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Globally, there are around 100 different security services used the vehicles as quickly as possible to reach the place where the accident or other incident.

For the past many years, all modern cities use machines with color and flashing lights. As a rule, third-party company engaged in modifications of vehicles for the police, traffic police, traffic police and police. These organizations create special-purpose vehicles based on production vehicles. Different States and cities using different vehicles.police car

Alfa Romeo 159 Police

7 years ago a police car in Italy was the Fiat Marea. But the Italians decided to replace it with something newer. Choice has become a new stylish sedan in the middle class – Alfa Romeo 159, which had to be refined a little. After that, it was equipped with armored body, light and sound signals, and, of course, special colors.

"Ford Interceptor" Police

The objective of the creators of the Ford Police Interceptor was the development of the perfect vehicle of the interceptor. Last year, the American police car was just the Ford Police Interceptor.

This car was shown in Las Vegas as a concept, but after a few weeks in the service of the cops came the first batch of these cars.

Jaguar XF Police

5 years ago a police car in the UK was the Jaguar X-Type, which was replaced by the XF sedan. The vehicle has a diesel engine with a volume of 3 liters and output of 270 HP.

smash cops heatBMW 530d Police

In 2012, the BMW Corporation was able to introduce a whole line of police cars and one motorcycle that were intended for the security services of the country. This range includes the sedan of business class BMW 530d (F10), which is equipped with a 245-powerful turbo engine with a volume of 3 liters. Employees of security service then decided to have a race COP cars.


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Lexus IS F Police

Another police car England – the Lexus IS F. It belongs to a class of sport sedans which is a V8 engine of 5 liters and a claimed power to 417 HP.

Dodge Charger Pursuit

At the end of 2012, the police of America got their weapons completely new Dodge Charger Pursuit.

"Chevrolet Camaro" Police

Back in 1998 all the cops of North lake, which is located in the United States, patrolled the Chevrolet Caprice. But after these machines “retired”, the next car to their service was the Chevrolet Camaro from the GM plant.

"Mitsubishi Lancer evolution" X Police

5 years ago, the Mitsubishi Corporation has decided to showcase the new Lancer Evolution X Police Edition, which in the future was used by the London cops. This sports sedan has a turbocharged engine DOHC MIVEC with a respectable 300 HP and a volume of 2 liters.

"Lotus Evora" Police

Lotus Evora Police – police car city West Midlands in the beginning of this year. After the first order to the police for these vehicles to be street racers of the city ceased to sleep at night.

"of Lamborgini Gallardo" LP560-4 Polizia

This car is the most famous of the police of our time. These sports cars drives the traffic police of Italy.

American police car

The first police car 

And probably the most “helpful and kind police car”, which is not as common – it's a horse. Surprisingly, this beautiful and noble animal was the first “car”. To this day there are detachments of mounted police in different countries: in Russia, in Canada, in England. Horse – not just a decoration in a modern city, where surrounded by nothing but traffic jams, this fast and maneuverable “machine” can perfectly fulfill its job.

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