What firm protective equipment for motorcyclists is better? Where to buy and how to choose gear for motorcyclists?


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Maybe it is hard to believe, but the quality and right choice of equipment for motorcyclists is able to protect the driver from serious injuries even at high speed. Incidentally, this clearly show professionals on race tracks.

Protective gear for motorcyclists

Every self-respecting biker should understand that without a special protective suit he can not do. And this applies not only to professional riders who ride sports bikes. Protective equipment helps to protect the body of the pilot from serious injury and even save lives. The history knows a lot of cases when the biker falling from motorcycle at a speed exceeding 200 km/per hour, remained alive, escaped with only slight shock and a few scratches.

equipment for motorcyclists

That is why such an important issue should not be taken lightly. Equipment for motorcyclists – it is something without which can not do every who one day decided to link their fate with the bike.

Helmet – most important component of the gear

The Inexorable statistics say that most injuries affected the pilot's head and his hip bone. Therefore, the choice of protection is necessary to start with the helmet. Currently, manufacturers of protective clothing for bikers offers plenty of options, each of which has its own functional features. So, the hats are open and closed, and decorative options, but now not about it.

How to choose the right helmet? The most important thing – this is the type of its design. For example, closed helmets provide much greater security than opposite options. It is important that the material of the helmet, as well as the required number of holes to ensure adequate ventilation. Do not skimp on your health, so find the helmet to be from the trusted manufacturers. So, for example, Alpinestars offers a wide choice of remedies, among which are equipment for women motorcyclists.


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outfit for female motorcyclists

Critical elements of protection for the biker

What is motorcycle gear? In the first place in order to protect the bones and joints of the pilot, therefore, to characteristic elements of the protective suit can be safely attributed gloves, special shoes, pants and jacket. In addition, we should also highlight the “turtle”, and special shields for the knees and elbows.

Outfitting for motorcyclists, in particular, the jacket must be made of high quality and durable material. Most bikers are torn between leather and fabric. Here we should pay attention to the equipment of this part of the wardrobe. So, specialized jacket for a biker needs well enough to pass air, while protecting against the oncoming stream of cold wind. Necessarily the presence of special inserts sliders, which provide extra protection of joints.

Special attention deserves metacarpa, which provides the necessary protection to the back and spine.

outfit for the motorcyclist photo

How to choose protective gear for motorcyclists?

You first need to decide on components. For example, modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of overalls, which protect the body of the pilot from damage. Thus, equipment for the rider, a photo of which is presented below, may consist of only a jumpsuit, helmet, gloves and special shoes. However, to wear a separate jacket and pants is much easier and more convenient.

Due attention should be paid to the material from which made the equipment for motorcyclists. For girls, for example, there are lightweight options that provide the necessary protection and comfort. The material should pass well air, however, he must be very strong to protect the pilot in the fall.

protective gear for motorcyclists

And now to the producers. Currently, there are companies that specializiruetsya in the manufacture of protective clothing for bikers. The most popular Alpinestars – a manufacturer that offers the widest selection of full outfits for pilots, starting with beginners to professional racers. Quite well known among bikers and FOX, which specializiruetsya in the production of high-quality and reliable clothes.

Women motorcycle gear

The World of motorcycles – it is not the prerogative of men only. Very often on a powerful sport bike, you can see fragile (at first glance) lady who with absolute certainty rests in the saddle of the iron horse. It is quite clear that female outfit is somewhat different from that of men. First and foremost, design. So do not be surprised gloves for motorcycle, decorated with ruffles and pink accents. Girl even on a motorcycle should look feminine.

Currently, manufacturers offer a lot of variety of options, so girls can safely withdraw from bored of the skin and select the perfect fabric jacket and pants in order to enjoy a long and dynamic trips. Outfit pants for girls, for the most part, presented denim models that feature additional panels of Kevlar in the knees and hip joint.

outfit for motorcycle for girls

Motorcycle gear for the beautiful half of humanity presents an incredible variety of colors, so girls on motorcycles can look very stylish and extraordinary.

What to give preference, when selecting protective clothing?

You Must define basic requirements that must be met by the equipment and consequently to choose the most suitable option. So, the main qualities can be ascribed the proper security, comfortable travel, quality materials, durability and, of course, a reasonable price.

Do Not forget that the equipment must be not only reliable but also convenient. Buying a jacket or pants, special attention should be given to size apparel. It should be noted that jumpsuit or motherpage should not positioned close to the body, however, a large amount of space is irrelevant. As a rule, equipment must be 1-2 sizes larger than the standard size clothing.

Summing up, it is useful to recall that security must come first. Observing simple rules, it is possible for a long time to enjoy a fast and dynamic drive, instead of lying in a hospital bed.


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