Boge shock absorbers: description, varieties and characteristics


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Serviceable shock – a pledge of security and comfort. The car with these stands better dampens vibrations and provides good traction. However, the shock, no matter how great he may be, sooner or later comes to malfunction. And then there is the global problem: which counter to choose, so it had the best combination of quality/price? Under this characterization are good shock absorbers Boge. They pay attention to today.front shocks Boge


Car shock absorbers of this company are produced on one of the largest factories in Germany. At the moment, the products of the German company Boge actively used on many cars, including serial production vehicles on the concerns of Germany. Long experience of its engineers has allowed them to create some of the highest quality shock absorbers, which were able to pass the tough certification to get on the world market. In Russia he comes not as a Japanese “Kayaba”, however, the quality of "Germans" does not change.

The Company Boge manufactures several types of absorbers, the most popular among them are:

  • Automatic Oil rack.
  • Gas Turbo.
  • Specially developed for the extreme conditions of operation of the shock absorbers Boge Extreme (we will talk about them at the end of the article).rear shock absorbers Boge

Automatic and Turbo

Let's Start with the oil racks. Rear and front shock absorbers Boge Automatic ideal for almost every car, whether it is a branded “BMW” or domestic vases. Mainly these products are used on sedans budget and premium class, as well as family wagons and minivans. Thanks to its properties, these products are much better dampen vibration than the gas created by the shock absorbers Boge Turbo series. However, those have their advantages. For example, the main advantage of gas-filled shock absorbers Turbo is their resistance to overheating, due to which they are set mainly on sports cars. In this manner, the drive fluid into the oil the device simply overheats. As a result, even developed by Boge shock absorbers fail. After the first overheating they completely lose their quality. Gas manufactured by Boge shock absorbers, on the contrary, firmly hold enormous loads and, due to the presence of gas inside the structure, not “boil”. But you have to sacrifice comfort, since these struts are more rigid than the oil on the pits. However, for Germany, with its smooth roads this is not a serious disadvantage.Boge dampers


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Now on the racks for extreme drive

Rear shock Absorbers Boge Extreme was specially developed for vehicles that operate mostly off-road and bumpy road. The manufacturer recommends their use to owners of four-wheel drive SUVs who like to conquer off-road terrain. Produced by Boge shock absorbers series “Extreme”, however, as the rest of their products, tailored to the slightest nuances and technological features of operation. Stand so that the data can be safely installed on our cars, as nowhere in the world there are no such roads, which would give odds to the most difficult routes off-road in Russia and Ukraine.

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