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The ARMA Series to date is one of the most popular first-person shooters. It stands out from the others in that it has an incredibly strong and single-player and multiplayer modes, of which there is virtually none of the other shooter. Recently released another game called ARMA 3. Optimization of this project on your computer – this is the main goal of this article.

The fact that this shooter has quite high requirements, so you will have to try my best to run it on your computer so that it showed the maximum of their capabilities. Naturally, this is especially true for multiplayer, where performance is much more important than the beauty of what is happening around. Graphic delights you can enjoy in single-player mode, and now you will need to do to get as more efficient to run this game called ARMA 3. The optimization is performed in several steps and starts with a very radical step. Not everyone will be decided on the first step, so you can skip it, but in this case the maximum performance is not guaranteed. So, it's time to configure the project so that the game process was as seamless and comfortable.


arma 3 optimization

In the case of ARMA 3 optimization is quite long, so you need to prepare in advance. In fact, for the next stages you do not need virtually any special software – will only this guide. But the first stage will require you to format the hard drive and reinstalling the operating system. Yes, this is a very serious and global step, but if you continue to read, you will learn why you still need him to do. In the meantime, the attention should be paid to the preparatory process. This means that you need to keep all your tabs in browsers, passwords, to move from the desktop to the files and documents in a safer place, and to stock up on the installation disk or flash drive, that is the media from which you can install your desired operating system.


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It Should be noted that best communicates the game with the latest version of Windows – with “ten”. However, if you don't want to upgrade to this operating system, you can set the “seven” or “eight”. You will also need all drivers – for sound cards, video cards and other devices that require additional software. When it's all you have on hand, you can begin the first phase of improving the performance of the game ARMA 3. Optimization, as you know, will begin with a full reinstallation of the operating system.

Formatting the drive and reinstalling the operating system

optimization arma 3

Given this first step, the optimization of ARMA 3 may take a very long time, so you should start the process when you know what you can do without your computer for several hours and to give him about the same time attention. So, formatting the drive is quite simple – you just need when the computer boots, go into BIOS and there to select the desired menu item, and then starts the formatting process in the course of which all data contained on that disk will be deleted. For anybody not a secret that launch programs, in particular games on the net “iron”, always going much more smoothly, the performance may increase several times, that is why is such a large and impressive first step. By the way, you can do this via the installer of the OS, which is recorded on a CD or any other media. Run it and follow the instructions step by step, among which the first item will be the formatting drive. Then you will need to install a new operating system & ndash; the process is mostly automatic, but sometimes the program will ask you some questions and asking for certain data, to accurately configure the new system. And after several agonizing hours, which will seem like an eternity, your computer will acquire its pristine purity, and then begin optimizing ARMA 3.


arma 3 configuration and optimization

Yes, you have a pristine hard drive, which will show much better performance when on it something will appear. What can be for ARMA 3 configuration and optimization, if the game is not on the computer? Therefore, in parallel with the drivers and software you need to install the Steam gaming platform, and already from it to install the game itself. It can also take quite some time, but it all depends on the speed of your Internet connection, as in “Incentive” is download the game from the server in real time. While not the fastest connection on the installation may take another hour, maybe more, but you better not spend that time solely on waiting for the moment when it finishes installing the game ARMA 3. Optimization for low-end PCs, but also for strong PC's who want to squeeze out of the game, starts now.

Swap File

arma 3 optimization for weak PC

So, while you installed the drivers for the computer and downloaded the game client, you can perform multiple actions, which will provide you with the maximum performance of your computer no matter what the program or game will run on it. These settings are ideal for the project, so you can easily follow the instructions without loading your head with superfluous information. So, guide to optimizing ARMA 3 doesn't start with the game settings, and configure your freshly installed system. The first step – increase the paging file. To get to the swap file, you need to go to properties of your computer, in there go to advanced system settings, to be in the performance section, where you can also go under settings and find an additional item. Once the window swap file, you will be given the choice to determine its size depending on the size of your hard drive. The paging file represents a sort of reserve – it uses a certain amount of space as reserve for emergencies, just the sort that occurs when you turn the most demanding game. If you set a small swap size and score all of their location on the computer data, if necessary, the computer will not reserve you will not be able to achieve maximum performance. So you better to put the maximum of your hard drive the paging file size, it will reduce the amount of space available for use, but will give you a large reserve that can have a positive impact on performance.

What else can please you to optimize ARMA 3? The multiplayer in this game is designed for a large number of people, so you better not be limited to one step.

Graphics Aero

 guide to optimizing arma 3

We All know that at some point rather crooked-looking Windows operating system received a Supplement called Windows Aero, which allowed the user to choose whether he wants all the same curve, but productive system, or he wants to add a little beauty, which naturally will eat up resources, lowering productivity. In the project ARMA 3 optimization of FPS and other indicators is carried out directly in the game itself, but much can be done even before installing the game. For example, you may want to explore the system parameters and on the performance tab you will find settings mentioned above Aero. There are two quick solutions that provide a better view or to raise performance to the maximum. Below you can find the full list of effects that are used in the operating system, disable them all for best performance. Of course, this is not the only thing that implies a setting of ARMA 3. AMD-optimize, for example, will be discussed a little later, as optimized for Nvidia.

Using kernels

optimization arma 3 multiplayer

No Matter is you have to optimize ARMA 3 Xeon X5460 or under another processor (perhaps much weaker), you need to specify the number of cores used. The fact that the processor can use a single core, or maybe six, with each of the six may have a lower frequency than a single core, but the amount they will give far more power. The problem lies in the fact that the system always uses all cores by default, so you need to manually tell it how many cores to use. To do this you have to slightly tweak the config msconfig, which you can call from the console. If your processor is four cores, put show...

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