The main symptoms of faulty MAF


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Sensor mass air flow (MAF) – this is the part that determines the amount of flow of air supplied through the air filter. Is the mechanism near the same filter. Despite its small dimensions, this sensor plays a very important role in the car. Failure of the MAF can have a negative display on the whole engine. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant consequences, you need to regularly diagnose this detail and, if necessary, repair or replacement.symptoms of MAF

Signs of a faulty MAF

To Determine that the MAF sensor is faulty, the symptoms. First, it is shown in the increased consumption. Second, the symptoms of MAF can be the loss of engine power. Also necessary to sound the alarm about the error “Check Engine" on the instrument panel. Another symptom is a bad motor start “hot”.

However, it is worth remembering that all of the above symptoms of faulty MAF can point to another failure. In particular, poor engine start-up manifested in a poorly adjusted carburetor. Loss of engine power may be hiding in the polluted filter. Light “Check Engine” appears when a faulty sensor is the oxygen sensor. And the reason for high fuel consumption often becomes a dirty filter. Therefore, in order to find out whether the car is “excrete” because of the mass air flow sensor, need to get to it and diagnose.


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the signs of a faulty MAF VAZ

The Best diagnostic equipment for MAF will be motortester. However, if you have no such tool, you can use an ordinary voltmeter with a scale of 2 V. to determine whether it is real symptoms of MAF vases or no, input to the stop pin at the contact between yellow wire and a seal. Then turn on the ignition and look at the timeline. Ideally, the voltage should vary from 0.98 to 0.99 Volts. Allowed a small margin of error 0.03 V. If the arrow on the scale showed less than 0.95 or more In 1.03, it says that the symptoms of faulty MAF 2110 confirmed. But to change just the sensor is not necessary. We still have a chance to bring him back to life.the signs of a faulty MAF VAZ 2110

So, Unscrew the mounting block and begin repairs. For this you need to prepare aerosol carb cleaner and bend the pipe at a right angle, pre-heating it with a match. Next, cut the tube so that the jet beat aside, and the item itself was direct. Last entered at a depth of 9-10 mm in the upper channel the MAF and clean the resistor. It is strictly forbidden to apply in this case cotton buds. In a few minutes repeat. After the item is dry, put it back in the case and measure the voltage with the same voltmeter. If the obtained data correspond to the above values, the MAF is successfully repaired. Well, if the arrow fell below 0.95 In, you need to do a complete replacement of the part. The other is not given.

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