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If you ask the person about what fictional characters of the horror he knows, everyone will have their own set of answers. Almost everyone knows Freddy Krueger, the Boogeyman and many others. All these characters don't actually exist, but they scare children to behave well. Especially popular heroes acquire new facets, reflected in literature or film. However, it is worth noting that most of these characters were invented for quite some time. Now people are not really striving to create something horrific and fantastic imagination, because given the rapid progress, there is little that can actually scare.

People play computer games, watch horror movies, read books of authors such as Stephen king, and they are no longer targeted a scary story. Or all is not quite right? In fact, just five years ago the incredible happened - was invented Slenderman character, who suddenly gained incredible popularity. Some even believe in him, fear him and telling scary stories. But how did the Slenderman?

The story of the Slenderman

how did the slenderman

Every fictional character has its own story: how he was born, as has acquired all the details, whether it was invented by a specific person or is the result of collective folk art. All these elements are very interesting, because you can tell a lot about the hero. And the story about the Slender man, really impressive.

In 2009, one of the Western forum held a competition in which the participants had to take any photo and using a graphic editor to process it, adding some supernatural effects. One of the contestants took the challenge very creative and even created a story about your character - a tall man with disproportionate hands and feet, and most importantly - with a completely white face, with no signs of the eyes, nose and other organs. This project was a real masterpiece, which in a relatively short period of time left outside the forum where the competition was held, and became known throughout the world. This is the story of how the Slenderman appeared. You will be surprised, but it does not end there.


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What does the Slender man

how to call the slenderman

Now you know about the Slender man, a little idea of what he looks like. But what's so awful about it? What he does that makes be afraid of the people around the world? Slender man is an evil entity that preys on children, turning them into a proxy, that is, in their puppets. If he will approach the person close enough, he will kill and mutate it, so the appearance of a proxy will not be any less terrifying. The Slenderman can teleport, so to escape from it very difficult.

No One ever thinks about how to call the Slender man, because he always comes himself. This monster seeks out children who are lost or have run away from home to kill them. As you can see, this story can also be used to frighten small naughty children, but do not forget that its origins it was taken from the Internet, and its main goal was to win the contest. What mattered in this case is the human impact.

Character Development

minecraft slenderman

The Slenderman, which is also called the Thin Man, Slender and even an Operator, not a complete character. Its peculiarity is that its Creator does not have any copyright. The thin Man is indeed a kind of urban legend, only instead of a city here - the whole world on the Internet. Everyone who knows about Slender man, can add to his image something of his own, and he uses his own understanding of this character. Some additions get quite a lot of publicity and become virtually an integral aspect of the perception of Slenderman. For example, people constantly say that the number of limbs of Slender impossible to count that his back can grow tentacles, which he stretches to his victim. This item was not invented by the original Creator of slender Man, but he settled down and has become an important part of his image.

Someone comes up with a story about how to call the Slender man, but they, in turn, the popularity of do not have. The thin Man is one who is very much afraid, therefore, to communicate with him in few desires. But if you are one of those who would like face-to-face (if I may say so, given the fact that the Slender man has no face) to meet this creature, you do not need to know how to call the Slender man. You only need to go to the forest alone when that monster appears. The whole phenomenon is that the slender Man is a fictional character. You can find the forum where it first appeared. Here absolutely everyone knows that it doesn't exist, you know the story of its origin. But still there are those people who really believe that Lederman is that it should be afraid, and upon meeting him not to hold on it look, to turn and run.

First appearance in the games

get photo

Naturally, such a character as Slender man, could not remain aloof from popular culture. Now everywhere you can hear about video games, where there's this character, for example in "Minecraft". Slender man: there does not appear in its full form. But on this embodiment will be discussed later.

Now pay attention in 2012, when the computer screens for the first time there was a game dedicated entirely to a Thin Person. It was called Slender: The Eight Pages is a horror game created by independent developers. In this game you act as a girl Kate, who ran away from home. All of the equipment you have only a flashlight and a video camera, which greatly simplifies the gameplay. The gist of it is that in the woods to escape from the Slenderman, collecting eight notes scattered throughout. The action takes place in silence and tranquility, until you find the first of the notes then starts to play ominous music, and at any time, before you can be a figure of the Thin Man.

On his approach tells you the image in the camera which begins to catch interference. What interference is stronger the closer Slender man, and this means that you need to be very careful. If you find yourself too close to the monster, the game will end. If you take too long will be viewed, the game will end. You just have to constantly look around, and if you notice the Slenderman to turn around and run away. The only way you can escape. The more notes you find, the louder the music plays and the higher the likelihood that you will face with a Thin Man. This game scared no one very good gamer, so it's easy to say that in the same popular "Minecraft" Slenderman is unlikely to be so awesome.

A Full game project

slender man at computer

It is Worth to note that the above game is a project of independent developers who have written it themselves and released. But there are already game of 2013 called Slender: The Arrival, which was developed by another company who bought the rights to the series. The game is a direct continuation of the first part, only now it has a full story, various game events, more levels and exciting power-UPS.

So, this time you have to play for Lauren, her friend Kate, whose story is slightly rewritten. Now Kate is the victim of the Slenderman, she agreed with Lauren about the meeting, but when she arrived, she was not at home. A little investigation indicates that Kate was obsessed with the Thin Man, saw hallucinations of his participation, all the walls of her room are covered with notes and notes on the creature called Slender man. Photos, drawings, strange characters - all this is very suspicious. After reading one of the notes Lauren hears a scream and goes in search of his girlfriend. Of course, with me she has only a flashlight and video camera - a classic set for this series.

In this game you will see Slender man, a photo of which you probably have seen many times, but he's now improved - added those same tentacles, which were discussed earlier, and some other interesting features. In the first Chapter you will not meet with this monster, but will find the boy, because of which all began - he was lost, that his father left his wife, then the father locked himself in the basement and set fire to the house, which was built housing Kate. The boy, incidentally, is a proxy, so if you are too close to it, it will take all of you will strike with their claws and run away. You need to go into the forest.

Repetition of the first part

slender man exists

On the one hand, this project is a continuation of the original version, and with another - a kind of remake. "Slenderman" (in the computer), released in 2012, contains only one location - the forest in which the action takes place. In this project, the forest is only one of the levels, but its essence remains the same....

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