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A Few years, from 1990 to 1996, this motorcycle was the king of all the world's highways. He had no equal neither on speed and dynamics of dispersal, nor for comfort. The absolute leader of the top was outstanding and the exterior of this model.

kawasaki zzr 1100

Kawasaki ZZR 1100 Today rightly considered a classic sport-tour. Sunset glory gave way to years of neglect, but today this model is again attracted fans of the genre. Frankly, this happens because the old man-"sibirka" fairly fell in price, while still giving no reason to talk about a serious moral obsolescence. Of course, these devices are not infinite, and experts do not suggest to buy bikes, nikolaevskie more than 50 thousand km, but among the products on the secondary market, and many excellent copies. If you decide to buy Kawasaki ZZR 1100, the review will help to understand all the features of this bike. And there are many.

The Engine and its features

Engine Kawasaki ZZR 1100 has impressive features. Representatives polnocennoj series, which for the most part settled in the U.S. market, is impressive with a capacity of 147 horsepower. Released for the markets of Europe and Japan models have a slightly smaller but still impressive characteristics, giving the capacity within hundreds of horsepower.

motorcycles kawasaki

The Engine not only has considerable power, but large size. 4 cylinders mounted in series, their total volume reaches 1052 cm3.


Like many motorcycles Kawasaki ZZR 1100 model has a cast aluminum frame diagonal design. The reviews indicate a good reserve of strength. Minor fall does not lead to significant deformations. However, the issues are silencers that are widely spaced apart. At the slightest blockage on one side they receive serious injuries, and can and does break.


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Motorcycles Kawasaki ZZR series manufactured before 1993 do not have the adjustable suspension. More recent releases include it, and they can configure pre-preload the springs and rebound damping in its sole discretion. Despite modernization, the ZZR's suspension leaves much to be desired. Feathers thin fork, which significantly degrades the controllability. At the same time, they are reliable so that to run 30,000 km on them you can never remember. After crossing this milestone usually comes a time when the need to replace the seals. Keep an eye on rear shock that can suddenly fail due to corrosion of the stock.

kawasaki zzr 1100 specifications

Brake system

Given the fact that available on the market motorcycles Kawasaki ZZR 1100 is pre-owned machines, immediately after the purchase, a revision of the staples on the subject of acidification. Pay attention and brake discs. If they wear to the limit, it is directly talking about pre-sale fraud with the speedometer.


The debut of the Kawasaki ZZR 1100 was held in 1990. Released for the American market model is known to the world under the name ZX11 Ninja. 1992 was marked by a number of modernization activities: increased the base (15 cm), improved characteristics of the systems of inertial supercharging. Power up to 147 HP For the domestic market of Japan and some countries of Europe first produced a light version with a capacity of up to hundreds of horses.

kawasaki zzr 1100 reviews


Kawasaki ZZR 1100, which reviews demonstrated a number of chronic illnesses, it is not so easy to maintain. First of all it concerns PPC. It works smoothly only in the youth of the motorcycle. It is worth it to run at least 20-30 thousand, as problems make themselves known. When inclusions flies the second and third gear. Blame it on the lack of accuracy and the aggressive style of the former owner will not work, because the problem is massive. At the same time competitors of the same year and with similar characteristics such difficulties have not.

Often, immediately after the purchase there is a need to sort out the carbs. Reviews indicate that on Kawasaki ZZR 1100 it is not so easy to do. The fact that block carbs very hard to remove. Access to it is difficult, most likely, will have to contact the service. It raises questions and tidy. Glass glare, the numbers are small.

engine kawasaki zzr 1100

Structurally, the Motor is noisy, to isolate the hazardous noise range of only specialist. And have to do it, because of extraneous sounds, you can miss the noise of the chain drive of the generator, caused by a failure of the tensioner. Regular inspections and requires a grip.

The Reviews indicate that these motorcycles are often damaged rear subframe. He welded to the frame and may crack. It is possible to detect, if remove the saddle and look under the rear fascia. Make sure to do it before buying, not to get this drawback is inherited from the previous owner.

Often causes complaints and light. The headlights and turn signals to fail and require replacement. It is also one of the "signature diseases" series. However, getting the product in the secondary market, you may not encounter this problem. Perhaps the previous owner at the timeeliminated.


Kawasaki ZZR 1100, specifications of which have a long and quick travel, stable on the highway and comfortable for long journeys. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews.

kawasaki zzr 1100 review

Landing the pilot comfortable, get on the motorcycle necessary at speeds close to two hundred. Good windshield to minimize the impact of the oncoming air flow.

The Passenger seat typical class activities. Its dimensions are very modest, but this feature is common to most motorcycles of this category.


The Manufacturer has built a service network in almost all over the world. Proprietary parts are expensive, but the problem with their presence rarely. In addition to rescue master-Customizer always ready China, which produces a variety of unique and alternative.

About what to do immediately after the purchase, you already know. But modernization does not always relate only to the technical side of the question. Often subjected to interventions of the new owner and the exterior of the bike.

Released many years ago, the bikes in this series have ambiguous design. Today, not everyone likes the factory paint in several colors, and wear to date, she's decent. And here is ZZR owners can follow one of the two most common ways: preserve the original style or update it in line with modernity.

kawasaki zzr 1100

Often been modification of the cladding. Some manage to build on the basis of this tale, even naked. For this it is necessary to remove redundant parts of the kit, upgrade, if not to remove fairing, lift the wings wheels. Some get rid of the rear seat, lightening the considerable weight of the device.

Is undergoing modernization and tidy. Reviews often say that the numbers on the small gauges, reading them is not always convenient.

If you are going to not only ride a Kawasaki ZZR 1100 in the city, but also to try him on a long journey, take care of the saddlebags that you can add all the necessary. After all, this bike and has to travel.


Kawasaki ZZR 1100 in good condition today can be found in the range of $ 4,000. If the previous owner only rode on the roads of distant countries, and had never been to Russia and the CIS, the price may be higher. Bids below $ 3,000 should be alerted - such bikes in most cases have a malfunction.

In our region, as a rule, there are versions released for Europe and Asia, with capacity not exceeding hundred HP American 147-horsepower motorcycles - a rarity.

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