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The Car “Mustang”, 1969 – the brainchild of Ford motor company. It appeared due to the aspirations of the Corporation to issue a standing machine that can make a strong competition to models from Chevrolet. This was done even more than that – the car became legendary, won the love of the whole world and still is popular. Original name of “Mustang” was different. Originally developed the model as “Panther”, but just before the release, the name was changed.

Car Emblem “Mustang” (1969), which has a picture just below, was coined based on the name of the machine. The appearance on the automotive market this “beast” made a huge furor – in just 2 years was sold a million copies.

Car Design

Distinctive features of the car allow you to get to know him at a glance: ground clearance is low-level, long bonnet and sharply, “chopped” the trunk. The company was able to provide the car a sporty and aggressive look. Interior liked, not only ordinary Americans, but also to thousands of buyers from Europe. Latest relished a small price to complete with quite a powerful engine, interesting color combination and interior decoration, as well as a large number of different technical equipment. In addition to all the benefits, for additional cost you can purchase and install air conditioning. Yes, in 1969 already had the opportunity. The slogan of the Corporation promised to make the car "Ford Mustang" 1969 completely under the buyer. Now this is not surprising, but in those years it was a luxury.


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The exterior of the machine is very unusual, though, because it was developed in the 60's. Now it attracts people due to the special features, aristocratic and retro hints. You can't argue with the fact that modern cars look quite stylish and attractive, but the old ones will attract the eye of any car enthusiast.1969 Mustang

Suspension Features

“Ford Mustang", 1969, had the right to claim the role of a sports car, but the suspension was simple. She is able to create soft movement, but the handling was estimated no higher than average.

Strengthening of the brakes can be purchased for additional money in a different configuration. The basic version of the standing device of the drum type. Later (after modification) appeared disc brakes option. The power steering also was not; the management was hard.

Today "Ford Mustang" of 1969, of course, obsolete car, but to compare it with the current technology is not worth it. People who acquire this rarity, the more I appreciate the style, image and former glory.

Mustang 1969


Car 1969 very comfortable and looks interesting not only from the outside. Guide «Ford» is of the opinion that the car should be good not only in technical terms, so careful attention was paid to creating an attractive appearance.

For starters, it is worth noting the special seat that has the lever to adjust the chair. To achieve smooth switching of speeds, were installed outdoor system. It is impossible to remain silent about the fact that in the basic configuration of the car was the radio. The clock and tachometer were fixed on the handlebar column. In order to protect the driver from the sun were installed visors.Mustang 1969 photo


Model “Mustang” was completed by several types of aggregates. At that time they thought powerful enough engines. Picking included the motors 3, 4, 5, 6 liters. The system where you built units was the fuel and V-shaped. Unfortunately, one of the downsides was that the car spent a lot of fuel – 100 km 40 liters. Even with the fact that the acceleration is rather weak, still, the thrust of the engine is impressive.

Transmission in each configuration was different. It was possible to buy a car "Ford Mustang" (1969) with either a manual transmission or with the automatic 3 stage.

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