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Nowadays, computer and the field is rapidly developing, a lot quality assurance, markedly to the fore the concept of “competition”. Long enough declared itself a major private company Linux, which struck OS users for its professionalism and individual approach, imposing strong competitor to the popular Windows. However, Linux for beginners in terms of development is quite unusual and quite complicated, which is why he still has not won the world love. But the problem lies not in the complexity of the system, and in our habit to Windows – it is difficult to peretaptyvalis from one axis to another. However, many are already actively thinking which Linux to choose for my personal computer?

Among a huge number of versions and variants but they only made four, because of the many positive aspects and a high level of technical support. We are talking about Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora and openSUSE. Which Linux is better? This question is not relevant, since they all have unique features and significant differences, which are convenient for users of a particular sphere of activities (plus, preference in design and interface).

What Linux to choose, if you focus on the criterion of “Desk” and its convenience? The most popular among users is considered a system with GNOME. Distributions of this interface is based on the Activities Overview, which allows you to access from single point to all Windows and apps. The system is being built that allows any user to maximally adapt its work in offline and online. GNOME only at first glance would be something new for users of Windows, however after a couple of hours everything becomes clear and accessible. On the distribution functions of Ubuntu, Mint and Fedora. It should be noted that different versions of GNOME will require different costs and time, and even material.


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For example, for a long time, the most popular GNOME 2.X, but Fedora is based on the third version, which will differ not just more complex environment that is unlike almost anything on the previous, but will require a graphics card with three-dimensional technology (although the system is well adapted, therefore, fail to fulfill this criterion, it switches to the Fallback-adaptation). By the way, the interface is the most inconvenient.

Mint, unlike the above-described counterpart, allows you to choose from several variations of a base, and more specifically: GNOME 3.2, MGSE and MATE (fork of GNOME 2.32). They differ radically, however, always have the option to adjust to what suits you.

Ubuntu, in fact, the most simple and really intuitive system, without unnecessary problems. Most likely, if you have just decided to go to the line of this system and was wondering which Linux to choose, the choice would fall on her. Here universal features of the interface, basic apps, nothing superfluous or confusing. For beginners – the best option for experience Linux users.

If you looked in the direction of openSUSE, then you should know that this system works on the KDE distribution where the Central element is Activities Overview is Workspaces. I will say in my experience that this is a very convenient system, which is much faster than their “comrades”, with a user-friendly interface and excellent interactive applications.

What Linux to choose if to emphasize the packs provided in the distribution and ease of finding and installing other programs? An interesting question, but not difficult. All systems, in principle, have standard features, however the simplest in finding and the subsequent installation of various programs will certainly Ubuntu, so beginners again recommend it.

When it comes to issues of appointment systems, that is, for work or simple pastime, it is possible to say that Ubuntu – for beginners, Mint – for experienced users, while Fedora and openSUSE – for real developers (though slightly behind the previous two).

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