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At the end of 2009 at the annual motor show in Frankfurt debuted the Hyundai IX35. He is an outstanding representative of the crossovers designed for active urban movement. This model of the Korean automaker entered the automotive market in 2010. Since that time, quite successfully sold Hyundai IX35 owners reviews while receiving only positive.

hyundai ix35

During its development the designers tried to give him the best qualities from two popular favorites: “Hyundai Tucson” and “the Concept car IX-all onic”.

Car Design

Design center of the manufacturer of this brand of car, located in Germany, rüsselsheim, developed the design of the model Hyundai IX35. It is endowed with dynamic features, great power and grace. At first sight, this model has won the hearts of millions of motorists. The excellent appearance of the Hyundai IX35, a photo of which is available on the official website of the Korean manufacturer, with modern and avant-garde optics, bumpers. Smooth flowing lines outline the body parts and harmoniously covers the hood, headlights, roof rails, mirrors and other items. Quite impressive dimensions and powerful wheelbase make this car easy to move and stand in the General flow of public transport. hyundai ix35 photosInterior Design

The Interior of the Hyundai IX35 impresses with its rich equipment and the amount of free space. Rear and front seats are heated. The Luggage compartment holds a large amount of Luggage, and the folding rear seats you can transport and bulky cargo. In interior decoration used only high quality materials and durability. This model is equipped with various instruments and devices: multimedia system, navigation, rear view camera, etc. Many drivers noted comfortable steering wheel that is multifunctional and ergonomically designed. Technological style torpedo effectively complemented with blue backlighting. Security level this vehicle conforms to generally accepted international standards and the submitted reinforced body structure, airbags (6 of them), active headrests and seat belt pretensioners with force limiters.


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On the domestic automobile market Hyundai IX35 comes in several types: with a gasoline engine capacity of 2.0 liter capacity of 150 l. forces; with diesel engine of 2.0 liter capacity 136 l force and  2.0 liter capacity 184 HP of power. For a gasoline engine provided equipment mechanical five-speed and six-speed automatic transmissions. Diesel units are equipped with mechanics having six stages of switching speeds. The electric power steering as well as brake system and excellent performance characteristics make this car manageable even on the roads with poor coverage.

hyundai ix35 owners reviewsIn conclusion, we can say that elegant design, high quality and rich trim, excellent technical and performance characteristics make this model one of the most in demand in the domestic automotive market.

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