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Key lock-a simple device that allows you to protect the car against theft of wheels. Is a bolt (sometimes a nut) which has a unique shape of the head and is mounted in place of one of the “native” fasteners. To remove the wheel, secured with key lock, you need to have a special key (or adapter) that comes with it. Today we will learn how to choose sekretki on wheels and what criteria should guide the choice.

What sekretki on wheels is better

Who and what is stealing wheels?

There are Times when the new tires for the car wheels were scarce and they had to get under the counter are long gone. However, the problem with the theft of the wheels was and remains relevant. This kind of criminal business is growing and becoming bolder. Wheel steal, and then sell on the Internet, do not hesitate to upload photos. Sometimes thefts occur even “ordering” for a certain car. Therefore, the anti today is considered a very popular way to protect your wallet from unnecessary spending. A good example: the price of a good set of secrets is about $ 50, and new tires with wheels in the middle price category will cost at least $ 300.

Material production

To understand what sekretki on wheels better find out what they are doing. Good products made from hardened steel or titanium. For a beautiful appearance and protection from corrosion they are coated with chromium or Nickel. If the fastener will be made of soft metal, the edges will quickly deteriorate, resulting in to get the wheel off, can't the attacker, and the owner of the car. With a strong tightening/loosening the contact key lock-the key will be deformed. With mild bolt handle even simple tools.


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Types of lockable

The Wheels of European vehicles, typically mounted on the bolts, and Asian – at the nut. Consequently, the key lock works the same way. To understand what anti-theft wheel better, you need to know what they are referring to the profile. Protective individual profile can be:

  1. Curly. A profile is a set of lines of different curvature. On the head of a bolt or nut extruded closed shape unusual shape. And the key is cut convex pattern of the same shape. Produced such theft on the most precise equipment which provides a huge number of options of unique parameters. To find a suitable key, an attacker would have to carry a trunk full of options.
  2. With the Cam. The design consists of two round profiles. The appearance of them is delayed in the direction of the axis of the thread, and the inner-centered. Products of this type are easier to pick up, so they are usually used together with other types. The most eccentric is no answer to the question: “What sekretki on wheels better?”. “WHA” or “Harmony” you can still equip them, but the more expensive cars is not recommended.
  3. Perforated. The bolt is done a certain amount of asymmetric holes with different diameter and depth. The key is respectively supplied spikes with the same pattern. Is the opposite – key lock with the studs and key holes. This option is more practical, as in the first case, the bolt holes become clogged with dirt.
  4. Asymmetrical profile. Represents an irregular polygon. Faces can be from 8 to 40. The more, the safer the secret.

Now on the basis of this classification, you can understand what sekretki on wheels is better to choose.

Sekretki on wheels: which is better, reviews

How difficult is it to find the key to the secrets?

As the reviews show, it is virtually impossible. Brand x-files have several thousand variants of the profile. Keys, respectively, same. This diversity is achieved due to the computerized production. To restore the key if you loss, you need to go to the dealer and show him the serial number of the product.

Are the most for forged and cast wheels?

The Main difference is that the bolt holes in the alloy wheels have a recess that hides the bolt, and stamped does not. Therefore, setting the key lock is stamped on the disk, you need to use obechayko. It is a protective ring which will close the key lock from the side access. This is the washer that moves freely when fully clamped the bolt thread. In the case of alloy wheels, no additional devices are required so as to hook the key lock on the external side is not possible.

Sekretki on wheels: which is better

Installation and removal lockable

Theft are put in the holes for the “native” bolts (nuts), one copy to the wheels. When assembling the bolt should be tightened last, and when removing to Unscrew first. This simple rule allows to increase the protective properties of the theft. The fact that the thieves first try to tighten all the bolts to relieve pressure protective.

When you install anti-theft do not apply pressure more than, which is provided by the manufacturer. The fact that at excessive load, the product may be deformed. If this happens, remove it with normal ways will not succeed. The likelihood of deformation increases if the bolts are stuck, metal jewelry is of low quality, the drawing grooves are clogged with dirt.

If you can't twist the key lock, try, use penetrating lubricant. Pour it in the socket fasteners, and in a few minutes, try to make plans. Try to avoid the contact of oil with surfaces covered with varnish or paint.

How to choose sekretki on wheels

Lost key

This is a fairly common problem among car owners. It has several solutions:

  1. To begin without any fuss try to find the key. Maybe you forgot it on the tire, or the previous owner of the car.
  2. If you find not, you'd have to know the manufacturer of the product and its serial number. With these data it is possible to order a copy of the key from the dealer. Plus of this method is that the bolt Assembly will remain intact, but minus-in time.
  3. We Now turn to drastic measures. The first of these – drilling. Doing it on the tire, or a HUNDRED. The drawback is that x-files unusable.
  4. One drastic measure – self-wringing. For this you will need a hammer, torque wrench, end head and the new bolt. First you need to choose a head the size of the theft. It is necessary to fill on the bolt. He, of course, will be deformed, taking the internal shape of the head. Now the crown need to put on a torque wrench and Unscrew it. Twist is slow in order to avoid turning. If all went well and the thread is intact, can be screwed to the scene of the theft a simple bolt and forget about the problem. But if the threads are damaged, will have to turn to the masters to restore it. Speaking of which-theft wheel better, we have found that the metal of the product should be of high quality. This method of disassembly, as shown by reviews, the suitable for cheaper options we recommend, which is made of malleable metal.
  5. The Last option – welded to the key lock either lengthening it or creating a lever and safely remove.

Types of kits

Now you know what sekretki on wheels better. It's time to see what other models they sold. Typically, the kit consists of four bolts (nuts) and one special key. This can be as a key, and adapter for a standard section. For parameters such as thread and length, a secret bolt must match the standard. It could be shorter, but in any case not longer. There are other sets:

  1. Four of theft and two keys. Perfect for those who often lose small things.
  2. Five bolts (nuts) and key. Additional key lock is used to reserve.
  3. Eight bolts (nuts) and key. For those who want to install two RCD on each wheel.

What kind of theft it is better to put on the wheels

Why is it that two secret bolt?

Many prefer to do protect the wheels dual. Why this is necessary, because if the attacker Unscrew one bolt, it can twist and the second? This is done not for the sake of additional protection, but for their own safety. Removing the fasteners from the wheel, in addition to sensitive, the thief, naturally, is not going to tighten them back. But if the owner doesn't notice that his wheel is held on one bolt, it may happen trouble on the road. With two bolts on the wheel to drive much safer.

Where they still use anti-theft?

  1. On the license plate. They also steal and ransom. Usually the owner prefers to pay money to the thief than to contact the police.
  2. On the spare wheel. Used if the spare tire hanging on the tailgate or underneath it.
  3. Hood. Is a kind of standard Electromechanical lock or key lock.
  4. For the motor. This anti-theft device that will not allow the thief to start the engine, even if it will get your key from the car.

Stole the wheels: what to do?

It so Happens that while...

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