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Shock Sensor – is an essential attribute of each security system. A vivid example – car alarms, which thanks to him will recognize any action on the machine. The shock sensor is designed to respond instantly to shocks on the vehicle. Ideally, this device should have a sufficiently high sensitivity, but at the same time not to submit false signals in case of thunder or the sound of cars passing by.shock sensor

Characteristic reactions

Today a two-level shock sensor should vary to respond to different strokes. For example, when a light impact smart sensor will first warn the thief about the existence of the short signal. If the attacker does not pay attention to it and do a strong kick, breaking this glass, the alarm will work a hundred percent, instilling anxiety. If thieves attempt to tow the car, the sensor will react immediately to the movement of the vehicle and notify the owner.

What to do if the shock sensor on «Kalina» submits a false alarm?

Many owners of domestic cars have ever faced such a situation, when without apparent reason an alarm is triggered that starts unreasonably disturb the owner. Often it occurs in autumn and spring, when there is a strong difference of temperature. The reason for this behavior of sensors can serve as their incorrect configuration, namely the high level of sensitivity. Fortunately, to resolve this problem by yourself without calling professionals.


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two-level shock sensor

How to adjust the shock sensor? Step by step process

First you need to find a place was assigned to this device. Learn The location of the sensor is possible by means of the instruction manual that comes with the alarm kit. In most cases it is installed under the dashboard of the car or fastened to the floor, hiding his presence in a special panel (typically all sensors are hidden from the human eye).

After the item discovered the security system, you need to find her a special adjusting screw. Just how correctly it is configured depends on the number of false alarms. To operate this screw can be with a conventional Phillips screwdriver, exposing the desired alarm sensitivity.shock sensor

After everything is adjusted, you need to test the security system. To do this, place your iron on each alarm and wait approximately 1-2 minutes. Then check how sensitive was your sensor. For this you need to hit his hand on the center of the windshield. If alarm appeared upon the slightest contact with the palm of glass, the sensor needs to relax, if, on the contrary, the alarm does not turn on even after an impact, the sensitivity should increase by turning the adjusting screw counterclockwise until then, until you can achieve the ideal response of the sensor to the scene near the action.

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