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Today the roads of major cities around the world are filled to the limit of different vehicles. The most common transport - car. And the "shod" wheels, depends sometimes the lives of road users. Depending on the type of coverage choose one or the other type of tires. Tyres for car are very varied.


The History of tyres originates from the distant 1846. Despite the high level of writing of a patent, the invention was required upgrades and improvements. Today tyre has a completely different design, compared with the first primitive options. Modern rubber is:

  • Radial;
  • Diagonal.

Depending on the location of the cord tyre distinguish these two types. Tires "Kama-Euro 519" has a radial structure. This means that the cord passes across the wheel. In General, automotive tyre is a thick rubber-woven shell with a metal content (KORD), located on the rim of the disk. It is intended for the ultimate conversion of energy of fuel combustion into kinetic energy. Tires provide the traction (vehicle control), absorb unevenness of coverage and the inaccuracy of the trajectory of the wheels. The latter depends on the settings of the steering system of the car.

Details about the types of rubber

The following types of tires:

  • Season:
  1. Summer.

    Summer tires, as a rule, has a solid composition and a solid sidewall. Protector is low, which is enough for riding on asphalt and soil. They are not designed for riding in the winter, because under the influence of low temperatures the material hardens, it not allows you to confidently control the car on slippery areas.

  2. Winter.reviews of Kama Euro 519

    The Tyres this season should be durable and at the same time soft. Such characteristics ensure the reliability of product design and maximum traction on snowy roads. As a rule, the production of winter tyres is not complete without the use of rubber. Also winter tires are often equipped with spikes for a more confident driving on very slippery surfaces. In ice riding on these tires is drivers have only positive feedback. "Kama-Euro 519" refers precisely to this class of tires.

  3. All-Season (universal).

    JSC "Nizhnekamskshina" and also makes all-season tires. This tire has all-round properties. The material from which is made "vsesezonka", not harden under the influence of low temperature and remains solid during the warm period. The main disadvantage of the universal tires is that they wear out relatively quickly.
  • Profile:
  1. Alarm.
  2. Wide.
  3. Low.
  • Pressure:
  1. From ultralow to ultrahigh.
  • The camera:
  1. Chamber.
  2. Tubeless.
  • Design:
  1. Solid.
  2. Safe.
  3. Elastic.

Plant "Nizhnekamskshina"

tires Kama Euro 519


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The Nizhnekamsk company producing automobile tires is a leader in the production of tires of different sizes throughout Russia. The range of this organization has over one hundred different types of rubber not only for cars but for tractors, wagons and other farm equipment. According to statistics, every third Russian car "shod" in tires Nizhnekamsk sisavad. The main products of this company is a rubber "Kama Euro".

The Technology of production of tires "Euro" is borrowed from Italian colleagues of the company "Pirelli". Over the years, "Nizhnekamskshina" produced more than 300 million products. According to the performance of the plant was repeatedly awarded in the following categories:

  • Reliable supplier.
  • Best manufacturer.
  • Excellent provider.
  • The Best quality Manager of RT-2013.
  • A Leader in conservation in 2012.
  • 100 best goods of Russia.
  • More.

The Power plant are subjected to regular checks and updates, this is evidenced by satisfied customers and positive reviews. "Kama-Euro 519" - one of the newest models created by Italian technology in the production of tires. What tyres "Kama-Euro 519" reviews, which are overwhelmingly positive, are in high demand compared to similar products on the Russian market of auto parts.

Production Technology "Kama"

Kama Euro 519 price

Production of tires "Kama" is at a high level. In accordance with modern standards of ecological safety, JSC "Nizhnekamskshina" manufactures products with minimum environmental damage. Production system, the company adhere to the standard GOST R ISO 14001-2007. Engineers enterprises have carefully considered the issue of implementation of the waste production. "Nizhnekamskshina" has a truly closed-loop. Waste are implemented for further use in other industries. Thus, it is possible to create a favorable pricing policy of the enterprise. The plant capacities allow to manufacture winter, summer and all-season tires for different types of vehicles.

