Wheel bearing: problems during operation and solutions


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Almost every car owner had to deal with this problem, as the increased noise when driving the car. Often this problem can not only cause discomfort to the driver and passengers, but also lead to accidents. wheel hub bearingSo if when driving you notice extraneous noise, it is necessary as soon as possible to determine its source. After all, the reason for the increased noise may be rubber, if you recently “pereobuli” your car, as well as such sounds can publish the hub bearing.

I Must say that just the same most frequent noise when moving may appear from the supporting wheel bearings. The reasons for this can be the ingress of dirt or moisture into the bearing and lack of lubrication in the bearing leading to overheating. And that, in either case, a failed wheel bearing will emit a buzzing sound. It usually starts to appear when the car is moving at a speed of forty to sixty kilometers per hour, as the speed increases, the sound does not disappear it just changes its tone. It can be compared to the sound when the jet airplane or a subway train.wheel bearings VAZ If the hub bearings are humming, the further operation of such a car leads to an increase in noise, then the sound completely disappears, there is a severe backlash of the wheel, you may receive the metallic noise and clicks while driving. To operate the machine with these characteristics are not just prohibited, and very dangerous! The bearing can jam and cause accidents. So as soon as wheel bearing is starting to hum, it is necessary to replace urgently!

The First thing to do is find out which wheel bearing is humming. After all, their number may be different as four, if they are ball, and if roller, then eight. The simplest way is to determine where the noise is from the front or rear of the vehicle. For this you need to find a free stretch of road, to overclock it to about sixty miles an hour and ride the snake, that is to wiggle the wheel left, right, do not forget to listen to the character of the sound produced. wheel bearingsIf you hear an increased hum, turning to the left, then to the faulty right front bearing and Vice versa.

If you suspect that a malfunctioning of one of the rear bearings, then things will be more complicated. Posted the wheel to check. After which it is necessary to twist slowly, holding hands. If you feel a series of rhythmic jerks, the small binding throughout the path of movement, the bearing is defective. Often, faulty wheel bearings VAZ emit the characteristic sound, if you just hang the wheel and much to spin it by hand. For this you must follow very carefully in order to prevent the occurrence of irreparable problems. In any case, as soon as you notice that you have a noise reference wheel bearing will need to determine what, and to make its replacement. Then driving will be a joy to you, and worries about security will be less.

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