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Farm is literally compels modern man to think about how to acquire specialized equipment, which, in turn, will greatly simplify tasks such as tillage, planting different crops, refining of or adjoining the urban area and others. In this regard, should pay close attention to the crawler tractor.

tractor crawler

The Positive qualities of the machine

This compact version of the standard tractor is an excellent opportunity for its user to significantly speed up the execution of many planned operations and reduce labor costs. Tractor crawler endowed with many positive qualities:

  1. Wide range of ongoing work: tilling, plowing, hoeing, mowing grass, collecting and planting crops, cleaning areas from snow, leaves and debris, etc.
  2. Increased traction, which becomes possible thanks to the crawler system of its own movement.
  3. Fairly smooth ride, which allows you to quickly overcome a pretty difficult sections of the underlying surface.
  4. Low pressure on the ground due to the fact that caterpillars have a much larger contact surface with the ground than wheels. In this regard, the earth is not pressed, and it is very important at the time of plowing.
  5. The Minimum number of traces that remain on the soil after operation of the machine.


But in addition to these advantages, the crawler tractor has these disadvantages:

  1. Low speed of movement. It often happens that the machine is not able to go faster than 10 km/h, and this in some cases is a serious obstacle to its use.
  2. Named tractor consumes a substantial amount of fuel.
  3. Makes a lot of noise during operation, which during prolonged operation of the machine can affect the ear and the psyche of the driver.
  4. Able to travel on roads and highways as a regular vehicle.

rubber tracks


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The Engine

As with any machine, tractor, motor is the main node, which are paying very close attention. Some craftsmen decide to self-assemble tractor crawler, and therefore such people should know that the engine there should be a four cylinder to have water cooling and the power is 40 horsepower.

Navigation element

Rubber tracks – this is the variant of the supporting part of the tractor, which today is gaining more and more popularity. They are in no way inferior traction of steel tracks, which used the vast majority of the drivers in this transportng funds. The size of the tracks always correspond to the dimensions of the tractor.


Crawler tractor «Ural» is one of the most affordable units, which is also characterized by good efficiency. This machine is available in three types. And each of them has a unpretentious to quality of fuel and oil.

tractor crawler

This tractor is manufactured at the company located in the Chelyabinsk region, and the main components are also produced in Russia, which allows to take into account the peculiarities of local climate, and allow the operation of the equipment in full compliance with it. Launching a car engine, even in cold weather does not cause any difficulties. However, some elements of the tractor are made in China.

The Main technical parameters tractor «Ural – 220" are:

  • 22-horsepower engine.
  • The Specific fuel consumption 250 g/kWh.
  • Fuel tank Capacity-8 liters.
  • Movement Speed – 27,35 km/h.
  • Ground Clearance machine – 300 mm
  • Minimum turning radius – 3900 mm.
  • Machine Weight-960 kg.
  • Wheel formula – all-wheel drive.
  • The Frequency of the PTO shaft-540 Rev/min.

The Only significant disadvantage of the tractor can assume that he in some models there is no factory cabin, and therefore its operation during heavy rain or when the temperature is too low the environment is much more complicated and sometimes simply impossible.

Rubber tracks of the tractor provides excellent traction, allowing you to use it even on very soft ground.

crawler mini tractor Uralets

Recommendations to craftsmen

Today, many people tend to save to self-assemble tractor crawler. It is worth to say that in the presence of certain knowledge and skills to assemble such a machine is quite possibly the most. However, it is important to note that any homemade machine should be in strict accordance with the developed algorithm. Not the last role is played and spare parts, which very often in practice it is necessary to adjust mating parts. First, your planned activities, it is desirable to commit to paper, and only after that to start the build process.

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