How to upgrade a graphics card in the computer


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The Modern personal computer – not “thing in itself”, and a complex electronic device consisting of a relatively small number of basic functional blocks. So, for the sound output meets the audio adapter for calculations – the Central processor, and for forming images from digital data streams – the graphics card.

Many applications-oriented graphics, especially many computer games, require for its normal operation a modern and powerful video solutions. This is the main reason for the frequent user questions about how to upgrade.

All the adapters traditionally fall into two large groups: discrete and integrated. The latter, in turn, are placed in one of the motherboard chip, as well as being an integral part of the CPU. Now in microprocessors has been a clear trend to integrate the greatest possible number of functional elements in the product. The concept of “the North and South bridges” do not display that stood behind them ten years ago. Now the owners of the integrated graphics solutions can stop asking how to upgrade, because this replacement became impossible. Similar situation for owners of motherboards based on chipset graphics cards.

In Other words, to replace the integrated video card only by purchasing a new CPU (motherboard) or by setting the discrete solution.

In turn, the discrete video card – an independent extension Board inserted into a special connector on the motherboard. Difficulties with how to upgrade your graphics card, usually do not occur. Chapter is dedicated to this type.


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Normally a computer owner interested in how the upgrade seeks to increase the performance of video. Sometimes you can do without a replacement, but more on that later.

If the PCI Express card (read the instructions), then updating is very simple. To do this, disconnect the computer from the network, remove the side cover (held with two bolts) and remove the charge wire which goes to the monitor – and has a discrete graphics card. Left to go to the store, show the card to the consultant and ask them to find a more productive solution. New installed in the same connector and connect it to the wire of the monitor. When this connector is inserted, first one side, then the other, but not immediately all the contact brush. After system boot is required to install the driver from the disk coming with the card.

Also, often there is a question about how to update my video card drivers. This is one way to improve performance. Driver – this is a specialized program that controls the operation of the video adapter. New versions often allow the map to run faster, so you need to constantly update them. Universal method-is to visit the manufacturer's website and download the appropriate driver by specifying the card type and operating system. Manufacturer, you can learn so: “start” – in the search bar typed "DXDIAG – Screen" (type of chips). Not to be confused collector (ASUS, Gigabyte) and the developer of the chipset (AMD, Intel, NVidia) - need a developer.

For Example, how to update graphics drivers ATI? ATI is already there – it became part of AMD, but the habit of the name still remained. Can be opened in any browser, AMD, where we go to the tab "Support and drivers". Here we fill in the Windows drop-down menu which helps you to identify the card and indicate your operating system. Then scan the results, select the latest version and download it. After this, run the file and if all went well, restart your computer.

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