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“Mercedes Aktros” – is a family of heavy trucks and truck tractors, developer and producer which is the world famous Stuttgart company. The concern, producing elegant and luxury sedans, business class, more than successfully managed to establish production of such large vehicles is available, the weight of which is from 18 to 25 tons.

Mercedes Actros

In Brief about the machines

Models Available “Mercedes-Actros", since 1996. In 2003, they experienced a changing lineup. And today the light goes out several different options for truck tractors, different wheel formulas. There is a modification 4x2, 4x4, 6x2 and 6x4. Also model different types of chassis and ground. All are bodies and hinged attachments. In General, the production company has adjusted serious. Needless to say, there are these vehicles at the plant in wörth am Rhein. And it – one of the largest and most ambitious in the world in the production of trucks worldwide.

A Distinctive feature that characterizes the model “Mercedes-Actros”, is the presence of electronic system of tekhkontrol called Telligent. The real-time processing of information coming from various sensors that are installed on different automotive aggregates. Also in parallel there is a control for real workloads and, of course, wear and tear of the power unit, transmission and brakes. Due to this fact, improve the efficiency of nodes and enhance the service runs. This figure now stands at 150 000 km.


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 Mercedes aktros photo

What's interesting to know

Everyone knows that Mercedes-Benz is a “number one" worldwide. But that is in terms of cars. And what in relation to trucks? In this regard, the company also succeeded. Since 2008, she is the first worldwide manufacturer of trucks, which sets the (standard!) a fully automated transmission. And in 2010 started the production of these vehicles at the production site in Russia – namely in Naberezhnye Chelny.

Around the world, sold more than 700 thousand copies of the “Mercedes-Actros”. And several thousand of them were on the territory of our country. Some new, others with mileage. And many more were produced in Russia itself. The most pronounced advantages is considered to be incredibly comfortable cabin (in the best traditions of the company), excellent transmission, excellent handling, practical adjustment for the steering, soft air suspension and more.

Mercedes aktros reviews


Few people know, but in the development of the car "Mersedes-Aktros", a photo of which presented above, invested a billion (!) Euro. In addition to the money spent a lot of time. But the result was more than worthy. This machine boasts a lot of different innovations. “Mercedes-Actros" reviews received only positive – and this is not surprising.

Take, for example, his appearance. The design was engaged in Bertrand Janssen. A brand new truck spent in the wind tunnel more than 2600 hours! This was important, as only through research made it possible to improve the streamlining of the tractor. Aerodynamics is better than – the more durable truck. The developers of "Mercedes" is well understood and achieved good results. Truck “Mercedes-Actros” was not only attractive but also practical. Especially encouraging drivers foot pegs – they can be folded with the bottom edge of the grille and stand up to wipe. Attention attracts a wide and strong frame. It is very good, especially while riding on rough roads.

a truck Mercedes aktros


And finally, a few words about how technical indicators can please “Mercedes-Actros", photos of which are presented in the article. The new version became the owners of the line diesel engines from the OM471. The 12.8-liter inline-six is available in four different options. The least powerful produces 421 horsepower. The following characteristics is 450-horsepower engine. For him – unit-for 480 HP And completes the list of aggregates, 510-HP engine. And they are managed 12-diapazonas robotic gearbox. The rear suspension has four pneumatic cylinder. The previous version had only two.

The Cost of these vehicles ranges from $ 100 thousand-for a new, modern model, of course. But in General, if you need a truck, then the best option is simply not to find.

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