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When buying a commercial vehicle it is important to pay attention not only on the capacity and other characteristics, but also on the engine. "GAZelle" is the most popular light commercial vehicle in Russia. This machine has been mass-produced since 1994. During this time it established a different powerplant. About what engine is better to ‘gazelles" will be discussed in our today's article.

Varieties of power plants

Originally, these cars were put units from Zavolzhsky motor plant. They are inline-arranged cylinders. From 1994 to 2003 was installed on the "GAZelle" of the 402 engine (carb). What is better to choose – will discuss later. With the release of a new generation of ‘Gazelles" (is 2003), the range of engines gained another power unit. Is the engine ZMZ-406. which engine is better 402 or 406 GazelleA Year later, in "GAZelle" began to establish a more upgraded unit, has received marked ZMZ-405. What are the particularities of these power units? We consider each of them separately.


This is a petrol four-cylinder engine with a carburetor power supply system. Is a modified version of the engine ZMZ-24D, which was mounted on “Volga” during the Soviet era. The motor has an output of 100 horsepower at displacement 2.44 liters. The engine has 2 valves per cylinder. What people say about this motor? The owners say that this engine is difficult to tolerate the load. ZMZ-402 is not intended for commercial vehicles. A passenger engine that produces low torque. which engine is better on the GazelleAmong other defects, the owners noted the high risk of overheating. Due to the fact that the engine is constantly under load, heated the block and head. The motor has a small resource (about 150 thousand kilometers). The engine also requires regular tuning and cleaning the carb. As for the pros, ZMZ-402 has a very simple design and very maintainable. The cost of major repairs of the engine is lower than that of modern analogues. In terms of fuel consumption, this unit is the most voracious. The theme of the cost of the 402-th motor are familiar to motorists since the Soviet “Volga”. Uploaded "GAZelle" consumes no less than 19 liters per 100 kilometers. In winter, this figure could reach 22. to Use this technique is reasonable only with the installation of LPG.


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This engine in volume of 2.3 liters has an output of 145 horsepower. Is a new range of units with 16-valve timing mechanism. However, the timing is still a chain. The motor has carburetor the power system, but has a high torque that is so important for commercial vehicles. Key benefits – higher resource and power. what engine is better to put a GazelleWhich engine is better to ‘gazelles"? To answer this question, it should highlight the negative sides 406-motor. Among the shortcomings of the reviews say the complexity of the device timing. In the first place is the chain tensioners. Element with the time-stretched to 100 thousand require replacement. Also the design uses the archaic design of piston rings. Because of this, there has been malagor and high fuel consumption. "GAZelle" with this engine spends about 15-20 litres depending on the mode of operation.


This is a more advanced unit built on the basis of 406-motor. Has a more modern, injection. For a displacement of 2.5 liters has an output of 152 horsepower. Also the design was changed and piston group. It is strongly felt in acceleration.
carburetor for Gazelle 402 engine which is better405 th motor is much stronger than 406 th – the reviews say. Also this unit has a more moderate “appetite”. At 100 kilometers it consumes from 16 to 18 liters of fuel. It is worth considering that this parameter may vary because "GAZelle" has a different height of the box (windage) and can transport cargo of different tonnage.


Responding to a question about what engine is best to put on a "GAZelle", it is necessary to consider technical modifications to this unit. This engine was made small design changes. So, the engineers modified the head unit, eliminating the channels of system of idling. Reduced cylinder head weight of 1.3 kg. If 406-m engine was used non-asbestos cylinder head gasket, 405-m is double-layered metal part. It provides better sealing of the channels of the cooling system, lubricants and gas joints. Thus, the engineers managed to achieve the best sealing in critical areas. By the way, this motor became the first in the line, formally meet the requirements of “Euro-3”.


So, which engine is better - 402 or 406? "GAZelle" is equipped with the first engine very slightly picks up speed and hard to tolerate load. Because of this, the motor overheats and consumes oil. Which engine is better to ‘gazelles"? As for the 406-motor, it is an alternative between 402 and 405-M.The value of ‘Gazelles" of the engine is lower than with the injector Assembly. In this 406-th motor has a modern 16-valve timing mechanism and a huge potential for tuning. If desired, it is possible to force, replacing the piston in Ulyanovsk. The main disadvantage of this motor-carb. There are very few professionals involved in their configuration. But carburetor requires constant maintenance and adjustment. which engine is better 405 or 406 GazelleIf to consider, which engine is better - 405 or 406 ‘gazelles" is a clear leader will ZMZ-405. This engine is devoid of previous faults and requires little maintenance, since feature-injected. Is this motor less fuel consumption and high torque. 405-y motor does not overheat under the condition of timely replacement of antifreeze and has a high resource. Practice shows that this engine is "nursed" to overhaul 300 thousand kilometers. However, the value of ‘Gazelles" this motor is much higher. This is perhaps the only drawback of this engine. The rest of ZMZ-405 is a leader in the line of petrol units. If there is a question about which engine is better to put on the "GAZelle" is definitely the 405. It is the most reliable and robust power unit ever installed on these vehicles.

So we figured out which engine is better to ‘gazelles’.

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