secrets of OS settings from the ‘great and powerful” Google.

Installing software

It is not so simple. Since ArchLinux doesn't support the graphical installer packages to install them manually via the command line tool pacman. Due to some teams it will be possible to obtain all the necessary software. So the command to install the programs-pacman-S packagename. To upgrade already installed you need to enter the command pacman-Syi. This is how software installation. ArchLinux is much harder “butobetonnyh” systems.

archlinux after installing

ArchLinux and Steam

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