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In 2013, the world was a model of the fourth generation of the Cadillac Escalade SUV. It was expected novelty, so that rapidly growing sales was predictable. Many people became owners of this car and some of them after some time after the purchase began to write about “Cadillac Escalade» reviews. They can describe the car much better than the official description. So explore the most meaningful of them.

Cadillac Escalade reviews

The third generation

First I would like to pay attention to “Cadillac Escalade 3”. Owner reviews left on the models manufactured from 2007 to 2014, can tell a lot.

Often people notice attention an incredibly convenient shift lever. He is on the steering wheel, but the comfort they feel every person moved from the machine where the gear lever is below standard. The lever in the car is very neat and small. So, it can be controlled without even taking your right hand from the steering wheel.

Much more important than convenience, handles transmission such factors as reliability. It really is a quality car. 50 000 kilometers driven quite a change of brake pads. A components, by the way, is very cheap for an American SUV luxury. It is noted by many people that leave reviews.

“Cadillac Escalade 3” also is a very practical car. Despite the appearance chic and presentable, he can easily carry 3.5 tons of trailer, without losing the dynamics. And inside is very spacious that also applies to trunk.


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Cadillac Escalade owner reviews

The disadvantages

Too much to learn if you pay attention to the left of a third generation of “Cadillac Escalade» reviews. Almost all owners are satisfied with the machine, but the cons it has. Which, incidentally, was corrected during development of the fourth generation, which will be discussed further.

Many have noticed the formation of ice between the seal and doors during severe cold weather and snowfall. The material is slightly unbent. As a consequence, the water from the back and front doors dripping in the cabin under the sink. In the new models, developers used more durable and tight seal, so that drawback is gone. Also, the owners criticized the weak intensity of the heating of washer nozzles. In the bitter cold it didn't help. A "wipers" did not react to the snow.

Failures in electronics

Many seen and frivolous behavior indicator, fuel level and distance to the next gas station. Models of the third generation could at one moment show almost empty tank, and next – almost half full.

It is Doubtful the air temperature sensor, periodically giving out errors and mistakes. The same applies to the onboard computer. On models released prior to 2014, he could issue a warning about the health check of the suspension, while the pump is serviceable and the entire shock absorbers. And SUVs of those years was not to adjust the rudder depth and USB/CD connectors in the audio system.

 reviews Cadillac Escalade 3

The Engine

Well, now you can start absorb latest versions. 6.2-liter "eight”, producing 409 horsepower – that's what the unit is worth under the hood of the models of the fourth generation of the SUV “Cadillac Escalade”. The feedback about this car real owners, able to tell what this motor is.

The Engine is a special feature of disabling the 4 cylinders. This option, according to owners, is triggered when the car goes coasting. In the city benefit from it a little, but when driving on the highway the consumption is really reduced.

Economical engine can not be named. In urban consumption is around 24-25 liters of 95-octane gasoline (traffic, working climate control, spirited driving style, etc.). On the highway the unit consumes two times less.

But the cost of petrol, according to the owners, are the impressions, which gives a car. “Hundreds” he reaches after 6.5 seconds after launch, when squeezing the gas pedal felt just mad acceleration. This is despite the fact that the car's curb weight is over 2.5 tons. Top speed, incidentally, is equal to 180 km/h.

Installing LPG

It is Not uncommon and “Cadillac Escalade” on gas. The reviews mentioned above, allow us to understand that it's not the most economical. Of course, such weight status and off-road class of 25 liters of gasoline-the norm. But many seek to reduce consumption and install gas equipment.

This idea justifies itself. Installation costs about 35,000 rubles, and you can meet in one day. All costs pay off in about 25,000 miles. That's only on petrol once a month should pass 20-30 miles. It is recommended by experts and actual owners.

And so consumption in the combined cycle is 20 litres. When driving on the highway at 100 kilometers takes about 15 HP So the installation of the LPG can only win. Only one minus is – a spare wheel, when traveling long distances (when it can be useful) have to be transported in the cabin.


This version of the SUV also exists. What is “Cadillac Escalade’-a hybrid? Owner reviews give you the opportunity to figure it out.

So, this model is equipped with the installation of the 337-horsepower gasoline 8-cindrova unit and two electric motors. The speed limit of this car – 170 km/h To “hundreds” he accelerates in 8.4 seconds, and consumes about 11 liters in the combined cycle.

