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So, today we will see you in CS to make a middle name. In fact, there is nothing complicated. The main thing is to know where you need to press and in what sequence. In addition, let's see you what this graph is and for which it is VC to make the middle name


Before you put middle name in the "VC" in your profile, we need to clearly understand what it is and why it was invented. Plus, it would be useful to know about how the inscription will appear at us in profile. Maybe our efforts won't have any sense?

The Thing is that not so long ago questionnaire social network "Vkontakte" included a very interesting place. It was called "nickname". It helped us to answer, as in "VK" to make a middle name. Why? Yes, because this inscription is inserted on the page between the name and surname of the user. Only now this line no. Let's see what we can do to rectify the situation.

Be Prepared

We'll Start with you with the fact that before I make the middle, we need a little bit more prepared. The first thing you need is to configure itself to work with html code. If you do not possess the programming skills, don't despair. You still will succeed. The second step is prepare your computer and browser. It is best if you close all unnecessary applications and shut up all the tabs in the program to access to the world wide to put the patronymic in the VC

These steps will help you avoid failures and malfunctions, and will provide you with quick and quality work. Remember, the faster the operating system, the less time it will take to figure out how to add middle name in the "VC." When you decide that everything is ready, you can proceed to more decisive action. The main thing - do not be alarmed when you see what you have in the process of working on the posed question. So, let's begin.


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Return loss

Well, a starting point for discussion, it is worth noting that if you are thinking, as in "VK" write first name, then you can rejoice - this function is carried out legally. For her, you won't need to use third-party programs. So it will happen within the social network.

To start, log in and go to your profile. Without this step you will not succeed. Now, when you were on his page, just go to edit profiles. To do this, click on the "edited by" label "My page". You will find yourself in a special editor. If you think, as in "VK" to make a patronymic, then go to "General". We will work with you.

In order to understand how to put the patronymic in "VK", go to the line with your name. Click there, right click, and then select from the menu "inspect element".Now we will contact you to work with what we opened. Namely, with the so-called code. Find the line Click the right mouse button, and then click "edit as HTML".how to add middle name in VC

You will see a block with numerous information. We don't need to understand all that is written there. So allocate all the information (this will help ctrl + A) and then click the right mouse button and select "copy as HTML". Honestly, you can just press ctrl + V. Go to a new line using the "Enter" button. Paste the copied block in our "work window", and then proceed to more decisive action. They will help to figure out how to put the middle name in the "VC".


Here, we almost got you to the end of our topic today. Look closely at the inserted code. Look up the "name" and change it to "middle". And the inscription "pedit_last_name" with "pedit_middle_name". Now click on the x in the upper right corner of the "work" field (the debugger), then click on "save" in your profile.

Our editor automatically updates between name and surname will rise a separate line. Since we have not changed its value, now is the time to do it. Write the desired nickname, and then save the changes. You can go to the main page and see what you get. That's all. Now you know how I would make the middle VC to write middle

Note that users who do not know how to return the desired line in the profile, quite often become victims of fraud. Many people offer services for recovering the nickname and ask you for login and profile password. After receiving the data of the person evaporates, and your page breaks. So try to ignore such proposals.

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