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Car Battery having a low charge, will bring considerable trouble to its owner. Battery may become unusable and will have to restore it. To avoid this unpleasant situation, you must regularly maintain the battery. With load forks analyze the main characteristics and assess the level of health of the battery. To correctly use this machine, you need to figure out how it works and how it works. It today we'll analyze.

Device and principle of operation

The Main task of this device is to monitor the battery voltage. Measurements can be performed under load, and in the mode of open circuit EMF. Technically, the load fork – nothing like the voltmeter, equipped with load resistors and test leads to be connected to the terminals of the vehicle battery. It looks like a small metal case with wires. The wires connected to the clamps.


With these testers it is possible to measure a number of important parameters. The number of these parameters depends on how stocked the device.

application load plugs

For this device? Load plug allows you to measure the level of the output voltage from the alternator, but it is possible not on all models. Also measured using this forks the current battery level in the car. You can determine how long the battery is able to store a reserve charge, to know battery life. Still available check for a short between the lead plates in the battery. With the help of this plug is also estimated and the degree of sulfation of the plates, as well as other parameters.


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Most Popular models

Most Often in stores you can find models VN-1 and HB-01. These devices have been designed and then manufactured for testing automotive and any other battery, voltages and capacitance which was 12 Volts and 190 Ah, respectively.

Among the features and technical characteristics of the device VN-1, you can highlight especially important. The temperature range in which the fork shows the exact results is from 0 to 35 degrees. The device is equipped with a voltmeter, capable of making measurements from 0 to 15 Volts. The resistance of the resistor is 0.1 Ohms. The device has the ability to perform measurements in two modes – short-term and repeated measurement mode.

using load plugs

Load the plug for battery VN-1 is almost out of use nowadays the modern motorist. Instead, use modern, new and exact model of NV-01. Fork features improved performance. The accuracy of the measurement is 2.5%. Measure with a voltmeter are in the range from 0 V to 15 V. the Load in this fork is from 100 A to 200 A. the Device works steadily in a wide temperature range. The load resistance of spiral resistor is 0.1 Ohms.

apply load the plug according to the instructions

Model NV-02 is used for testing batteries with capacitance values from 15 to 240 Ah. Work with a fork only with a voltage of 12 V. the Device differs from analogues with high measurement accuracy – 2.5 percent. Load standard for equipment in this class – from 100 to 200 Amps. The temperature range in which the considered device can be operated is -20 to +60 degrees Celsius.

All devices are equipped with voltmeter pointer type. More modern device NV-03 has a digital voltmeter. Readings are displayed on the LCD display.

The accuracy of the NV-03 is significantly above the rest of similar devices – it is 0.5 percent. The measurement range of the voltmeter-0 to 16 Volts. Modes conveniently switch buttons.

Universal plug NV-04 and NV more powerful-B

The First is a wonderful, versatile assistant. It is intended to check battery voltage is 12 V and 24 V. the capacitance range of the device – from 15 to 240 Ah. Also using NV-04 test individual elements with a voltage up to 2 Volts.

This fork is good not only because they very accurately checks the charge level and condition of battery, but also allows you to assess the health of individual elements, it is often very necessary. In addition, the time measurement with a connected resistor is nine seconds. This is two times more than other models. This versatile machine which can be used to perform any tests any battery.

A Fork of NV-B were made to test the individual elements of the battery voltage of 1.2 and 2 Volts and a capacity of up to five thousand ampere-hours. It is the most powerful among all presented models. But the downside is that the device can't test the battery fully.

Checking the battery with a plug without a load

If you have even the simplest device, even it can be confident to deal with the diagnosis of the battery. If the battery is weak, then the tests must use at least one of a load resistance. For a more powerful battery may require two spirals.

rules of application of the load forks

Check the battery loading plug as follows. The voltage level on the battery terminals can be determined without having to use load resistors. To obtain correct results it is necessary that before the measurements the car has not been used for seven hours. In the process of testing the motor should be sealed.

Positive terminal of battery connected to positive clamp on the device. It is not recommended to apply the load voltage. Using negative pin on the device, check whether the voltage of the negative contact of the battery. These should be to remember or write down. Some modern plugs can memorize measurement results.

instructions for using load plugs

Readings check the battery loading plug talking about the voltage into an open circuit. These data are reconciled with the normative figures. Thus, the voltmeter readings are between 11.5 to about 11.8 Volts, the battery is low. When the voltmeter shows from about 11.8 to 12.1 Volts, the battery is charged in the quarter. Testimony from 12.1 to 12.3 In In – the battery is charged at the half. 100% charge – from 12.6 to 12.9 Volts.

Validation under load

Here's how to check the battery load fork in a different way. It is used when you do not know your current battery status. To use the method strictly according to the scheme. But there are certain nuances. The plug is recommended to keep the connected battery for more than five seconds.

When performing inspections necessary to check the tube – each of them must be loose. The best indicator in the measurement – 9 Volts or more. It says that the battery of the car is in excellent condition. At lower rates, you can try to charge the battery, to carry out reconstructive procedures. Then again check the battery loading plug. Measurement methods we have already considered.

Overview plugs from different manufacturers

The stores are a few manufacturers of these devices. Consider the basic device.

The First is the device "automotive Electrician T-2001". This plug is familiar to all-drivers, and sellers. Tester used to be considered ideal. However, in order to switch to the measurement mode under load, it was necessary to drown the sting, which closed the contact. The contact on the spring burn and the device failed.

checking the battery loading plug

Next appeared a model. "Electrician T-2001 mini”. At this fork, the manufacturer has fully considered all the cons and there are virtually no disadvantages. The only negative – the build process should clean up the place where you install the arm – it should not conduct current and can cause the malfunctioning of the meter.

“Orion HB-01” is the most primitive voltmeter. In appearance it is a small curve box handle. It seems that the device is assembled from a tin. The apparatus does not inspire confidence. “Orion NV-02” – this is a more advanced product. There's a digital voltmeter, two spirals – each with 100 A. the Device can be classified as professional. The downside is that the device does not remember the measurements in memory. “Orion NV-4” – modified model 03 for trucks. It is virtually indistinguishable from version 03 – it is possible not to overpay.

The market also has products under the brand “subject”. As long as you...

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