Left about “Cadillac Escalade Hybrid” reviews allow you to understand how it works. In urban mode, the machine moves thanks to the electric power. The two motors ensure smooth and quiet movement at low speeds. But if the driver decides to squeeze the gas to the floor, then work activated V8. When braking, the electric motors work as generators.


It is pursued by many people who have bought “Cadillac Escalade”. Chip tuning (feedback allow to verify this) significantly increases engine power and technical characteristics of the car. If you are working professionals, you will be able to bring the motor up to 445 “horse”. This will increase to a maximum speed of 191 km/h and acceleration to “hundreds” will take 0.6 seconds less. This is not the limit. You can invest a bigger amount and get a more impressive result.

People who ordered chip tuning, stay happy – the machine becomes even more spirited and dynamic. This is especially important for those who can not imagine life without high speed.

reviews of new Cadillac Escalade

Road Behavior

It is celebrated on the attention of the people, leaving about “Cadillac Escalade» reviews. This machine is steady and unwavering in the city and on the highway. With such events as track and stagger because of the hurricane, the owners do not face. In turns, the SUV literally “screwed”. Both at speed on the highway, and in urban areas, in yards.

However, as noticed by motorists, this SUV “likes” speed bumps. You can't slip through, barely slowing down. On “Cadillac” irregularities it is necessary to pass slowly, at minimum speed. Otherwise, stand playfully whacks in the opposite direction. Although, there is one interesting nuance. The rack on the SUV are not common, and with electromagnetic filling. The traffic situation is calculated every second, and on the basis of these analyses stands themselves are configured in the most suitable stiffness.

And so the ride is quite comfortable. Urban good asphalt machine and do flies like a plane. Even the quiet rustling of the wheels is not heard.


It is also a mark of attention by leaving comments. New “Cadillac Escalade” has everything you could possibly need. Even the most experienced motorists are satisfied.

The basic configuration is called Luxury. It includes electronic instrument panel with 12-inch display, a projection screen, will appear on the glass in front of the driver important information (navigation commands, speed, etc.), with 16 Bose speakers and surround sound settings, as well as branded infotainment system Cadillac User Experience with navigation (modern maps of Russia and Europe are available).

However, in CUE there is a lot more. There is FM/AM stereo, color information 8-inch display with a sensor, the function of tactile feedback, connectors for SD card, USB and external audio source, voice recognition, Bluetooth and more.

Special attention should be paid to the driver information center with 14.5 cm screen. The owners are delighted with him. This system displays on vivid display important information messages, daily mileage, odometer readings, reserve, expense, and even the life of the engine oil. It also displays the notification about a low level of antifreeze, seat belt, oil pressure drop, and more. Thanks to all the above, and other unmentioned functions, the drivers the impression that this is not a car, but a real artificial intelligence.

Cadillac Escalade 3 owner reviews


Available about the car “Cadillac Escalade» reviews allow you to understand that this car has plenty of advantages. Some of them are mentioned most often.

Chairs, for example. They are incredibly comfortable, equipped with countless settings and side support and lumbar cushion not just inflated, but also moves up and down.

The sound of the engine also applies to many benefits. You can listen to for hours, and both outside and inside. In normal operation, the driver can't hear him, but when accelerating heard a pleasant muted sound that turns into a savage roar, if lower Windows. Motorists know how important such a seemingly insignificant thing.

Also in this model a high rise. This means that the driver gets maximum visual information and has the ability to calculate in advance the traffic situation.

In addition, many pleasing dashboard lights, activated with the onset of darkness. Torpedo lights up nice, not cutting her eyes blue fire, and you can adjust the brightness as desired.

 Cadillac Escalade hybrid owner reviews


People who own this car, I assure you – she “Cadillac” at the highest level. Security is provided by the various systems and options, not to mention usual ABS, ESP, the pillows/curtain airbags and so on.

There is a package called "Knowledgeable driver”, warning about withdrawal from the occupied bandwidth of the traffic of a possible collision front, the appearance of objects in the “blind” areas and left/right. There is also a package memory settings for two drivers.

In addition, there are Parking sensors (front and rear), windshield laminated glass absorbs ultraviolet rays, anti-theft system with alarm and intruder protection. Featured in “Premium” adds radar cruise control, optional around view with four cameras, the function of emergency braking, active seat belts with pre-tensioners and much more. However, and this is enough to understand how this vehicle is reliable and safe.

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