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The Car in this format is no longer associated with motorists with “dirty farmer, who rarely changes his socks”. Crossovers and SUVs are in the range of models of each manufacturer. So the creators of cars of premium brands came to the conclusion that such machines are needed.

So, one of the world famous companies producing premium cars, now also has the model number of your crossover. So, meet. It's The Bentley Bentayga.

«Bentley» the first SUV revealed as a concept in this form-factor in 2012, but the design is not appreciated by the audience. Then the car went back for revision. And in early 2014 there was news and videos about the first production version. By the way, your name the car named after the rocks on the island of Gran Canaria. In the article you can evaluate SUV «Bentley Bentayga”. Photos this SUV has a large number.

new Bentley SUV photo

The Appearance of VIP-class

The Style of an SUV and the exterior is quite traditional. Those who know the distinctive features of Bentley, will easily distinguish this appearance from hundreds of other machines. We should also look at the grille – it is very characteristic. Head optics – large enough. The style is notable for its large, muscular wings. Rear lights – too large. Big wheels look harmoniously together with the body. The size of the wheels, depending on configuration – 20 or 22 inches.


In the cabin can accommodate, again, depending on configuration, 4 or 5 people. The company says that in the future may leave the model with an additional third row. Probably shouldn't even mention that the finish – the highest possible luxury. Here the quality of materials – very high quality leather available in fifteen colors. Also, as some items use natural wood and metal parts. Rate the new SUV «Bentley» - a picture of his in this review.


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The front Seats have a huge number of possible adjustments. They are electric and by default are equipped with heating, ventilation systems. Sitting in this chair, the driver can relax with a massage. There are six different modes of operation. For salon for four seats – all the same, but a few less adjustments.


For the rear passengers, the developers have provided the tablet with display of 10.2 inches. They are removable and are running the popular Android OS. These tablets support all modern wireless interfaces. Look how luxuriously in «Bentley» (SUV). Photos of interior and exterior presented in this article. Bentley SUV photoThe instrument Panel is made completely in digital form. For the driver proposes a projection display, the screen on the 8 inch multimedia system with a hard drive. The client may choose three of the audio system. At the top of the line stereo system consists of 18 speakers, and the total capacity is as much as 1950 watts.

If you pay a little extra in the center console can be installed very expensive gold mechanical often from a premium brand Breitling Tourbillon Muliner. They are encrusted with natural diamonds. Watch feature automatic self-winding mechanical movement. However, to pay it will have about 170 thousand dollars. Impressive!

Panoramic roof consisting of two sections, and the hatch will be included even in the standard.Bentley SUV bentayga photo Any SUV «Bentley» will also be equipped with a default automatic Parking system, camera circular review, adaptive to driver style cruise control, night vision cameras, and a modern and effective means of security.


Length of the new crossover is 5141 mm. Wheelbase is 299 mm. body Width – 1742 mm. So, SUV «Bentley» a little more the new Audi Q7 second generation. By the way, the model of England built on the platform Audi Q7.

The Trunk has a capacity of 430 HP to open the tailgate no longer even need to touch him. Modern technology in this luxury car allow you to open and close the trunk in the distance. Optionally you can order the sliding rear seat. This is perfect for those who love to go on picnics.

Machine Weight is 2.4 T. the Engineers managed to save weight 236 kg thanks to the special structure and material of the wings, sides and other body parts.

SUV «Bentley»: features

Even in the base model will be equipped with a pneumatic suspension system with adjustable ground clearance. As the steering applied by the electric machine. The peculiarity of it – adjustable gear ratio. Optionally, you can install active stabilizer bars. This will prevent the rolls, will retain the reliability and stability of the crossover.

The Engine

To SUV «Bentley» could not move, it is equipped with 6-liter turbocharged-W 12. Among the features – two turbochargers, as well as the ability to disable half of the cylinders when the load is small.

The Motor can give 608 horses. The manufacturer claims that this is one of the most powerful units on the car of this class. Engine torque – 90 Nm at speeds from 1250 to 4500 Rev/min.


Paired with a powerful engine uses an 8-speed automatic transmission. It transmits torque at each wheel by means of the axes of differentials.

Dynamic characteristics

SUV «Bentley» able to gain from a standstill to 100 km/h in 4.1 s. top speed is not limited. It can reach about 301 km/h. the Engine perfectly combines the elements of direct and multiport. The motor already has a default system “start-stop". This allows you to save on fuel. Fuel consumption is about 12.8 l when driving in the combined cycle.


bentley bentayga Bentley's first SUV

The control System gives the opportunity to use the eight modes. There are four modes for roads and four – for off-road use. So, there is a regime “Sport”, “Comfort”, as well as setting which combines sporty style with high comfort.

Second modes – set up for driving on the grass and snow, mud and gravel, on a track in wet weather and the past – the mode of movement on the sand. With this intelligent system to drive a car even easier.

Specifications and prices

Those cars which can be sold on special orders. Even the Royal family have purchased from “Bentley’ SUV. A photo of the car of this limited series can be seen below.Bentley SUVThis equipment has cost the Royal family in 355 000 dollars. If you take a car with all possible options, then the price rises to 775 thousand. But the basic equipment is available for 208 500 thousand euros in Germany.

Today, the manufacturer is considering how to produce these machines so that was not a big queue. Bentley SUV characteristicsInitially, it was planned that the vehicles will be sold in the amount of 3,500 copies, and among the most promising markets will be China and Russia.

While in the model presented only one engine, but don't worry about it. The company management is thinking to release “Bendigo" diesel engine with electric boost as well as a version with a more simple petrol unit.

So, we found what has a Bentley SUV specs and price. If you want now to buy this handsome and drive it all the envy, now is the time to do this!


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