How to clean the carburetor 2107 Vase?


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Any vehicle must always be running smoothly and stably. And in order to ensure this, the motorist must understand what is happening with his iron friend and be able to resolve at least minor damage. And if your VAZ-2107 stops during the journey for no apparent reason or won't even start, perhaps the problem is in the carburetor. carburetor 2107There are three ways out of the situation – cleaning, carb tuning VAZ-2107 or complete replacement. But in any case you should know what steps are necessary to pass in order to dismantle it. It is actually not as difficult as it seems at first glance, and to replace, and possibly carb tuning VAZ-2107 can be your own.


With this trouble faced by not only the owners of "sevens". All those who have a car running on the carb, have a problem with cleaning it. But why is it happening? And the thing is that along with gasoline in engine get various dust particles and other dirt that is certainly not increases the service life of the entire fuel system and engine in General. So to do periodic maintenance on the fuel system, cleaned the carb (2107-I model is no exception), you need at least once a year.

How to remove and repair this part? Step by step instructions

So, before you start dismantling, you need to decide where exactly is the carburetor 2107. This part is mounted under the air filter and it has four bolts that need to Unscrew. Better to do it with a ring spanner. Next, disconnect the throttle cable and the supply hose of gasoline. When the carburetor 2107-model has virtually no connecting mechanisms, Unscrew the top five screws that it could be removed. Then remove from the carburetor fuel jet and solenoid valve.carb tuning VAZ 2107


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Now take a small screwdriver and dismantle the mechanism. First remove the axle floats, and then all the floats. It is important to remember that this process requires maximum care, otherwise the parts that you remove, deform and no longer fit for use.

Carburetor 2107-model, like all others, has a cover, which at this stage need to be removed. Assess the condition of the gaskets. If it has a lot of damage, better change it. Next, Unscrew the 4 screws that secure the cover of the starter and disassemble the plug the fuel filter. All, now the carburetor 2107-model WHA can be safely cleaned.carb tuning VAZ 2107

How to do the cleansing on your own?

For this you need to purchase in the market or in Autoshop special liquid, which is called «For carb cleaning”. Then all the liquid is drained into a container (can be in small pot), put there our carb 2107-model and… no, not boil, and leave for 24 hours at room temperature. A day later, take out the clean part (cleaning liquid, which we poured into the tank, should be with dark colors) and impregnate her with gasoline. You can use an ordinary piece of paper or cardboard. Then wipe everything with a rag and proceed to the Assembly. It is done in the reverse sequence of the disassembly.

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