How is the encoding of graphical information in the computer?


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In the middle of the last century, in connection with the need to visualize the data beginning to emerge in the coding of graphic information. To date, we coding image informationCan't imagine a full-fledged computer without a big glossy screen. Modern screens and computer monitors are very different to their predecessors: the picture is much more colorful and realistic, the colors are deep and rich - progress is being made. What is the encoding of graphic information? As the image is displayed on the screen? In order to understand this, it is necessary to study the principle of converting data into digital format and subsequent withdrawal.
As we know, coding of information is very time-consuming but necessary process, as the computer only works with machine codes. Video, text, drawings - all in a digital format is converted into a combination of zeros and ones. How is the encoding of graphic information?

If you look at the monitor with a tenfold increase, you can see that it consists of binary coding of image informationA set of rectangular or round cells, three groups of three and called pixels. It turns out that the picture on the screen is actually not solid, it is broken down into many tiny particles, arranged in rows. Such image is called a bitmap. The pixels are of different colors: red, blue and green (RGB format). Other colors are obtained by their mixing. A pixel can either be lit or not (1 or 0). In addition, the hue may change depending on the luminescence intensity for this additional allocated more bits. The amount of information allocated for a single pixel is called color depth (k). This value depends on the number of colors that can be displayed on the screen (n). There is a formula to determine it: n=2k. Basically, the graphics information is represented in 8, 16, 24 or 32-bit version, depending on the device hardware of the PC. 
Modern LCD screens are able to reproduce more than 4 billion colors. For comparison, some thirty to forty years ago, the palette of the computer consisted of 16 colors!


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coding infoThe image Quality on the screen depends not only on the number of display colors and screen resolution, but also of the figure labeled "dpi" is the number of pixels per unit of space. The smaller this number, the "grainier" get the picture.

The encoding of the graphic information also allows you to convert the image to vector format. Vector image - a method of representation of objects with simple geometrical shapes: points, lines, curves, polyhedra. Their position on the screen is defined by coordinates, you can also adjust the color, thickness and application of lines. Because of their structure, many devices focused on working with bitmaps, therefore graphics in a vector representation of commonly advance before output to the screen is processed by special software.

A Binary encoding of graphic information in the form of a text produced on the same principle as the coding of video and images.

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