Why did you crash? How to deal with it?


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A lot of people like to relax after school or work at the computer or console. Computer games have become an incredibly popular form of entertainment, and now, given how fast the industry progresses, some projects look so upscale that to resist them is simply not possible. Sometimes, though, the games out a bit undeveloped, and then the users can be problems, but it is very quickly corrected by the developers with patches and add-ons. Unfortunately, not all problems are directly related to the game itself. The case can be in your computer, its components or even in software. Often people plagued by departures, when suddenly in the middle of the process, the game closes and at the same time (not always) gives a specific error. And then the user may ask a logical question: why did you crash and what to do next?

Reason in the game

why did you crash

You should Start with the simplest and most obvious option. The case can be in the game. If you have crashes one and the same project, then you should think about why you left the game by this developer. Maybe you should write him about your problem. But we should do that with only those games that recently came out. Perhaps even the developer will thank you and correct the specified problem in the next patch. But if the game was released a long time, then most likely he is already aware of, and are there any reasons why this error may not be fixed in the code. Then you need to address on forums - it is likely that users have repeatedly asked similar to yours or about the same problem and already found a solution. In any case, if you are confronted with the question: "Why did you crash?" you should first consult with the other players. Perhaps they will tell you about the problem of the project and will even help you to get out of this situation. But, unfortunately, most often it is not in the project, and in your computer and see why the games, can be very difficult. For this you better to conduct a series of tests.


How to get out of

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Graphics Card

why fly during the game

The First thing you should pay attention to is your graphics card. It is responsible for displaying the video on the monitor. So, if you want to know why, flew to the game, will have to test. The easiest way is to change the graphics card to a higher quality, preferably brand nVidia. If after that, the game will cease to fly, it's your card, and its better to change. You can, of course, to update the driver on it and try to optimize its performance, but most likely it will not help - you need a replacement. So you will solve not only this problem but several others, as the old graphics card hinder the performance of many applications is inadequate to display videos and images. And if you ask yourself the question of why crashes during the game, the problem may be.

Power supply

why the game crashes

If your little test on the replacement card has failed, and the game continues to hang, it becomes clear that it is something else. In this case, suspicion first falls on the power supply. If he works for more than two or three years, that is, the probability that he is bad generates the power for your computer. And when asked, for example, about why the game "Stalker" crashes in the first place it may be advisable to take a voltmeter and measure the voltage in the unit. Then you need to compare it with the stated. It should be written on any of the sides of the apparatus. If the obtained value is much lower, the reason the power supply. He simply does not generate enough energy to support intense computer work, but the game is what bother him the most. So if you have a question about why the game crashes when I play, the answer can be simple: you have to change the power supply.


why fly game for Android

Most Often the problem lies with the video card or the power supply, but if the tests showed nothing, you will have to study your computer even deeper. At this time you have the inspection of the motherboard - it is literally littered with different capacitors, and you need to test them all. Look at what looks like most, and look for those that are different. If you find parts that are swollen, leaking or otherwise deformed, then you urgently need to change the motherboard. Departures from games is the best thing you could happen. After all, could fly the whole computer, and you get off just replacing the motherboard.

Checking the hard disk

why game crashes when playing

Periodically, you need to test, test, and defragment your hard drive to not be mistakes, and it worked fine. So you can protect and your information and your system from errors. If you haven't done that for a long time, you should conduct all necessary tests of hard drive - crashes can occur because of errors on it. They can easily find and repair, but it will take much time.Disk Defragmenter running for the first time in a long time may take more than fifteen hours.

Check your RAM and other components

If you still not found the problem, you should check motherboard RAM: securely whether they're sitting in their nests, damage. Also at the same time, and inspect other parts, and run a total scan of the computer and software. Perhaps any of the installed programs conflict with your games, and eventually they fly out. This may be the reason why the games on "Android."

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