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Winter tires produced in the United States, was always the main topic of the dispute the majority of motorists. On the one hand, it has a fairly low cost, and on the other — whether it without testing in cold winter conditions to sustain domestic weather conditions? This question was probably asked almost every fan of cars. Let's take as an example the model of the "Goodyear Ultra Grip 500" and find out what degree of quality and practicality rubber from the Americans.

First take a look at the results of the official data offered by the manufacturer and popular publications on the subject, and then will listen the opinions of the drivers living in our environment that have tested this model on their machines.

Briefly about the "Goodyear Ultra Grip 500" and a photo of a tire

From the primary survey it becomes clear that we are talking about a model that is designed for operation in cold winter time of year. It's been a long time since the day of the presentation, however today the bus is quite popular and in high demand, despite the considerable age of the brand. To achieve all of this happened through the use of the most modern methods and approaches during the development, as well as continuous and timely improvement of models produced.

Goodyear Tires Ultra Grip 500

Designed rubber "Goodyear Ultra Grip 500" is mainly for installation on a conventional car type. However, there are some models that can be set on crossover and SUV. Also available for some models of van. This diversity provides the opportunity to specifically choose the option tires "Goodyear Ultra Grip 500" that is right for you and will fit almost all the criteria specific to your machine.


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The Innovative technology of the V-Tred

An American manufacturer of one of the first suggested to use the original V-shaped pattern of the tread in order to add productivity and improve options for winter tires. The symmetry and orientation of the pattern used in the tire "Goodyear Ultra Grip 500", allowed to improve the results simultaneously for several parameters. Thus, the wide slats, which were formed as a result of such distribution plan of the tread blocks, acquired the chance to get good to overcome any amount of liquid, slush, loose snow and other adverse elements. Their presence is not welcome in the contact area of the working surface of the tyre "Goodyear Ultra Grip 500" on absolutely any surface of the road. This gave the opportunity to increase the rowing feature on the new-fallen snow and virtually eliminate the possibility of hydroplaning.

Tyre Goodyear Ultra Grip 500

Large tread blocks, which are located in the downtown area, helped to improve the directional stability, as is often the case with this placement. The opposite working edges added quality when braking, winter tires "Goodyear Ultra Grip 500", as a result, the stopping distance decreased, and when urgent braking, the chance of skidding can say no.

Equipment lock 3D-BIS

During development of the tread pattern, the designers saw to it that the edges do not stick together under the weight, while not losing its practicality. The meaning of innovation at that period consisted in the distribution under the tread blocks, grooves-bubbles that impedance auto-shift each of them. It resulted in always open slats that helped not only to increase the index of preventing aquaplaning and make the drainage system effective and increased rowing the tire during riding on loose or fresh snow and slush. In addition, the base of the blocks unevenly cut, that the cutting edge can be longer and improves grip on the pavement. They, on the basis of reviews, while driving on ice add the driver confidence in the car.

Fixing studs on the SAT

Carefully thought out moment of quality metal parts so that they had the opportunity to work at one hundred percent, not fell off and guarantee a perfect connection with the surface of the road. After many years you can make such a conclusion that the result exceeded all possible expectations.

Goodyear Logo

Features rubber compounds

To enable the "Goodyear Ultra Grip 500" 205 55 R16 in areas with low temperature performance, producers needed to add some softness, which was not too large at positive temperature. This became real through the use of synthetic silica, which is obtained from oil and silicic acid, binding is natural and is obtained by synthesis of the elements of the rubber, thereby increasing its consistency to abrasion. This has created a formula that allowed rubber to keep softness during the strong frost resistant.

Number of dimensions

The opportunity to buy a model "Goodyear Ultra Grip 500" were all willing, the necessary choice of the size range. This is why the company has produced more than one hundred kinds of rubber with different parameters. There are variants with an internal diameter of 13-20 inches.

Also, if you wish, you can purchase enhanced versions of "Goodyear Ultra Grip 500" for more powerful cars, including minibuses. For fans to drive fast in cold weather there are options with the increased index extreme possible speed. Most importantly, to remember that it is important to obey the traffic rules.

Tyre Goodyear Ultra Grip 500

Positive reviews about "Goodyear Ultra Grip 500"

Motorists are often singled out the following positive aspects of this rubber:

  • High wear resistance, some manage to ride on the same tires for more than five seasons, and even then she does not lose the basic positive qualities.
  • High-Quality braking thanks to a special tread pattern.
  • Minimal noise level due to right distribution of thorns and a special form of seats.
  • Reliable sidewall, which is important when driving on Russian roads.
  • Great rowing functionality regardless of what on the road snow - Packed or loose. Rubber will do a great job in that and in other case.
  • Hernia are not available, including during prolonged use.
Car tires Goodyear Ultra Grip 500

Models have several disadvantages. They are worth discussing, so there are no surprises.

Negative sides

In the reviews about "Goodyear Ultra Grip 500" it is increasingly said that to buy tires of the new issue is almost impossible. But the manufacturer is not talking about the suspension of the manufacture of this model. This point is often discussed in the negative reviews.

There Are cases that during aggressive driving the spikes can fly in the first season of wear. Also not to mention the fact that some buyers they kept more than three winters, which suggests adequate reliability of the tire when used properly.

tires Goodyear Ultra Grip 500


On any product there are good and bad reviews. But this rubber is more positive. This model — one of the successful developments that have not lost the popularity even years after presentation. We can say that "Goodyear Ultra Grip 500" 195 65 R15 model is close to ideal. Accordingly, if you manage to get some new tires of this model line, you can buy it for a comfortable drive.


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