Features of tyre

Tyres "Kama-Euro 519" refer to winter tires usual profile. Rubber for this season is differentby its composition. Namely: winter tires are made softer than summer or all-season. In the upper layer of "Kama-Euro 519" a modern elastic material is rubber which does not harden even at very low temperatures. The location of the protector like a fan, because in this configuration, the created position of sipes in the blocks. In turn, winter tires is also studded. This model is also called "Kama-Euro 519" spike that indicates the presence of metal inserts for a more confident grip on ice, snow or utopianism so-called "porridge" when the snow melts and mixes with road dirt. This model of tire is characterized by high quality spikes. Even after several seasons of riding they do not fall out. The spikes are not arranged randomly, their placement is calculated by a computer program for maximum grip.

Reviews "Kama-Euro 519"

According to users, this model of tyres is great value and quality. Drivers of vehicles fitted with this model of rubber, leaving only positive feedback. "Kama-Euro 519" is characterized as:

  • Tenacious.tires Kama Euro 519
  • Reliable.
  • With durable sidewall.
  • Lightweight.
  • Low Noise.
  • Deep tread.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Durable.

People argue that "Euro 519" from "Nizhnekamskshina", you can compare with expensive tires famous brands. Technology of production of tires "Kama-Euro 519" developed at a fairly high, European level. The solid owners, who had to ride in unusual conditions. It is worth noting the quality of the installation of studs, the loss of which during operation is minimized.

About the cost of tires

The Price policy of the Nizhnekamsk plant remains quite loyal. This factor is very attracted buyers "Kama-Euro 519". The price of the product depends on the tyre size. In the markets of the CIS countries the greatest demand, these automotive tyres "Kama-Euro 519":

  • Width of profile mm. 185-215tires Kama Euro 519 reviews
  • Height of 55-70%.
  • Diameter R13-R16.
  • Load Index 86-93Т.
  • Tire Diameter 596-642 mm.

Depending on the size of the tire you can calculate the approximate cost. Naturally, R16 tire will be more expensive than the R13.

The Price largely depends on the location and status of the store. Therefore it is necessary to take responsibility for the choice of a place of purchasing rubber. In our time, experienced seller will not be difficult to bring a buyer to double or even triple the cost of "Kama-Euro 519". The price of the tires ranges from 1900 to 3300 rubles per unit increases with size, load index, width, profile, and other characteristics.

Disadvantages of "Kama-Euro 519"

Any product has positive and negative characteristics. The disadvantages and tires "Kama-Euro 519". Customer reviews, mostly are the picture of inexpensive, high-quality winter tires. Despite this, the findings of the experts of the magazine "Behind the wheel" repeat on the other. In their opinion, the tires have a very limited permeability, and difficult handling on winter roads, poor traction properties on snow and worse on ice, a low level of comfort and other disadvantages. It is worth considering that evaluation tires give a relatively. The tests are carried out in the same way but on different tires. In the magazine "driving" was not specified exactly what the competitors were tested along with "Kama-Euro 519". Reviews of professionals composed by comparison with similar tires from other manufacturers. However, "Kama-Euro 519" shows good results in worst of road conditions.

Where to buy?

winter tires Kama Euro 519

At the car, in shops, in special points of sale of tires - in these and other places you can buy products of JSC "Nizhnekamskshina". The official website of "Kama" anyone has the ability to order the right thing. Models of any size are present on the company website, including tires "Kama-Euro 519". User reviews overwhelmingly positive. When purchasing a product through the site, customers are guaranteed comes the ordered product intact and appropriate. Clicking on the photo, the client gets to the page where there is a description of the goods-and-coming dealers. As a rule, the list of merchants is shown by the place of residence of the user. We have clients from different cities will see a list of dealers who are closest to them.

tires Kama Euro 519 reviews

To Summarize

By Purchasing a product "Nizhnekamskshina", the client receives a fairly high-quality product for a relatively low cost thanks to modern equipment of the plant, the low import dependence and development of marketing. Same tires foreign manufacturers will be much more expensive "Kama". A good option for winter driving are winter tires Kama Euro 519". The reviews for this model are mostly positive, users are happy, serious complaints there.

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ZH: https://www.tostpost.com/zh/cars/3769-519--519.html

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